Dancing Thankfulness
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“When qualities of kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness are applied toward the suffering of others, they manifest as compassion.

When they're applied to our own suffering, they manifest as self-compassion.

When they're directed toward others' positive qualities, they manifest as mudita: sympathetic joy.

And when they're self-directed toward our own positive qualities, they manifest as self-appreciation...

As we walk through the triumphs and tragedies of our lives, we relate to everything with kindness. We feel our interconnectedness with everyone and everything. We become aware of the present moment without judgment. We experience the full spectrum of life without needing to change it.

We don't need to be perfect to feel good about ourselves, and our lives don't need to be any certain way for us to be content. Every one of us has the capacity for resilience, growth, and happiness, simply by relating to our ever-arising experience with both compassion and appreciation. And if you feel you can't change, that it's too hard, that the countervailing forces of our culture are too strong, then have compassion for that feeling and start from there. Each new moment presents an opportunity for a radically different way of being. We can embrace both the joy and the sorrow of being human, and by doing so we can transform our lives.”

-  Kristin Neff, PhD, Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself


November 24, 2021

Yesterday, at the close of my somatic therapy training session, my trainer asked our group to raise our hands if we were:
1. gathering with family
2. gathering with friends or
3. spending time alone during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

He then said - I'm paraphrasing -  "As we gather with family or friends, make room for the need to belong that may or may not get met. Honor the heart that wants and needs to belong."

I was so touched by his suggestion to be self-compassionate during this holiday season. For myself, I am feeling the sadness of not being able to be with my family this week and I am also feeling the joy of being able to gather with local friends who I do feel a certainty of belonging with. That said, I know (from many of my clients) that the holiday season, specifically gathering (or being excluded) with others can bring up feelings of otherness, the stress of relationship dynamics, and the strain or absence of belonging. So I really deeply appreciated my trainer naming this and inviting self-compassion into our experiences this week. 

My hope is that wherever you are or however you are gathering (within yourself or with others) this week that you are able to access any or all of the following:
compassion for others,
personal joy,
communal or collective joy,
sympathetic joy,
appreciation for others and
appreciation for your self.

All of the above are centered around the human experience and human relationships and you may also add relationships with land, nature, and other sentient beings. 

In our classes this weekend (I am teaching both Saturday and Sunday) we are focusing on Dancing Thankfulness -  for anything and everything we want to bring acknowledgement and appreciation to. And I want to add that there is no pressure to be thankful. Permission to simply be as you are. No qualifiers needed.  

I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to and for each of you. My classes for the year are coming to a close on December 5 (last class of 2021). I am looking forward to a break along with caretaking for my beloved sister-in-law. This year has been a doozy and while I truly have a love-hate relationship with Zoom, I am grateful to the technology for keeping us connected. Dancing with you in community is indeed an integral part of my livelihood but it's even more an integral part of my mind-body-heart-spirit well-being. It's been a saving grace and a healing balm time and again. Thank you for being here with me and with each other. 

To the right is a a photo of the studio formerly known as The Dance Space (in Seattle) where I had the great pleasure of being part of a loving and collaborative team of Nia teachers for several years: Susan Tate, Jena Hennessey, Ann Nicolaysen, and Gretchen Musgrove. In addition, Liziah Richards and I co-taught Nia-Yoga and Stretch and Fly Yoga Dance at the space for a couple of years. The photo is from our community Thanksgiving Nia class in 2013 - if memory serves, myself, Susan, Ann and Jena collaboratively facilitated the class. We cut out hearts and hands from construction paper and taped them to the walls - we called it our Gratitude Wall. As each dancer came in for class on Thanksgiving morning we gave them a marker and invited them to write something on one of the hearts or hands. When we danced, our eyes took in the wall of gratitude. I am grateful for gestures that facilitate belonging, connection and appreciation <3. 

Below is a photo collage of our closing circle. So much gratitude in my heart for that space, time and community. Truly looking forward to gathering with others again, in person, in the future. 

This weeks classes:
A reminder that I am teaching Somatic Yoga-Dance tonight (Wed Nov 24) at 4:00PM Pacific. Class registration here.

This Saturday and Sunday (Nov 27 and 28) we are Dancing Thankfulness: An Embodied Expression of Gratitude. Class at 10AM PST both days. After this, I have one more Somos Luceros class on Sunday, December 5. Class info will come in next week's newsletter.

Our last Somatic Yoga-Dance class will be held on Wednesday, December 1 at 4PM PST where we close out the year with our Loving Kindness in Motion class. 

Taking a break in December (starting Dec 6) - Schedule below
The timeline for my trip to New York to caretake for my sister-in-law is still unknown. It is possible that the cancer treatment may not begin until mid to late December or early January. That said, I am exhausted and am committed to taking December off for much needed and long overdue rest. My schedule is to the right - teaching through Sunday, December 5 (last class of the year) and then on break until January. Next week I will share the Zoom registration links and also more about how you can rent class recordings, if you'd like :). 

Take note that I am teaching both Saturday and Sunday (11/27 and 11/28) this weekend.  

Gift certificates:

Several of you have asked - Yes, I have both paper-based and digital gift certificates for tarot sessions. If you would like to gift someone a reading for the holidays ahead, please be sure to email me before December 5th so that I have time to send them to you before I leave for New York. 

Deeply grateful for this community,

Schedule Going Forward:
  • Somos Luceros on Sundays at 10AM PDT and
    Saturdays at 10AM ONCE per month - Sat Nov 27
  • Somatic Yoga-Dance on Wednesdays at 4PM PDT.
  • ArcanaDance on specific Saturdays - next one TBA


Somos Luceros

Somos Luceros is a somatic dance practice designed to illuminate the wisdom of your body and cultivate deep embodiment of archetypal qualities that offer lightness, depth and joy. The dance moves are simple and guided by the language of storytelling, opening new chapters in our bodies where we can see and feel our most luminous potential. Release the stories in your body that weigh you down and reclaim your light. In Spanish, Somos means “we are” and Luceros means “bringers of light” or “bright stars.” This name honors my father, my paternal indigenous ancestors in South America, my heritage, and our collective oldest ancestor, the stars. We are dancing bodies of light.

With immense gratitude for your continued support, 


Somos Luceros - Dancing Thankfulness: An Embodied Expression of Gratitude (via Zoom)

Dates: Saturday November 27, 2021 and Sunday, November 28, 2021
Both days at 10:00AM PST 

Time Zones: 10:00AM PST | 11:00AM MST | 12:00PM CST | 1:00PM EST

Pay what you can in exchange for the class experience

Register for one or both classes:

Join us for Dancing Thankfulness: An Embodied Expression of Gratitude!

Gratitude is both an acknowledgement and gesture of appreciation.

This week, in the U.S., people will gather to share meals and expressions of gratitude. There is no question that the past couple of years have been particularly challenging for many, if not most, people. We continue to endure trying times together.

I am grateful for the resilience, resourcefulness, strength and creativity of humanity. And, I am grateful for community and a sense of belonging.

This weekend we are invited to dance our thankfulness – for anything and everything we want to bring acknowledgement and appreciation to. Join us as we mobilize, express, and strengthen our gratitude, in community.

The dance moves are simple and guided by the language of storytelling. You are invited to receive the choreography, bring it into your body and make it your own.

Somos Luceros is a somatic dance practice designed to illuminate the wisdom of your body and cultivate deep embodiment of archetypal qualities that offer lightness, depth and joy. The dance moves are simple and guided by the language of storytelling, opening new chapters in our bodies where we can see and feel our most luminous potential. Release the stories in your body that weigh you down and reclaim your light. In Spanish, Somos means “we are” and Luceros means “bringers of light” or “bright stars.” This name honors my father, my paternal indigenous ancestors in South America, my heritage, and our collective oldest ancestor, the stars. We are dancing bodies of light.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the class/meeting.

Pay what you can in exchange for the class experience:

Coming Home to Ourselves Dance-Yoga Practice
Movement, Mindfulness, Meditation, Mantra, and Mudra (via Zoom)

Dates: Wednesday, November 24, 2021 and Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Class Time: 4:00PM PT – 5:15PM PST

Time Zones: 4:00PM PST, 5:00PM MST, 6:00PM CST, 7:00PM EST

Pay what you can in exchange for the class experience.

*If you are unable to attend class live, please email me to rent the recording.

Register for November 24:

Register for December 1 (last class of 2021):

Coming Home to Ourselves Dance-Yoga Practice is a somatic dance yoga practice that brings together movement as metaphor and the expanse of yoga with the intent to guide us to deeper embodiment beyond the yoga mat.

This practice is about befriending your body and reuniting with it as a sacred beloved and noticing how your mind and body work together to create harmony in your life.

The focus/theme of this class is Metta in Motion.

The word Metta comes from an ancient Indian language called Pali and translates as love or lovingkindness. Metta is most often recognized in an active meditation practice that includes reciting phrases of good wishes, such as “may I be healthy, may you be happy” to the Self and/or others. Within metta is a sincere offering for the care and well being of ourselves and others, including people, plants, animals, ecosystems and the planet.

In our class this week we will bring the practice of metta to our bodies. This practice can be tender and transformative, especially if we are experiencing unease, discomfort, stress, pain and/or disconnection in our bodies. We will consciously infuse each breath, asana (body posture), somatic dance prompt, and mudra, with lovingkindness – sending well wishes to our bodies.

Class is 75 minutes. Wear comfortable clothes to move in. Make sure you have a yoga mat or towel. Feel free to also have a blanket or pillow to sit on for the seated portion of class. 

If you are new to the language I have used above to describe class, here are some simple guiding definitions:
  • What is Movement? For this class it is body postures in motion. We will take simple yoga asanas (poses) and embody them through a dance that blends fluidity and stillness.
  • What is Mindfulness? A quality of focused awareness to the present moment and of our sensations that includes our body, mind, and emotions. 
  • What is Meditation? Various experiential practices and techniques that support mindfulness and focusing our mind and body. 
  • What is Mantra? A sound, word or group of words (such as affirmations) that aid in mindfulness, meditation and focusing the mind and body. 
  • What is Mudra? Hand and body gestures that both ground and move energy in the body. 
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the class/meeting.

Here is the info to make a payment of your choice, in exchange for the class experience: I am YTT 300 certified in the Honor Yoga's Roots cohort via Ignite Yoga and Wellness Institute.


Access/rent recorded classes

Video recordings of previous classes, from Somos Luceros and Coming Home to Ourselves Somatic Dance-Yoga Practice, are available for you to move to at your own time.

Simply make a donation and email me with the class(es) you want to rent. I will then send you the link and password. Click on the images below to be directed to the webpage with the list of class recording options. 


Donate and then email me:


Tarot Sessions - Please read - Now Scheduling only in 2022

There are no more sessions available in 2021.

I am now scheduling into January and February 2022. 

These sessions are my lifeblood and I so appreciate your continued support in scheduling appointments and referring your loved ones and friends to me. As you know, I don't advertise. All of my client work has been via referral. For that I am immensely grateful. 

To schedule a session, choose the session type at and email me your questionnaire.

Tarot Consultation Packages
There are several tarot packages to choose from, including options for multiple one hour to two hour sessions throughout a one year window.

Huge thanks to Brooke Lowe Johnson for the photo (top) above! 
Dance with Janice on Saturdays! 

For those of you interested in a Saturday 10AM PDT Zoom class, I highly recommend Janice Steinberg's Nia classes! She is one of our beloved Somos Luceros community members and I dance with her whenever I can. I love her classes and know you will too.  

This Saturday, November 27 at 10AM PDT, Janice is teaching her wonderful Gratitude playlist. We are both teaching at the same time and isn't it wonderful to have an abundance of choice? :)! 
To join Janice's Saturday Nia classes (10AM PDT), email her to get on her mailing list. She sends the Zoom link for class via email on the day of class. And like my classes, Janice's classes are donation-based as well.

Email Janice

Somos Luceros Community Member Offerings:


Move Your Body on Thanksgiving Day with Tiana Duncan - Free Class (Virtual)

Turkey Burner with Athleta and Indigo Movement
Thursday, November 25, 2021, 10:00AM PST 
Free class

Sign up

If it weren't for the time zone difference, I'd absolutely participate in this class with Tiana Duncan! 

Tiana is the creator and founder of Indigo Movement, a Seattle-based fitness, health, and wellness company. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching lunch break Wellness Wednesday Yoga-Dance virtual classes for Indigo Movement for the past year. And in 2020 both my husband and I took some online classes with Tiana which we both loved. Gary is a HUGE Tiana fan!

The class tomorrow is free and will be a 60-minute "kickboxing and bodyweight training combo designed to increase mobility, stamina, and improve your quality of life." 

Info (click on Nov 25):

Virtual Wellness Wednesday classes with Indigo Movement are now open to everyone:

Walking the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Seasonal Rhythms of our Lives with Joanna Powell Colbert

Sign up:

I am very excited to be participating in this year-long course with my beloved mentor and dear friend, Joanna Powell Colbert. Right now I am keenly aware of loved ones transitioning from one phase of life to another - and noticing changes in myself as I move even more deeply and intentionally with questions around legacy, becoming an elder and wisening in my adulthood. This the year-long journey I have been waiting for!

Dates: The course begins when you register and ends in late November 2022. The Winter Solstice session begins on December 12, 2021.

"We live in a culture that values youth more highly than midlife or old age. But just like the seasons, each life stage has its own unique gifts, challenges, and tasks.

'Walking the Sacred Wheel' intertwines seasonal lore with the seasons of our lives. We’ll braid together our personal stories, the greater stories of our times, and deep wisdom gleaned from seasonal archetypes of the Sacred Feminine — wisdom figures like the Child of Wonder, the Midsummer Queen, the Reaper, and their sisters.

In this course, we’ll reflect on the phases of our lives that correspond to the eight seasonal tides of the Wheel of the Year. You’ll recognize, heal, and celebrate yourself at every life stage. You’ll be invited to discover the medicine embedded in your wounds. You’ll dream yourself forward into life stages you have yet to experience in chronological time, and consider what may lie ahead.

This course is part magical guide, part eco-spiritual liturgy, and part safe space for reflecting on the stages of your own life’s journey. 

There will be expressive writing, with journal prompts to spark ideas. There will be tarot spreads. There will be nature activities, ceremonies, somatic exercises, playlists for movement, and art-making. There will be circle council. But the emphasis will be on writing — as much or as little as you want to do."

To register
There are several pricing options to choose from.

Mary Lenox's Poetry

Following is the poem Mary wrote and shared with us after our Dancing the Spirit of Life class this past Sunday, November 21. A most perfect poem for our dance!

Spirit of Life 
Spirit of the sea
Reveals eternity to me

Spirit of the air
Refreshes my spirit breath by breath

Spirit of light
Illuminates my journey

Spirit of music invites me 
To the banquet of joy

Spirit of bay waters
Speaks peace be still

Spirit of life
Invites me to feel the moment

Spirit of love
Fills my heart with gratitude


©Mary F. Lenox, 2021
  San Diego, CA

To join Mary's email list: 

Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address

Listen to and watch a video of the Haudenosaunee (Thanksgiving) Address in both Mohawk and English by the Earth to Tables Legacies project.

To read the entire address:
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