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IAEA NSSC Network Newsletter

Dear <<Title>> <<Last Name>>,
As the Chair of the NSSC Network for 2019-2020, I am pleased to highlight progress that the International Network for Nuclear Security Training and Support Centres (NSSC Network) has made toward achieving major objectives since the previous publication of this Newsletter in March 2019.
We began the Network year on a high note with the NSSC Network Annual Meeting, held 18 – 22 March in Beijing, China. As always, this event gathered Network members to plan technical activities and identifying priorities for the upcoming year. Also, the 2019 Annual Meeting featured a number of unique elements. Participants had the opportunity to benefit from the training facilities, equipment, and expertise at China’s State Nuclear Security Technology Center, in particular during interactive sessions focused on systems and measures to mitigate insider threats. Also of special note at the Annual Meeting were detailed sessions to gain feedback from the Network members on a plan for development of a technical exchange visit programme among NSSCs and on the draft revision of IAEA TECDOC 1734: Establishing a National Nuclear Security Support Centre as it nears publication.
The NSSC Network Task Force on development of information management tools continues to make progress refining the NSSC Network database and training events calendar to more clearly identify detailed areas of needs and expertise among NSSCs. 


*Access to the NSSC Network webpage on NUSEC is available only for Members of the NSSC Network and participants of NSSC Network meetings.


Aleksejus Livsic

NSSC Network Chair, Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence (NSCOE), Lithuania

Network membership data

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These news stories either highlight NSSC Network members at work in the field, or provide information on subjects relevant to the Network.

International Cooperation and Sharing of Best Practices in Nuclear Security

Nuclear security professionals learn about equipment in use at China’s State Nuclear Security Technology Center’s integrated training facility for nuclear material accounting and control at the annual meeting of the Network of Nuclear Security Support Centres in March 2019.

Workshop for Nuclear Security Support Centres Focuses on Security of
Radioactive Material

Ukraine’s and Egypt’s NSSC’s discuss maintenance of radiation detection equipment.


International School on Nuclear Security Helps Participants Strengthen Skills

Participants in the International School on Nuclear Security identify the detected radioactive material using a Radionuclide Identification Device.

Tracing Radioactive Material with Nuclear Forensics

Radioactive material is widely used in energy, medicine and industry. But if it gets into the wrong hands it can cause serious harm. 
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Events and activities

Upcoming network events

  • Third Consultancy Meeting of the Task Force for the Development of NSSC Network Information Management Tools,
    14 – 15 October, Vienna, Austria
  • Consultancy Meeting for the Bureau of the NSSC Network,
    16 – 18 October, Vienna, Austria
  • Expert Mission to Support Latin America NSSC Regional Cooperation,
    22 – 23 October 2019, Santiago, Chile
  • Consultancy Meeting on Establishing an Overarching Framework to Collect Nuclear Security Support Centre (NSSC) Best Practices,
    21 - 23 January 2020, Vienna, Austria 
  • Annual Meeting of the International Network for Nuclear Security Training and Support Centres,
    6 – 9 April 2020, Vienna, Austria

NSSC Member events from 1 March - 31 August 2019 

  • Tajikistan: Workshop on Applications of Existing Capabilities to a Nuclear Forensics Investigation,
    26 February – 1 March, Dushanbe, Tajikistan 
  • Lithuania: Workshop on Radiation Detection at Major Public Events,
    5 – 6 March, Vilnius District, Lithuania
  • Malaysia: Technical Visit to Pakistan,
    18 – 22 March, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Kenya: National Workshop on Nuclear Security Culture in Practice,
    8 – 11 April, Nairobi, Kenya 
  • Indonesia (I-CoNSEP): National Training Course on Leadership in Nuclear Safety and Nuclear Security,
    15 – 19 April, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
  • Thailand: Expert Mission on Strengthening Technical Capabilities of the OAP Nuclear Forensics Laboratory,
    3 – 7 July, Bangkok, Thailand 
  • Senegal: Transport Security Tabletop Exercise in West Africa,
    10 – 14 June, Dakar, Senegal 
  • Egypt: Establishing Nuclear Security Systems and Measures for 2019 Africa Cup of Nations,
    21 June – 19 July, Cairo, Egypt 
  • Indonesia (BATAN): Nuclear Material Inventory Officer Training,
    5 – 19 August, Serpong, Indonesia 
  • Argentina: Regional Training Course to Raise Information and Computer Security Awareness for Nuclear Security Regimes,
    26 – 30 August, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

*List of member activities selected from the NSSC Network Calendar requesting promotion in the Newsletter

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Network event data

85 events from 1 September 2018 – 28 February 2019
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