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Let’s Discover What Your Clients
Are Really Hungry For
By Cynthia Pasquella, CCN, CTNC

At the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, we’re committed to starting a new conversation in the health and wellness industry. Most certification programs and dietary approaches focus on “eat this, don’t eat that”, which we all know is an outdated school of thought when it comes to nutrition coaching. Using in-depth science, psychology, spirituality, and effective coaching skills, graduates of ITN understand how to delve deeper and empower their clients to discover what they’re really hungry for.  

Toxic emotions, such as fear, shame, anger, boredom, and sadness play a key role in the “bad” food choices that our clients make. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology adds to the large amount of research that already exists on the connection between our emotions and our food choices. The study, like numerous others before it, established a clear, consistent connection between negative emotions and unhealthy foods.

So, if you’re only covering meal plans, nutrient deficiencies, and chronic conditions, you’re missing a big piece of your client’s puzzle. How do we empower them to break free of this cycle? How can they make different long-term, lasting choices? 

There are three main steps to focus on when it comes to making better food choices if your clients are experiencing these emotions. They are: 

1.    Challenge the Myths
2.    Choose Love
3.    Let it RAIN

Step #1: Challenge the Myths

We tend to identify with our emotions. In fact, we become our emotions to a large extent and that leaves us feeling as if we’re broken. Like there’s something wrong with us. 

We say things like “I am sad” or “I am afraid” when this really isn’t the case. 

You may be “experiencing sadness” or “feeling fear” but you are not your emotions. 

When you identify yourself as being the emotion, it makes it much harder to separate yourself from it and move forward. How do you feel better if you ARE sadness? That’s a very daunting task that seems almost impossible! It only serves to make us feel worse when it just isn’t necessary.

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Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 

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