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10 Years, Many Faces! 

Today is CHW's 10th Anniversary! We are so grateful to every person who has been involved over the past 10 years. You have helped CHW to reach this point. We want to celebrate YOU!

Please send in a photo and a few lines, for example, saying what you like about CHW, what projects you have been involved with, or a memory you have relating to CHW, etc. We will be posting your photos and stories on CHW's Facebook page from today onwards! If you want to be included, please send your photo and text to by 6 May!
Photos: Faranaaz, the Principal of Rooikappie Pre-School Centre, one of our partner organisations in South Africa; Alex a volunteer from London, who does gardening to fundraise for CHW's projects.
Look out for their stories on Facebook over the next few days!
Menorca Eurovision 2017! 

A huge thank you to Hazel and David for supporting the children at Casa Mea in Romania, through CHW, at their Menorca Eurovision fundraising event on Thursday evening. They raised £1000 which will help support a social worker to work with the children at Casa Mea for over six months! This is so wonderful for the children. We are incredibly grateful.
With thanks to Hazel for these photos. You can see more photos from the event here.
A Message from our Founder 

When I was a teenager I had the privilege of meeting the late Maa Ruby, the founder of New Life International Children's Home in Ghana and Gao Ya Li, the founder of the Shanghai Bo Ai Children's Rehabilitation Centre in China. Inspired by the work of these two strong women, I founded CHW. I am so grateful to each and every person who has joined along the way and I feel very fortunate to know so many amazing people doing so much good for children.

CHW continues to develop and sometimes grows in unexpected directions! We now support projects in five countries - Argentina, China, Ghana, Romania and South Africa. Up until last year, we were a charity specifically for children, but realising young people would also need help with the next step, we officially became a charity to help both children and young people.

Dora grew up at New Life's Children's Home in Ghana and is now in her twenties. We were both teenagers the first time I was at New Life! Dora is the second young person CHW is helping. Dora wanted to take a practical course so she could do sewing and decorations for weddings. There is a booming wedding industry in Ghana, so she should always be able to find work. Lilly sponsored the course fees and Dora began the course in January. I met Lilly when I was a student. I was doing a legal internship in Ghana's capital, Accra, and Lilly was doing a medical internship. I took Lilly and some of the other interns to visit New Life, when we went to Cape Coast for a weekend. Lilly liked New Life so much that she ended up volunteering there for a month! Now she has helped Dora with the next stage in her life! Lilly has also contributed to the costs of food for Isaac, the first young person CHW started helping. Isaac also grew up at New Life and is currently studying mechanical engineering at Cape Coast Polytechnic. His tuition fees are being sponsored through CHW, by the company Ronco Cayman.

The partner organisations we have linked with do such amazing work. As you can see from Dora's story, the people at New Life care about the futures of the children who grew up in their home and they want to continue to support them. It is such a joy to be able to work jointly with New Life to help achieve this. I truly admire the people at each of our partner organisations as they have the drive to make the world a better place for children and young people every day.

The work that our partner organisations do is not easy and it is really heartwarming that CHW's volunteers and supporters have helped so many children at so many different projects. Each of you has touched the lives of children around the world. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you all. I would like to take this chance to celebrate YOU and all you have done for the children over the past ten years! Thank you so very much. 

With all my thanks,
Dora and Catherine during Catherine's first time in Ghana and again last year!
Dora learning to do flower arrangements for weddings.
Making a Contribution 

We work with our partner organisations at different levels - sometimes we help to cover very basic needs and sometimes the needs seem less basic, but will help an organisation to function better and to serve the children more effectively. New Life in Ghana currently needs some equipment for its children's home and for the school it runs, Newness Preparatory School. Two laptops are needed along with a photocopier and a printer, for the administrative needs of running New Life, and so that the teachers can more easily distribute educational materials. The total needed is £1389.20. Any donations made today, on CHW's 10th Anniversary, can go towards this. Donations can be made via Paypal here
Some of the children at Newness, the school run by New Life.
Catherine, Gabriela and Martu, celebrating CHW's 10th Anniversary today in Bethel, one of our partner organisations in Argentina!
Thank you for helping the children for 10 years!
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