Bring it home to the body
"Let's remember why we are cultivating mindfulness of body as the first step on the path of bravery. Stabilizing the mind by feeling the groundedness of the body brings a sense of inner strength. We are soaking the sponge of the mind in the basin of the body's innate stability. Without this earthiness, we are like untethered kites flapping in the wind. Wherever the winds blow, there we go, sometimes drifting from hope to fear and back again in a single afternoon. Bringing mind and body together strengthens our innate vitality..." - Gaylon Ferguson 

It felt like the theme of my life over the past week was "making peace with fear." In the span of 8 days I was presented with multiple unsolicited opportunities to ground fearful thoughts into my body. It started at a micro level and then exploded to a macro level. First it was personal fear, then it expanded to my family, then to my community, and then the world. To say I went on a mental tailspin is an understatement of epic proportion! 

Last month ArcanaDance focused on the archetype of Strength. The learnings from this series are still reverberating and transforming my life. It's as if tuning in to the archetype activated a series of scenarios where I was faced with testing my courage muscle. I am reminded that, during the series, we discovered that courage is not the absence of fear but rather, the absence of struggle. So when I found myself faced with fear this past week, I didn't attempt to force it away or manipulate it with my usual mental gymnastics. I felt the fear deeply (can you say insomnia!) and mustered up the courage to choose a different response. I remembered and settled in to the somatic patterning of courage we set in our bodies during our archetypal journey with the Strength card. I am grateful for the lessons and am once again in awe of how powerful consciously working with archetypes, through movement, can be.

Image above right: Strength from the Liminal Tarot.

What I learned this week was how depleting fear can be. The mental tailspin zapped my sense of vitality. Our bodies truly are our stabilizing force and remind us how vital we are. Whether it's through Nia, ArcanaDance, meditation, walking, hiking, dancing, running, we have access to practices that bring us back home to our bodies. When fear arises, as it's doing on a macro level in the world, we can be untethered kites of mental tailspins or powerful somatic basins that hold us close to the stability of the Earth. So when the fear, grief, anger, whatever arises whether in your personal life or in response to horrific tragedies, remember that the greatest resource to remember how vital you are, is your body.

I look forward to dancing with you and your beautiful vital bodies in the weeks ahead!

This weekend marks the Summer Solstice. Liziah, Irene and I are teaching a special dance to honor the occasion. Join us! 

A reminder that Monday, June 20th is the deadline for the early bird rate to attend The Magician mini-retreat. There is still room to join us. 

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A Tarot Mini-Retreat with The Magician card:
Actualizing your Unlimited Potential
Saturday, June 25, 2016, 11:00am – 5:00pm. 
Cost: $110 by Monday, June 20, $125 after June 20, 2016. 
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In the tarot, the Magician card represents the archetype of the visionary. Imagine the joy of using your life force energy to create your reality! Join me for this safe and sacred mini-retreat where we will nurture our capacity as budding visionaries through tarot play and magical movement set to visionary music. 
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Thursday, June 16, 6:00pm - Aya!
Join me and Irene Minkina as we co-teach the Nia routine Aya at 6:00pm at Embrace the Moon in Ballard. It's one of our favorite routines! 

Saturday, June 18, 6:00pm - Stretch and Fly Yoga Dance class to honor Summer Solstice
Join me, Irene Minkina and Liziah Richards on Saturday, June 18, 2016 from 6:00pm - 7:15pm at Embrace the Moon in Ballard for a special class to dance and bask in the glow of Summer Solstice

NO Sunday Nia on June 19, 2016
Due to the Solstice Parade and related events that make parking impossible in Fremont ;), Balance Studio will closed on Sunday, June 19. All classes have been canceled at the studio for that weekend.

The Dance of the Sun: A Somatic Exploration of Vitality and Radiance
Dates: Sundays, July 10, 17 and 24, 2016
Time: 9:00am – 10:15am
Location: Balance Studio (Fremont), 
418 N. 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103
Cost: $15 drop-in, $40 for 3 classes or if you have a class card with Jennifer, you may use a punch card.
Payment: Cash, check or PayPal 
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In the tarot, the Sun card represents the archetype of vitality. The Sun invites us shine, express our radiance, and turn towards what makes us feel vital and alive.

This is the perfect archetype to explore when you are seeking ways to raise your vibration. Solar power your life! Tune in to your inner sunshine. Move through the world as the shimmering and shining light that you are. In this series, you will learn how to move your body and breath to increase and sustain vital and joyful energy!

See you on the dance floor!
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