Thank you for helping these children go back to school!
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September has been a busy month for the children and young people at our projects in China, Ghana and Romania, as the new school year started! A big thank you to CHW's amazing supporters for making it possible to support their education. 
School supplies were given to the children at Refugiu's programmes in Romania. Thanks to Robert, the Head of Refugiu, for these photos. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more photos from the tutoring programme taken during September. You can see photos of the children with their new clothes for the Autumn term here
Your support has allowed programmes to be funded for disadvantaged children at different projects, as well as helping some individual children and young people with their education:
Many thanks to each person who helped the children in all of these places! 
Your contributions helped with teaching materials for the migrant children at Stepping Stones' programmes in China. Your donations through our page on GlobalGiving helped to continue to fund Refugiu's tutoring programme in Romania. 

With thanks to our Patron, Ottilia, for her support for Sophia's fees in Ghana, and to Lilly for helping towards the funds for food for Isaac, a student in Ghana. Thank you to our Patron, Robert for his continued generosity. Thanks to Alex, a volunteer who does gardening to fundraise for CHW, for all her amazing support. 

We also had some help from two companies. Ronco Cayman sponsored the tuition fees for Isaac in Ghana to study mechanical engineering. My Box Office gave a donation of £500. Part of this was used, in addition to private donations, for the teaching materials for Stepping Stones in China and the rest was split, to help towards the maths tuition fees for Ana at Casa Mea in Romania and to help further, with food for Isaac, the student in Ghana.
Stepping Stones' Summer Programmes for Migrant Children in Shanghai
Stepping Stones ran a summer programme at seven sites around Shanghai, reaching 272 migrant children and involving 117 volunteers. English is one of the core subjects in the Chinese curriculum and a good grade in English can be required to access higher education and is useful for future employment opportunities too. The schools attended by the migrant children are under-resourced and the teaching standards are low. This means that doors to future opportunities are already closing for these children, so Stepping Stones aims to provide assistance. Stepping Stones runs programmes during the school year and over the summer. We were delighted to be able to use part of a grant awarded to CHW, by the Oliver Stanley Charitable Trust, to fund the teaching materials for the summer programme. 

This summer, English lessons were provided at six out of the seven sites. At the seventh site, a community centre, Stepping Stones ran their first ever full time programme, with all sorts of classes, including English, drama, arts and crafts, physical education and life skills. Wang Cui of Stepping Stones said that the feedback they received about these programmes was really good. Wang Cui has sent us the photos from the summer programme (below).

Since the beginning of 2015, CHW's supporters have been helping with the teaching materials each semester. Thank you so much to all who are involved with helping these children to gain a better quality education. 
#GivingTuesday will be taking place on 28 November this year! It is a global day of doing good. We will keep you posted on how you can get involved and make a difference for children through CHW!
A message from CHW's founder on a change with the charity
I do not like to have to write about something negative, but I want to let you know about a problem CHW has been facing. Since CHW was established, we have had a bank account with HSBC but this year they have been causing some issues for small charities, and small businesses too, and this has affected CHW. (Some extreme examples of the harm done to other charities can be found in this article.) Whilst there were various complications over the past few months, at one point HSBC closed CHW's account for the day, in error. This caused all standing orders on that day to bounce, affecting some of the people who sponsor children at New Life in Ghana. I have personally contacted all those who were affected. It looks like we may have to change banks and in this case, each person with a standing order would have to update their details. I am really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. It is wonderful that you are helping the children and I am sorry to have to take up your time with this. I will keep you updated with the situation. 

I am very grateful to all the Trustees for their amazing support. Dealing with these issues increased their workload, but we have made sure that each of the projects which needed funding by the new school year in September, received all the donations that our supporters have so generously given. This was vital for the children at the programmes. I want to thank CHW's Patrons for being so supportive during this challenging time, with special thanks to Ottilia and Robert. CHW's supporters have also been wonderful and we have received lovely and encouraging messages from around the UK and from as far away as Romania, South Africa and New Zealand too! Thank you all so much for caring about CHW and the children we work with. Your help and kindness is very much appreciated.

Meeting with the Trustees in London - Anna (left), me (right), with Emma skyping in from Swansea. Patricia, the other Trustee, was at the meeting too, but she took the photo! I am very grateful to the Trustees for the time they give to CHW and for all their support during these difficulties.
Warm wishes,
(catherine  @
Thank you for your support!
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