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Issue # 19

From the President

Another super weekend of hockey.
The Juniors are seriously coming through the ranks with some exceptional performances.
Congratulations to the 9/10A girls and boys for their Grand Final wins in the HWA Junior Club championships. Both teams played great hockey and all goals were genuinely excellent teamwork.
The Narrogin carnival has been and gone for another year. We had 4 teams enter and had 3 grand final winners. The 5/6 boys and 7/8 mixed team won and both 9/10 YM boys teams played each other in the Grand Final. The YM Green team (Jordy’s team) ended up winning in 1 v 1s. Well done to all those involved in ensuring our great club was well represented and supported.
The state U16s head away next week. YM is supremely well represented – In the girls we have Imogen Dawson and Jazmyn Banyard and in the boys we have Tim Fleay, Hamish Adamson, Angus Adamson, Luke Anderson, Hunter Banyard and Declan Brandwood. We are all super proud of you and look forward to following the results.
The Women’s and Mens top sides both had very important wins on the weekend. The Women’s Promotion 1 side won 4-0 over Mods. The Men’s 1s had a hard fought 2-1 win vs Aquinas.
Many teams are really well placed at this stage of the season. We have almost made it through July which is always a struggle. It is cold, wet, dark and sometimes difficult to maintain momentum. But the show goes on. Time to up the training, maintain focus and ensure you are peaking at the right time of the year.
A quote from the greatest basketballer of all time…..

Stuart Bond
YMCC Mens Vice President

Club News

Our womens Promotion teams both have important must win, top of the table clashes this weekend. Our promotion one girls are coming off an impressive 4-0 win against Mods last weekend and are on equal points with Southern River. Our reverse specialist and import player Cinda will also play her last match of the season with the girls this weekend. 

Our Promotion two girls have come off 2 weeks of no hockey so are looking to find some fire when the face the always formidable opponent in the 'pink ladies', Uni Associates

Games Times

  • Promotion One Women: Sunday 28th July 4.00pm  High Velocity Ducting Stadium vs Southern River
  • Promotion Two Women: Sunday 28th July 1.00pm  UWA 1 vs Uni Associates

Show you support and cheer all the girls on in these important  away matches this weekend.

Congratulations to Marshall & Jesse who represented WA at the U21 National Hockey Tournament in Lismore NSW. WA defeated SA 4-0 to win Bronze Medal Match and take home the rose gold.  

The boys both had amazing tournaments and we will be happy to have them back in YM colours this weekend when the Premier One men play Curtin Pirates on Sunday 28th 3.30pm at PHS 1

Turf for Members

After the replacement of the sideline turf this year at Lemnos we have a fair amount of old turf that needs to be disposed of. Before dumping we would like to give our clubs members the chance to take what they would like and we will then dispose of the remainder.

Most of the rolls have a width of approx. 2.9m and varying lengths but generally 2.6m to 3.0m.

The rolls of turf are free for members and available any time for collection when the turf is open. Piles have been created for each club that shares Lemnos and it is first in best dressed.

They can call Wayne on his mobile to arrange viewing/collection.

Wayne Kendle
Stadium Manager
Lemnos Field Hockey Stadium
Phone: 08 9388 6633
Mobile: 0408 902 975

YMCC Hockey Club is fundraising with Entertainment! 

Your support really helps our fundraising, so we’re thrilled to let you know about special bonus Early Bird Entertainment Membership Offers for loyal supporters. 


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Business Directory and Networking Ideas

YMCC are working on developing a business directory for members who own a business or who work for businesses that could benefit from either developing business relationships or promoting their business among club members. 

The team have developed a survey to gain information regarding ideas and interest in developing this networking group. The hope is to arrange a catch up over a few drinks and nibbles with those interested. The linked survey will allow you to select your preferred time of the event and share your business details. 

This is not only for business owners and there is an option for anyone to fill it out. So please select any of the above links to compete the survey and we will be in touch with more information.

Match Review

Junior Holiday Break

Well once again it has been an action-packed school holidays filled with hockey activities for many of our players and their families!

There was the YM Holiday Camp in week one which was an outstanding success! Thank you to Suze for pulling it all together, special guest & YM dad Jamie Dwyer, and our wonderful team of coaches from both Oz and overseas!

HWA Junior Club Championships
YM was again well represented this year at Hockey WA's Club Championships ... with girls and boys teams in both 7/8's and 9/10's.

Our 7/8's went off first this year and both did an awesome job in A grade with quite young teams ... hindered further particularly on the girl's side by 3 players being in the SSWA 12's State team. YM also had 2 boys playing with the SSWA 12's ... but they are from our 5/6 age group.

The teams played some great hockey, had the opportunity to try different positions, learn a lot, and had fun hanging out with their club friends. Thank you to both our highly experienced girls’ coach in Jeremy Hiskins, and to our new but very well received young boys’ coach in Bevan Deasy for making the event such a special experience for our 7/8's.

I would also like to thank our coordinators, umpires, managers and families for facilitating the event for our juniors.

In the 9/10's, despite a mistake by me almost harpooning our boys ... for the first time we actually fielded 2 teams in the boy’s competition, and one on the girl’s side.

The boys went first, with one team almost entirely year 10 A grade players, and the other a predominantly younger developmental team. Our younger team, coached by YM's shrewd Kiwi import Nathan Fouhy also played A grade, and really stood up to the challenges thrown at them. When some other clubs basically had A grade sides playing in B grade, our boys went out and proudly represented YM in A grade as asked by HWA, despite not matching up like for like. Our older side ended up winning the flag, which was a wonderful result for our club, but our younger team were winners too in their own way ... in a less conventional but possibly more meaningful manner in some respects?

Thanks to Adam Klages, and Mike Cake when able, for all their efforts in coaching the older boys on another fun campaign!

Having witnessed the older boys team come away with the flag, our girls team were obviously determined not to be outdone ... and so embarked on their own successful flag winning campaign with year 12 Rebecca Adamson in charge! It was a great final despite the wet conditions, with our girls scoring 3 absolute cracker goals against a very good Lower Great Southern Hockey Association team.

It was certainly a bonus winning a couple of A Grade flags, but what was really wonderful was the support our teams had, the way our players conducted themselves on and off the pitch, the support the boys and girls gave each other, and seeing some young YM umpires and coaches coming through and doing such a fantastic job! At the same time, we again had some veteran coaches and managers prepared to give up their own time to significantly impact the young players in their charge.

Thank you to all those involved ... and I look forward to what next season brings to Club Champs!

Upper Great Southern Hockey Association Junior Carnival - otherwise known as "Narrogin Carnival"  
Bunbury is always a great time ... but Narrogin is a truly unique country carnival ... with a diversity of playing surfaces that need to be seen to be believed!

This year we took a 5/6 boys’ team (with 1 year 4 girl), a 7/8 boys’ team (with 50% girls), and two 9/10 mixed teams ... with 4 girls in each.

Now can I say up front that our YM girls are truly awesome! Whether in year 4, year 10, or anything in between our girls force everyone to recognise and appreciate their skill, determination, tenacity, team work, sense of fun, and 'never give up' attitude. Like all boys, our young guys are usually a bit sceptical of girls playing with the boys ... but they get over it pretty quickly ... and in an amusing way I think actually enjoy seeing our girls get underestimated by other teams before they then do a number on them?! Having said that, our boys are pretty handy themselves at times!

I can honestly say I am never prouder of our kids than when they play any form of mixed hockey ... because they are really good ... and show just how special mutual respect, interest, team work and friendship can be between the genders. YM is blessed to have some very fine young men and women coming through our juniors 'together' ... and our community will be the beneficiary of that for many years to come.

From a 'flag' winning point of view it was a pretty handy carnival too ... with YM winning the 5/6 boys, the 7/8 boys, and the 9/10 mixed! 

Our young and slightly size challenged 5/6's had a very good tournament, but had to work really hard in the final against a large and pretty strong team from LGSHA. However, our team took the game up to them to win a hotly contested match 2-1 ... although a special mention must go to their defence, and in particular their volunteer goalie who did a valiant job as the last line of defence! Another new member for Goalie Club perhaps?! Thank you to Emily S and Samantha D-J for taking the team in Narrogin (some more young coaches stepping up and giving it a go)!

The mixed 7/8's team playing in the boys category was again a wonder to behold at times ... and really had to stand up and be counted in the final vs a larger, all boys team from Mods. However, this year we went one better, with the team battling to a draw, which due to a superior goal difference equated to a well-deserved and hard won 2nd flag for the weekend! It was certainly different seeing both our 7/8A boy's and 7/8A girl's GK's playing on the field ... but luckily, we had a 3rd very fine keeper in there also!!! Thanks to Geoff 'Coops' Cooper for leading the troops ... and I think both the team and coach thought it was a pretty good partnership?!

The 9/10's category was again a great competitive contest. As with the 5/6's and 7/8's ... please don't make the mistake of assuming our kids just turn up and win! Our teams may over power one or two opponents ... but on the whole they are genuinely good hard-fought contests. Our teams are however well organised and coached, and tactically astute on grass; while our players are skilful and resilient, and pretty adept at playing good physical country hockey on any surface thrown at them!

After 6 round robin victories each YM White and YM Green faced off in the final. This was the 3rd year that it was an all YM final ... and YM’s 4th flag in a row in the 9/10 Mixed category. As in the last 2 years the final was again a hard fought and extremely competitive battle between our two equally blended teams. I think these cracking contests are a window to our great club ... and are special experiences for our players, families and officials. For those few non YM people that stay back to watch ... they get to see just how fantastic a mixed team contest can be!

In the end our teams played out a 0-0 draw ... which historically would have meant a win on goal difference for my YM White team ... but this year went to 1 v 1’s ... which YM Green (Jordy’s team) ended up winning! 

Thanks, must go to Tanya Sly for organising another great weekend ... and to all the other parents without whom these events wouldn’t happen. A mention too for Enzo and his extraordinary commitment to providing a cooked breakfast and coffee to anyone over the age of 18 every morning … as well as some wonderful photos!

There were some more first timers this year which is fantastic ... but for our year 10’s it was their last games as players. Thank you for all the special memories … and I trust one or two will make it back as coaches and umpires soon!

There were some more first timers this year which is fantastic ... but for our year 10’s it was their last games as players. Thank you for all the special memories … and I trust one or two will make it back as coaches and umpires soon!

So, a special mention to the once cute year 5’s Chris Jordon, Aaron Klages, Maverick Cake, Luke Sly, Brodie Hiskins and Ben Dale.


Also, to Hamish & Angus Adamson who were unable to attend their last Narrogin Carnival due to SSWA16’s commitments. After 6 years UGSHA will be glad to see the backs of you boys!

Thanks to all our juniors for once again representing yourselves, your families and our club so very well!
Pete Dale
YMCC Junior Coordinator


A word about our Sponsors         

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Canteen News

We have an extraordinary amount of lost property at Perry lakes now that the Bunbury items have been added to the rapidly growing pile of clothing and water bottles. The canteen also has 2 boxes of plastic containers that have been left behind following carnivals and Saturday mornings.

Please drop in and have a look for your belongings

Junior News

A fabulous time was had in Narrogin for some of our wonderful juniors at the Upper Great Southern Hockey Association Junior Carnival. Our teams were very successful, with all four teams in their respective finals, with the following results:-

Winners: YMCC 5/6 Boys defeated LGSHA 2-1

Winners: YMCC 7/8 Mixed team drew with Mods 1-1 in the final, and took home the 7/8 Boys flag due to being higher on the ladder

Winners: YMCC 9/10 Green defeated YMCC 9/10 White to bring home the 9/10 Mixed Flag with the final coming down to one on ones.

A massive thank you to all the kids, coaches, managers, umpires, parents and volunteers that make the weekend so much fun. I am sure all those involved would agree that special mention needs to go to Tanya Sly for all her hard work and efforts in coordinating the event.


Narrogin Carnival Report from J5/6 Boys

The 5/6 boys had a great carnival on and off the field. the boys were often found playing in the gym or in the pool in between winning games and scoring many goals. Lower Great Southern proved to be a tough opponent in the final, but in the end the boys won 2-1.

Thanks to all the wonder fun parents and volunteers, it was a very successful and enjoyable weekend.  

J1/2 and J3/4 Disco

Date: Friday 2nd August
Time: 5.30-7pm
Place: Des and Pam Kelly Pavilion Perry Lakes
Pizza, fruit, music and a fun time guaranteed
Minkey participants also welcome
RSVP using Jot form

Parents are invited to stay; there will be nibble available and the bar will be open

JuMP, HIGH JuMP and Goalie Club .... 

These development programs begin again this Friday, July 26 after the holiday break. 

Goalie club 6 am Shenton Turf
High JuMP 630 am Shenton Turf 
JuMP: 415 pm UWA turf 

There are only 2 more sessions left this year so see you all Friday

Minkey and Inclusive Hockey Roster

The 2019 Minkey Roster is below. Could all team please have coaches at Perry Lakes by 9.15 for set up with sessions starting at 9.30

27th July: Mens Over 40s
3rd August: Womens Provisional 2s and 3s
10th August: Mens 3s and 4s
17th August: J11/12s


To all the YMCC club members, families and friends

We would like to invite you to come to our Social night for the Grass Teams. The event will be held at Perry Lakes Clubrooms (Des and Pam Kelly Pavilion) on the 14th September 2019. The reason behind this event is celebrating the awesome club spirit we have amongst our 8 grass teams. The Bar will be open from 4pm. We invite you to bring food to share or even dinner?! The BBQs and ovens will be available to cook food. Feel free to drop off food off during the day (we have a new fridge for this, thank you Peter Judge and Town of Cambridge!) or bring it with you when you arrive!. We will provide the drinks through the bar and canteen. We look forward to see most of you there!

Event link to Facebook page for RSVP

The YM Bar Crew

Make sure you are following YMCC Hockey on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with everything that is happening at YM. 

If you hear a great quote around the club, want to write a match review for your team or want to see a YMCC players profile featured in the Sportsman, email

With thanks to our sponsors


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