Rebirth and Renewal
"Accepting what happened to us in the past and what we irretrievably missed so far can open the door to something totally new, a great mystery beyond the realm of our past or present experience." - Unknown
I've been pondering the quote above for the past couple of weeks since I returned from the NW Tarot Symposium. The symposium was wonderful! I am already registered for the next one in 2016. I met amazing tarotista's from all over the country, sharpened my tarot skills and learned some new tools. My personal favorite was Jaymi Elford's session titled "Inspiring the Muse" where we used cards for creative storytelling. Amazingly, Jaymi introduced me to a deck I don't own (I know, shocking!) titled the "Tarot of the Magical Forest." I was instantly swept up in the enchanted childlike imagery and began writing a children's story centered around two characters, "Muffy and Booboo." I'll share the story once it's complete ;) 

Back to the quote! The conference and the experience of beginning to write a children's story got me thinking about the journey of re-discovery I've been on since our failed IVF attempt two years ago. I haven't entirely given up the dream of becoming a mother someday but I've been more openly exploring other ways I can use the gift of mothering in the world, such as through teaching, writing and allowing my creativity its fullest expression. My spirit and heart were crushed two years ago and then twelve years leading up to it. I've been in a period of mending. And I think the past few months I've been in a cycle of rebirth and renewal. It's been challenging to place my old dreams in the fire and say goodbye to them. It's been equally challenging to sit in the unknown of the great and wonderful mystery ahead of me. But I am listening to the call for new life, even though I can't quite see what it is. 

It's in this spirit of releasing the old and heeding the call of the new that I've designed a special workshop that I will host in my home on Saturday, April 11th. If there's something you'd like to release and/or birth in your life, please consider joining me. You don't need tarot or dance experience to participate. You don't even need cards! I will provided them. And I will guide you through the experience step by step. We will integrate tarot, guided imagery, ritual, journaling and dance. All you need to bring is a pen, a journal and a pillow to sit on.   

Photo credit: The card to the right is a representation of the Judgement card from the DruidCraft Tarot deck. 

A Tarot Journey with the Judgement Card: A Somatic Exploration of Rebirth & Renewal
Date: Saturday, April 11, 2015
Time: 2:00pm to 6:00pm 
Location: My home in North Seattle (address provided at registration) 
Cost: $75 
Payment: Cash, Check or PayPal

In the tarot, the Judgement card represents a passageway to expanded awareness, liberation from constriction and heeding the call to new beginnings. Join me for this safe and sacred experience of claiming renewal and rebirth through journeying with the Judgement tarot card. We will use a special tarot spread designed to facilitate the release of the old and seize the call for what wants to be birthed in our lives. Using the cards as inspiration, we will collaboratively choreograph a dance to usher in the new. No tarot or dance experience required. Tarot decks will be provided for use during the workshop but feel free to bring your own. For more information:

And now for other very important things! YES, there is class on Easter Sunday. In fact, it will be a special class as I will be co-teaching with Irene Minkina who will be celebrating her birthday on April 5th. We are cooking up a routine comprised of her favorite songs. I hope you will join us :) 

I am also excited to share the following link to Liziah's first published article in the free e-magazine "Courageous Creativity."
Liziah wrote a beautiful article titled "Dancing in Slow Motion"
about our creation "Stretch and Fly Yoga Dance." 
The article is on page 6: Here is an excerpt: "We need time in the slow lane. Yoga and slow conscious movement teach us to move from the inside out, to let our breath be our guide, to connect to a peace we can forget is within us, when our thoughts and lists and fast paced lifestyles sweep us away from the inner sanctuary that is a necessary place to visit for recharging and healing."

Courageous Creativity has become one of my favorite e-magazines and it's free! I was introduced to it by Nia newbie, Shirin Subhani, co-founder of Flying Chickadee, the company that produces and publishes the magazine. You can sign up for the free monthly e-zine here: 

And now for two reminders:

Stretch and Fly Yoga Dance
Date: Fridays
Time: 6:00pm - 7:15pm
At: Phinney Ridge Yoga
6615 Dayton Ave North, Seattle, WA, 98103
Cost: $15 drop-in or class card with Jennifer

All About Your Base!
NiaSeattle's 11th Annual Spring Jam

Date: Sunday, April 12, 2015
Time: 2:00pm to 3:30pm 
Location: Mt. Baker Community Clubhouse, 2811 Mt. Rainier Drive South, Seattle, WA 98144 
Cost: $20 online / $25 at door
For more information: 

Have a wonderful week and I look forward to playing with you on the dance floor :)! 

With warmth,

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