Hermiting to clarity
"Winded by my efforts to keep up or slow down, the turbulence of circumstance evaporates, and living is what's left. We all inhabit this spiral; an inner odyssey in which we take our turn as the warrior whose taste for the fight dissolves into a need for the ancient quiet. Some of us discover quite by accident or exhaustion that rising from the deep is our genesis, floating in the sun, our home."
- Mark Nepo

I have received some beautiful inquiries about my upcoming mini-retreat, A Tarot Journey with the Hermit Card: Turning Inward to Honor the Wise One Within, and wanted to respond in a newsletter.

Yes, there is still time to register.
No, you do not need experience with tarot to participate.
While we will not spend the entire mini-retreat in silence, we will be learning ways we can turn down the noise in our minds so that we can hear the voice of inner wisdom. 

The archetypal spirit of The Hermit is about harnessing the practices of self-inquiry and slowing down to emerge from the muck with the power of clarity. Excessive activity (being pulled in too many directions) and lack of clarity can often impede our ability to both set and maintain our commitment to goals, desire or resolutions. 

I am on a truly lifelong path of learning 1. how to slow down, 2. how to turn down the noise of the inner and outer critic and 3. how to trust the voice of my wise self. It's been proven to me, via practice and hard lessons, that I can only hear the voice of my wise self when I both slow down and quiet my mind. Ok, and quiet my mouth too but we all know that's not my strong suit! 

Image to right: The Hermit from the Cosmic Tribe Tarot

I go through an experience of every tarot retreat before I share it. As I've been working with the Hermit practices of self-inquiry through inner and outer quiet, I unearthed a deep truth that left me stunned. I told the truth to myself that following this long held dream of a creative path has not brought me the fulfillment I thought it would. Underneath that truth was a deeper one that I'd buried. I can't truly feel fulfilled about anything until I heal my broken heart. Yes, I am a joyful person. I have learned to choose joy as a constant companion. I love my life. But the grief that sits in the center of my wise self is both wide and deep. My heart has never healed from being unable to birth a child. The Hermit practices revealed to me that until I mend my heart, I won't allow myself to feel true fulfillment. The Hermit hasn't revealed the path to healing yet but I am listening and waiting for the voice of wisdom. 

This mini-retreat is truly for anyone that wants to learn how to use tarot (via beginners mind), movement (no "coordination required ;))) and select mindfulness practices to set your course for the day, week, month or year ahead. It can also be powerful to unearth what's been holding you back from gaining clarity of traction. Or, maybe you just need a break from the spiral of daily activity and want to spend time away from your "to do lists" in supportive community with fun people! That's a GREAT reason to come. Come to be in a supportive space, to get clear, to unearth, to reveal and to heal. Everyone is welcome. <3 

To register: 
Registration deadline: Thursday, January 28, 2016. 

A Tarot Journey with the Hermit Card: Turning Inward to Honor the Wise One Within
ArcanaDance Mini-Retreat in Ballard - Registration is open!
Saturday, January 30, 2016
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm
At: Embrace the Moon (Ballard)
1716 NW Market, Seattle, WA 98107
Map location:
Cost: $110 (includes materials)
To register, email:
In the tarot, the Hermit card represents the archetype of the inner sage. The beginning of the year is a wonderful time for the reflection, introspection and soulful inquiry that the Hermit invites. Often we need to go inward to reflect before setting our course for the year ahead. Join me for this safe and sacred mini-retreat where we will journey to our inner sage and alchemize the wisdom of our life lessons into pearls for spiritual growth and personal development for the year ahead. We will then go on a movement odyssey, collaboratively choreographing a dance that honors and celebrates the wise one within.

See you on the dance floor! Next classes are Sunday, January 24 - ArcanaDance at 9:00am and Nia at 10:30am at Balance Studio in Fremont :)
With love, warmth and light,

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