Joy is the Harvest
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“The world, the values of the world, are shaped by the choices each of us make. Which means my thinking, my actions, my relationships, and my life create a front line for the possibilities of the entire species. Each one of us is an individual practice ground for what the whole can or cannot do, will or will not do…

given the time on the clock of the world, how do we need to transform ourselves to transform the world? How do we need to be? How do we need to grow ourselves in order to both spark and cultivate the kinds of species’ evolutions we want to see? What do we need to practice?

This, to me, is the work of internal accountability. We are cultivating within ourselves a transformative practice that helps us heal from what the world has been, while generating what the world will be.

We must become accountable to our time, our earth, our species, our people, and our loved ones, from the inside out…

We live (and die) inside of systems that were imagined centuries ago by those ambitious and narrow minds of colonists and patriarchs. We live inside the lineage of relatively ignorant imaginations, which were obsessed with protection and domination. But we know so much more now. We know each other’s pain and complexity now; we know we are one interconnected ecosystem—so far the only planetary development specifically like us. 

The fragmentation that has resulted from colonial constructs of race, gender, class, and power has wounded many of us so deeply that we identify more with the wound than with any experience of wholeness or oneness. Because we identify with the wound, we fight against each other over differences that don’t need to be battles. We opt in to these constructs, often without conscious choice…

recognize that you have healing to do, given the conditions and legacies you were born into. There is healing related to how your people have suffered, and healing related to how your people have created suffering for others…

I know I am in healing dynamics with others when I can fully be myself, without feeling pressure to wound myself with contortion, dishonesty, or overextension. How do you know when you feel healing in yourself, and in your relationships?

…internal accountability is about moving from fragility to fortitude, from within. You are not a set of constructs easily destroyed, you are a whole being inside of a whole ecosystem, and you are healing. You can be intentional about directing your energy’s flow to the places and memories that will be most healing to the deepest wounds within you.”  

- Adrienne Maree Brown, Murmurations: Returning to the Whole (Yes Magazine) 


Thursday, June 30, 2022

As I read the complete opinion piece excerpted above, written by Adrienne Maree Brown, I reflected on the past month in which our Wednesday Embodied Movement Explorations class has spent exploring the 7 of Pentacles and the theme of Devotion to our well-being. You see, I got the 7 of Pentacles this morning when I did my morning journaling and card reading. It felt like a nod from the card, a gesture of acknowledgment for having spent the past month exploring what it means to do the labor of cultivating a garden of well-being for our lives. A guiding aspect of the 7 of Pentacles is that we reap what we sow. Our dedicated labor will produce a harvest of some kind. In this card, we are personally accountable to the health of our metaphorical and literal garden. We have to show up and water the ground, ensure the balance of light and shade, remove the weeds, protect the seedling from anything potentially harmful or invasive so that it is FREE to grow and thrive, etc. None of this can happen without our capacity to be aware, attuned and attentive.

And so I wonder, as our country feels like it’s once again coming apart at the seams and I am absolutely sickened about the overturning of Roe v Wade, what are we collectively laboring for? What are we cultivating? What are we doing to, and for, our ecosystem? What is our relationship with personal accountability? And collective accountability? What is dying in our gardens due to neglect, abuse, or over-doing? What is vulnerable because it doesn’t have protection and safety? What has happened to our capacity to be aware, attuned and attentive to each other? We are causing one another more trauma that will ultimately be transferred to the next generations. This entire world is our garden - it is our shelter, our source of companionship and belonging, and the great provider of our lives. I am not just talking about the care of our lands. I am talking about humanity - we are each others gardens. We can’t afford to pass off the caretaking or stewarding task to someone else. Each one of us has to play some part. I pray that healing plays a role in our doing.

Shortly after I pulled that 7 of Pentacles card this morning, I received a text from my dear friend and longtime community member, Krisztina Nagy. She said, “Happy Anniversary Jennifer! 2 years of dedication, commitment and perseverance to bring healing ❤️‍🩹 to this world.” The text was accompanied by the photo to the right. I saw both the text and photo and burst into tears. Krisztina was acknowledging and celebrating the two years since I began teaching somatic yoga-dance. The class began on June 30, 2020 as Coming Home to Ourselves Yoga Practice, evolved to include Somatic Yoga-Dance, and is now Embodied Movement Explorations for Body Wisdom and Wellness. At the heart of this class is cultivating practices to befriend and heal our bodies, hearts, and minds. But it is so much more than a movement practice. We are a small and mighty community that has been dedicated to this weekly practice and we have have been a source of support and healing to each other as many of us experienced health scares, cancer diagnoses, surgeries, deaths, losses, and uncertainties. Community member Peih Chiang has called us the “angel detail.”

My tears had a lot to communicate to me. They speak of gratitude. They also speak of sadness. After Krisztina sent me the text, I showed up to my Somatic Therapy clinical supervision meeting, with tears (of sadness mixed with gratitude) still in my eyes. My mentor/therapist helped me to identify and articulate the depth of what I was feeling. The first realization I had was that I have been so busy learning and working that I didn’t pause to notice this milestone. The second is that I feel so much internal pressure to keep going. The underlying belief I have is that my labor is connected to survival. As many children of immigrants hear from their families, the message I got was, “education is everything. Without it you will not survive. You need it for a better life. And you must work hard. Work harder and longer than everyone else. Prove yourself.”   

It had not hit me until today that my dedicated and devoted labor was over-coupled with and compromised by an internal belief that I am never doing enough and am hence, not enough. Somewhere deep inside I fear that I stop laboring, I won’t survive. And this fear, understandable in how it was forged in childhood, has been intercepting and interfering with my inner sense of thriving. So this past month with the 7 of Pentacles has really helped me to pause, reflect, and take stock. I am aware that I love what I do and it brings me immense joy. And what I do has an impact. But of these, joy is how I can feel into my “enoughness.” Feeling “enough” isn’t an external benchmark. My enoughness can’t be proven. I will never see it outside of myself. The somatic marker of “enough” that I have been overlooking is the deep fulfillment and joy I feel whenever I craft and teach a class. It’s the smile on my face, the expansion of my heart, the depth of my breath, the care taken to weave experiences together, and the safety I feel to express myself through movement- and to share it all with heart, vulnerability, humor and humility. I thrive when I feel joy. It makes every ounce of labor worthwhile and I am learning to trust in its harvest - however long it takes.

Krisztina reminded me that I have been the dedicated gardener to this class (and all of my work), no matter the size (number of people) of the group or whatever else has been happening in my life. This somatic work is my garden. I am committed to it completely. I am its devoted steward. I am accountable to it. And part of that accountability is not just caretaking it into existence, but also taking time to pause, appreciate, take stock of/notice the harvest. And further, to both reap and revel in the joy that tending to this garden brings me. You are part of that harvest. Thank you for being here. It may not fix the country. It may not protect our rights. It may not ensure our collective liberation. It may not contribute to the unity of the peoples of our country. But this somatic healing work is my small part - my contribution to the healing of our shared ecosystem. May we continue to move and heal together, always in community.

Abuela will turn 104 this weekend. Her descendants and their descendants, myself included, are part of her harvest. She’s our matriarchal gardener/steward. I will get to see and celebrate her via Facetime and we will get to dance in celebration of her, via Zoom, on both Sunday and Monday. This dance is our annual tradition of celebrating Abuela Rosa <3.

Classes this week - Sunday and Monday (July 4)! There will not be an Embodied Movement Explorations for Body Wisdom and Wellness this Wednesday (July 6). I have houseguests and we will be going to an event on Wednesday evening. Wednesday class will return on July 13.

Deeply grateful for this community,

Schedule Going Forward:
  • Somos Luceros on Sundays at 10AM PDT 
  • Embodied Movement Explorations in Body Wisdom & Wellness on Wednesdays at 4PM PDT 
  • ArcanaDance - next workshop TBA


Somos Luceros

Somos Luceros is a somatic dance practice designed to illuminate the wisdom of your body and cultivate deep embodiment of archetypal qualities that offer lightness, depth and joy. The dance moves are simple and guided by the language of storytelling, opening new chapters in our bodies where we can see and feel our most luminous potential. Release the stories in your body that weigh you down and reclaim your light. In Spanish, Somos means “we are” and Luceros means “bringers of light” or “bright stars.” This name honors my father, my paternal indigenous ancestors in South America, my heritage, and our collective oldest ancestor, the stars. We are dancing bodies of light.

With immense gratitude for your continued support, 



Somos Luceros - Vamos a Gozar: Dancing in Celebration of Abuela’s 104th Birthday (via Zoom)

Dates: Sunday, July 3, 2022 and Monday, July 4, 2022. Both days at 10AM PDT

Time Zones: 10:00AM PDT | 11:00AM MDT | 12:00PM CDT | 1:00PM EDT

Pay what you can in exchange for the class experience ($5-$25)

Register for class:

Join us for Vamos a Gozar: Dancing in Celebration of Abuela’s 104th Birthday

It’s time again for our annual dance celebration to honor my abuela who turns 104 this week!

Vamos a gozar translates to “let’s enjoy.” One of my abuela’s favorite phrases, it captures her spirit and life motto so perfectly. She loves nothing more than to gather with people and have fun. For over 100 years she’s moved with a self-assured relaxed easy stride swaying her hips in a flowing skirt. It is a gloriously hypnotic sight.

Abuela would want us to dance in joy and enjoyment, and to shake our hips with playful abandon and confidence. Let’s do it!

The dance moves are simple and guided by the language of storytelling. You are invited to receive the choreography, bring it into your body and make it your own.

Somos Luceros is a somatic dance practice designed to illuminate the wisdom of your body and cultivate deep embodiment of archetypal qualities that offer lightness, depth and joy. The dance moves are simple and guided by the language of storytelling, opening new chapters in our bodies where we can see and feel our most luminous potential. Release the stories in your body that weigh you down and reclaim your light. In Spanish, Somos means “we are” and Luceros means “bringers of light” or “bright stars.” This name honors my father, my paternal indigenous ancestors in South America, my heritage, and our collective oldest ancestor, the stars. We are dancing bodies of light.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the class/meeting.

Pay what you can in exchange for the class experience:

Embodied Movement Explorations for Body Wisdom and Wellness (via Zoom)

Date: Next class Wednesday, July 13, 2022 

Time Zones: 4:00PM PDT, 5:00PM MDT, 6:00PM CDT, 7:00PM EDT

Class is 75 minutes

Pay what you can in exchange for the class experience ($5-$25)

Register for class: Look for registration link on July 7.

Join us for Embodied Movement Explorations for Body Wisdom and Wellness

Body wisdom is being aware of and attuned to what our body needs to feel well. This somatic intelligence and tending can be accessed and cultivated in many ways.

Every week we will explore a variety of somatic movement practices that include somatic dance, yoga, QiGong, archetypal expression (mainly tarot), and other modalities that emphasize mindfulness and that guide self-knowing.

In this class we center the experience of living, feeling, sensing and moving in our bodies. We learn practices to know ourselves more deeply, cultivate joy, restore from stress, explore creative self-expression, and ways to nourish the various systems (fluid, muscular, skeletal, organ, nervous, and cellular) of our body.

This is not a “fitness” class. This is a wellness class. Come to move your body, develop a deeper appreciation for the intelligence and wisdom of your body, and to learn practices to be well in mind, body, heart and soul.

Wear comfortable clothes to move in. No shoes required. Feel free to have a yoga mat, blanket or towel for floor-based practices.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the class/meeting.

Pay what you can in exchange for the class experience:

Access/rent recorded classes

Video recordings of previous classes, from Somos Luceros and Coming Home to Ourselves Somatic Dance-Yoga Practice, are available for you to move to at your own time.

Simply make a donation and email me with the class(es) you want to rent. I will then send you the link and password. Click on the images below to be directed to the webpage with the list of class recording options. 


Donate and then email me:

Tarot Sessions - Now end of July and beyond

I am now scheduling from the end of July 2022 into September. 

These sessions are my lifeblood and I so appreciate your continued support in scheduling appointments and referring your loved ones and friends to me. As you know, I don't advertise. All of my client work has been via referral. For that I am immensely grateful. 

To schedule a session, choose the session type at and email me your questionnaire.

Tarot Consultation Packages
There are several tarot packages to choose from, including options for multiple one hour to two hour sessions throughout a one year window.

Huge thanks to Brooke Lowe Johnson for the photo (top) above! 
Dance with Janice on Saturdays! 

For those of you interested in a Saturday 10AM PDT Zoom class, I highly recommend Janice Steinberg's Nia classes! She is one of our beloved Somos Luceros community members and I dance with her whenever I can. I love her classes and know you will too.  

This Saturday, July 2 at 10AM PDT,  Janice is teaching "Freedom." Celebrating Independence Day with a routine that includes TWO versions of "Stars and Stripes Forever," both orchestral and by Jellyroll Morton; plus two recordings of "Feeling Good"—Nina Simone's classic and a lovely version by Meklit Hadero.

To join Janice's Saturday Nia classes (10AM PDT), email her to get on her mailing list. She sends the Zoom link for class via email on the day of class. And like my classes, Janice's classes are donation-based as well.

Email Janice

Mary Lenox's Poetry

Following is the heart-affirming poem, Hold on to Love, that Mary wrote and shared with us after class this past Sunday, June 26. 

Hold on to Love
The divine spirit animating all life

Hold on to love
The essence of creativity, imagination, joy

Hold on to love
Revealed in worlds of flora, fauna, humanity

Hold on to love
In the darkest night and brightest light

Hold on to love
Amid sorrows, pain, despair

Hold on to love
Healer of you, me, the world

Hold on to love
The alpha and omega of infinite grace

Hold on to love
Through kindness, patience, faith, hope, courage

Hold on to love
The light of the world, regardless of temporal circumstances

Hold on to love
With an open heart and relentless gratitude

Hold on to love
Breath by breath

©2022 Mary F. Lenox

To join Mary's email list: 


On Juneteenth, I got to be a student in a somatic dance class taught by my SomaSoul trainee/colleague and friend, Liz Mitchell. This Whitney Houston song is one of my favorite songs of all time (an anthem at one time in my life!) and yes, you guessed it, it fits beautifully with the perseverance of the 7 of Pentacles, devotion to our well-being, and the sacred labor it takes to create a harvest. "Step by step, bit by bit, brick by brick, day by day, mile by mile." 
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