New Year, New Moon, New Visioning! 
"The New Moon (the waxing moon) is a time associated with beginnings and growth. If you want to bring new things into your life, to start a new project, to start anew – a fresh start to your healthy food program, the New Moon phase presents a strong foundation on which to begin."
- Janice Taylor

Happy New Year and greetings from New York City! I hope your first few days of 2016 have been delightful. I saw on the news that Seattle got some snow today. Even though it was 70 degrees on Christmas Day here, the cold is starting to settle in. Today, I found myself wearing a hat, scarf, gloves, and pulled the collar of my down jacket all the way up to my nose :)! 

I've been enJOYing visiting with my family and loved ones here over the past two weeks and am very much looking forward to returning home to my dear Seattle this week. When I make my annual visits to New York, I almost always make time to take a Nia class in NYC. On Tuesday, December 29, 2016, I experienced a dream come true of teaching in my home city when Caroline Kohles asked me to sub for her at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) on the Upper West Side. It was so wonderful! Squeal! 

Then, on New Years Day, I had the greatest pleasure of dancing with Nia co-creatrix, Debbie Rosas as she shared her new Nia routine, Grateful (my word of the year). With these two experiences, I am inspired and eager to return to Seattle and dance with you! I hope you will join me for our first Nia class of the year on Sunday, January 10, 2016 at 10:30am at Balance Studio in Fremont.  

In addition to the morning Nia class on Sunday, January 10th, I am also teaching a special ArcanaDance class at 4:00pm that day focusing on harnessing the energy of the first New Moon of the year to set intentions and fuel desire for the year ahead. Don't worry if you've never experienced ArcanaDance or know anything about tarot. I am a great tarot guide ;) for newbies and veteran taroistas and the movements of ArcanaDance are simple and reminiscent of Nia. You will love it!
ArcanaDance -
New Moon Dance

Date: Sunday, January 10, 2016
Time: 4:00pm - 6:30pm
Location: Balance Studio in Fremont 
Address: 418 N. 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103
Cost: $30, all materials will be provided
Payment: Cash, Check or PayPal
To register: Email me at
RSVP is required so that I bring enough materials for everyone.
About the workshop:

The New Moon is a time to empty what was full and with great intention, plant seeds for the future. January 10th is the very first New Moon of 2016 and it's in the methodical, determined and driven sign of Capricorn. What greater time to plant seeds for the year ahead than during the first month of the year! During this workshop, you will learn about the potential of setting an intention during the New Moon, work with a custom tarot spread, select cards and then we will collectively dance our readings, sealing in your intentions with movement. I will supply everything – the tarot spread, cards for you to use during the workshop, paper, pens, the music and movement prompts. All you need to bring is yourself and the desire to plant seeds for new beginnings in 2016.

Upcoming 2016 classes:
Nia at Embrace the Moon in Ballard
Mondays, 6pm-7pm, January 11, 18 and 25 

ArcanaDance: The Dance of the Empress at Embrace the Moon in Ballard
Thursdays, 6:30pm-7:45pm, January 14, 21 and 28

ArcanaDance: The Dance of the Empress at Balance Studio in Fremont
Sundays, 9am-10:15am, January 17, 24 and 31

Nia at Balance Studio in Fremont
Sundays- all of them :)!, 10:30am - 11:30am 

ArcanaDance Mini-Retreat 
A Tarot Journey with the Hermit Card: Turning inward to honor the wise one within

Saturday, January 30, 10am-4pm
Cost: $110 (includes materials) 
In the tarot, the Hermit card represents the archetype of the inner sage. The beginning of the year is a wonderful time for the reflection, introspection and soulful inquiry that the Hermit invites. Often we need to go inward to reflect before setting our course for the year ahead. Join me for this safe and sacred mini-retreat where we will journey to our inner sage and alchemize the wisdom of our life lessons into pearls for spiritual growth and personal development for the year ahead. We will then go on a movement odyssey, collaboratively choreographing a dance that honors and celebrates the wise one within.
See you on January 10! :)! 
With love, warmth and light,
The Embodied Tarot
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Mondays 6:00pm (starts again on January 11)

Stretch and Fly Yoga Dance 
1st and 3rd Fridays 6:00pm
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Thursdays 6:30pm in Ballard - Jan. 14, 21 and 28
Sundays 9:00am in Fremont - Jan. 17, 24 and 31

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