Instinct and Intuition
“Living by your instincts is living in the mystery. It requires total surrender to the unknown. It’s like walking in water. You step into the current with nothing to hold on to, and it washes you clean like a baptism, purging away any fixed images you have of yourself and freeing you to be the divine self you are destined to be.” – Gabrielle Roth

I don’t know about you but my instinctual self has been getting a butt whooping lately! I feel like I’ve been walking in water, in the dark, trying to control the current… to the point of exhaustion, and then throwing my hands up and saying, “I surrender!” It took a lot out of me to put the majority of my Nia classes on hold. I felt conflicted, guilty and sad. And yet, as each class ends, I have more space and time to give to ArcanaDance, to self-care and preparation for the Nia Black Belt training in September. I’ve been reviewing everything I learned in the white, blue and brown belt trainings and it’s inspiring some great class (Nia) ideas for the future! I am excited for classes to resume in the autumn.  

I thank the many of you that emailed me with comments about this change and with questions about ArcanaDance. Thank you for sharing your support and encouragement with me! 

Last classes (for now) at The Dance Space:
I hope you will join me for my last (for now) Dance Space classes this week: Tuesday, July 7th at 9:15am and Saturday, July 11th at 9:30am. <3. 

Sunday mornings continue uninterrupted: 
A reminder that Sunday morning (10:30am) Nia classes at Balance Studio will continue without interruption. 

Your questions:
This newsletter includes answers to the questions many of you asked about ArcanaDance. You will see them further down. 

Some exciting announcements:
I have been invited to facilitate an ArcanaDance workshop at the 2016 Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland, OR: Squeal!!! 

I survived my first camping experience and I loved it! I was nervous about not having access to plumbing, because I am a nature wimp, but for one overnight I was good to go. Eight of us slept (well, not really but we rested) on a beautiful rocky beach on Lummi Island. We watched the sunset and rose early at 4am to drive to the other side of the island to watch the sunrise on solstice morning. It was breathtaking.
For more, including photos:

New class:
I am excited to announce the addition of a second five-week ArcanaDance series. Both series classes will delve into the Dance of the High Priestess: the archetype of the seer. 

Your two ArcanaDance options (two different locations) are:

Wednesdays, 7:30pm – 8:45pm, starting July 8, 2015.
Dates for the 5-week series: July 8, July 15, July 22, July 29 and August 5, 2015
Location: Phinney Ridge Yoga, 6615 Dayton Avenue North, Seattle, WA, 98103
Cost: $15 drop-in or $70 for the series. Drop-in’s are welcome. Use your class card with Jennifer.
* The entrance to Phinney Ridge Yoga is on Dayton Ave N. Use the same entrance as the Tool Lending Library. 

Sundays, 9:00am – 10:15am, starting July 12, 2015. 
Dates for the 5-week series: July 12, July 19, July 26, August 2 and August 9, 2015
Location: Balance Studio in Fremont, 418 N. 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103
Cost: $15 drop-in or $70 for the series. Drop-in’s are welcome. Use your class card with Jennifer.

Your ArcanaDance questions:

What can I expect at a class? 
ArcanaDance classes are designed to bring the experience of the tarot archetype into form through the vehicle of your body. For both upcoming five-week series classes, we will explore the High Priestess tarot card, which represents the archetype of the seer, also referred to as inner truth. 

One of my favorite quotes about intuition comes from the late Gabrielle Roth, creatrix of 5Rhythms. She said, "Once you awaken your intuition and get in the habit of listening to and acting on it, every decision in your life will become reflective of your inner truth. The trick is not to try to work out all the answers in your head. Rather, take whatever information you need into your body, trust your gut, then dance or meditate or walk or do whatever you need to enter a relaxed state of being and you'll know what to do. You always have and you always will."

What can I expect from this five-week series with the High Priestess? 
We will spend five weeks giving our devoted attention to accessing, awakening and deepening our naturally intuitive capabilities. It’s not about seeing into the future, it’s about hearing and honoring your inner truth. The first class will offer an introduction to the archetype of the High Priestess with a focus on deep listening and allow the movements to reveal themselves. 

How will we move? 
The dance movements are simple and specific to the archetype yet highly individualized so that each dancer can move their own unique way. The movements are largely inspired and informed by my experiences with Nia, African dance, Afro-Caribbean dance,  yoga, and mindful movement practices.  

Do we move to music?
We dance to music. The playlist, of course, is inspired by the archetype. 

How long will we move?
Each playlist is about 55 minutes long. The first 15 minutes of class is focused on introducing the aspect of the archetype we will focus on and to give participants time to choose cards. 

Do we use tarot cards?
Yes, during each class participants will choose 1-3 cards to work with and incorporate into their dance. You don’t need to have experience with tarot to “dance your cards.” I will provide guidance during each class as to how to use the cards to inspire your movements. 

Do I need to bring tarot cards with me?
Not unless you want to. I will supply the decks of cards we will use during each class. 

What’s the pace?
Each archetype has a different pace. The Dance of the High Priestess is slow, deeply internal and gentle. 

Can I use my “Nia” class card to try out a class?
Absolutely, you can use your class card for ANY of my class offerings: Nia, Stretch and Fly Yoga Dance, and ArcanaDance. You don’t need to purchase the series to participate in the class. 

Can I do both the ArcanaDance and Nia classes on Sundays? 
Yes, you can easily take both classes. ArcanaDance can serve as your Nia warm up ;)! 

What if I can’t make all five classes in the series? 
That’s fine! Each class will explore a different aspect of the High Priestess. While they build on each other, they can also standalone. You won’t feel like you are missing something if you are unable to attend a class or two. You can also mix and match. If you miss a Wednesday class, you can come on Sunday and vice versa. 

What should I wear? 
Wear loose comfortable clothes that you can easily move in. We dance barefoot so no shoes are required. If, for health reasons, you must wear shoes, please ensure that they are “indoor” shoes only.

Do you have more questions? Send them over to me and I will happily answer them! 

Thank you again for all of your support. It means the world to me. 

Excited to see you soon on the dance floor.

With warmth,
Reminder - NEW class prices as of July 1, 2015:
  • Drop-in rate: $15
  • 5-class card: $70
  • 10-class card: $130
*Class cards can used for Nia, Stretch and Fly Yoga Dance and ArcanaDance.
The Embodied Tarot
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Tuesdays 9:15am (ends 7/7)

Saturdays 9:30am (ends 7/11) 
Sundays 10:30am

Stretch and Fly Yoga Dance:
Fridays 6:00pm

Wednesdays 7:30pm (5-week series starts 7/8)
Sundays 9:00am (5-week series starts 7/12)

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