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A Note from Nicole Hodson, Executive Director
A couple of lazy Sunday afternoons ago, I sat down and re-watched the film, FOOD, INC.  Since I had recently had the opportunity to meet one of the featured speakers in the film, farmer, lecturer, author and whole foods advocate, Joel Salatin, the movie had an even more profound impact on me.  
Meeting Joel and shaking his hand was one of the highlights of this year for me.  I was delighted to introduce him at the kick off of our 2016 conference.  His keynote lecture had the whole audience laughing, cheering, and at times shaking our heads in disbelief as he drilled down on the top food orthodoxies of our time.
One by one Mr. Salatin gave accounts of how the food industry, government agencies, and general population have been duped into believing the unbelievable.  He argued that if they are clinging to the food orthodoxy of the day, that we in comparison must be food HERETICS.  I love this!  As I looked around the room, I could see by nodding heads and smiles that others were as proud as I was to identify with that label.  I AM a food heretic; I don’t subscribe to big
Agra's dogma about how our food should be grown, processed and marketed.  I reject those ideas and for that, I am a proud food heretic.
So many common orthodoxies of the past have been disproven – the earth is not flat! – and that is our goal for the future.  We hope that today’s heretic will someday be viewed as a forward thinker who helped change the way we grow, prepare and eat our food.  On a more personal level, I dream of a future when my son will tell my grandkids that their grandmother played a pivotal role in shaping the healthier world they will occupy.

The idea to invite Mr. Salatin to speak at our conference came from NANP members who had recently had the pleasure of hearing him lecture.  It was a great idea and we were so happy that he said yes.  If you know of a great speaker and would like to recommend him/her, please send their contact information to Randi Dixon, our Events & Certifications Manager at  Randi will send them an invitation to submit a speaking proposal for next year’s conference when our Call for Speakers is released later this summer.
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Spotlight Interview

Michelle Dwyer MSHN, BCHN  

1. Tell us about yourself
I love to spend time with my wonderful husband, eat amazing food, travel across the country and around the world, visit my family, dance at a local studio, hike, spend time with my nephews and god-children, be in nature, read books of fiction, go wine tasting, take baths, spend time with friends, go to concerts and plays, snorkel in tropical oceans, camp, listen to interesting podcasts, and be in the sunshine.

2. What led you to the health and wellness industry?
I think as many people in the wellness field, it all begin with my own health challenge. In October of 2010, I came down with a cough suddenly and fiercely. I then spent the next six months feeling very sick—persistent cough and breathing troubles, sinus infections, exhaustion, laryngitis—and seeking a variety of treatments. It was a very difficult six months for me. Not only was I not feeling well physically, I was confused and scared about the best way to get better. I felt overwhelmed by all the information available to me, much of it contradictory. I finally found a naturopathic doctor and I started to feel better; we discovered underlying health and diet causes and treated those rather than just addressing the symptoms. As fantastic as this doctor is, I realized I still wanted someone to help guide me to making the changes I needed to implement, to support me in my health beyond the office visit. 

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Natural Grocers are Hiring!

Job Summary
The Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage (NGVC) Nutrition Education Specialist (NES) position is fundamental for providing ongoing evidence-based nutrition education/training to the Nutritional Health Coaches (NHCs), store employees, the customers, and the community as a whole. In addition, the NES provides NGVC NHCs with a professional resource for nutrition information while promoting a positive and preventive vision of healthcare and becomes an educational link for NGVC employees to keep them informed about nutrition and store products.

Regional Nutritional Health Coach positions are also available at multiple locations.

Check out
The NANP Jobs Page
for a list of locations.


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