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Let's Go Brandon, the F-word
and the cancerous hypocrisy of the Left

Monday, Nov. 1, 2021

In this Special Column, I look at the hypocrisies of the Left in Hollywood, politics and the mainstream news media. They insist that Free speech is for them, but not for everyone else. They criticized former President Donald Trump using the "F - word" frequently and few complained. But when a Southwest Airlines pilot used the meme "Let's Go Brandon" as a euphemism for the term "F - Joe Biden," the same Hollywood celebrities, the Left, and the biased mainstream news media are demanding the pilot be fired, calling it an expression of "hatred" that goes beyond "free speech."

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Monday, Nov. 1, 2021

Let's Go Brandon, the F-word and the hypocrisy of the Left

  • Celebrities, politicians and the news media frequently used the F-word to attack former President Donald Trump. But when a Southwest Airlines Pilot and millions of other Americans use a generic euphemism for the F-word, "Let's Go Brandon," to criticize President Joe Biden, the celebrities, politicians and the news media go berserk

  • The real cancer in America is the hypocrisy and double standards of the Left, Hollywood's hypocritical celebrities and the mainstream news media


By Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania

In June 2018, actor Robert De Niro was hosting a live television broadcast of the Tony Awards at New York's Radio City Music Hall when he unleashed a profanity-laden attack against President Donald Trump.
After he was introduced, he immediately laid into Trump saying, "I'm gonna say one thing. F(---) Trump. It's no longer down with Trump. It's F(---) Trump."
The audience of Hollywood movie elites and mainstream news media powerhouses rose to cheer De Niro. And although CBS the network broadcasting the live awards ceremony "bleeped" the cuss words out, everyone knew exactly what De Niro had said.
When asked about it on CNN News a year later, and noting that FOX News had criticized him for it, De Niro yelled "F(---) - em. F(---) - em," using the full word again. De Niro's words were not censored on the live CNN news broadcast, but being on the liberal network, De Niro offered a mild apology.
Several members of Congress, notoriously Michigan's Rashida Tlaib, used the F-word to attack Trump. MSNBC TV host Joe Scarborough used the F-word and other profanities to attack Trump and his supporter during his broadcast last January in a discussion about the January 6 protests at the Capitol building that are now under investigation. Scarborough demanded that Trump be fired. The rapper Eminem used it, too, against Trump, not to mentioned the millions of others who chanted the word during public protests and interviews broadcast on mainstream television.
No action was ever taken against any of them. Instead, they were cheered by the mainstream news media. Freedom of Speech, they yelled.
But last week, a pilot on Southwest Airlines used an expression at the end of his announcement to passengers, "Let's Go Brandon," which has come to become a euphemism for President Joe Biden's critics that means "F(---) - Joe Biden."
How did that phrase come to be?

Early last month, during an NBC sportscast of an October 2021 race at Talladega SuperSpeedway in Alabama, some in the crowd started yelling “F(---) - Joe Biden" while NASCAR driver Brandon Brown was being interviewed live on TV. The NBC interviewer could clearly hear the F-word chant from the audience and he tried to veil it, saying, “You can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go Brandon!’”
The news media quickly jumped all over the use of the swear word by the NASCAR fans, prompting the Leftwing and mainstream news media, including  the biased Washington Post newspaper, to declare that Biden “is increasingly becoming an object of hatred to many Trump supporters.”
"Hatred?" For the mainstream news media, it's "hatred" when it's about Biden. But, for the media, it's "justified" when it is about Trump.
Acknowledging the “boos, jeers and insults are nothing new for politicians,” the Washington Post editorial declared, “The current eruption of anti-Biden signs and changes, however, is on another level, far more vulgar and widespread.”
"Let's Go Brandon" is more vulgar than "F(---) - Trump?" What a bunch of hypocrites, and liars in the mainstream news media.
The mainstream news media is demanding that the Southwest Airlines pilot be fired. The mainstream news media and the Left are stomping their feet citing the chant "Let's Go Brandon" as an example of how supporters of Trump, conservatives and anyone who disagrees with their hate-driven political views are "fueling" an atmosphere of violence.
When they speak about violence, the news media is not talking about the kind of violence we saw in the summer of 2020 in which rioters across America protesting the police killing of George Floyd. They don't want to acknowledge that violence. which included protestors who vandalized and looted thousands of businesses, attacked hundreds of civilians and police, and burned down dozens of properties and cars. Several people were killed.

The mainstream news media is only talking about one kind of violence, a violence that can be pinned on Trump supporters that is politically beneficial.
Personally, De Niro can say whatever he wants. He can swear at former President Trump all he wants. He can swear at anyone, even on live TV. Swearing is not new. We hear it in gangster rap songs filled with what would otherwise be racist depictions of African Americans, except when Black musicians use it themselves.
I don't even mind when Michigan's Tlaib attacks Trump with the F-word, although when someone attacks the person instead of the argument, it usually menas the argument is solid and right.
The U.S. Constitution calls it Freedom of Speech. We have the right to criticize government and government officials.
But what we don't have the right to do is separate Freedom of Speech into two groups, one that is acceptable for criticizing Trump and one that is unacceptable for criticizing Biden. That's a political double standard and hypocrisy, the political cancer that is fueling the erosion of America.
Demanding that the Southwest Airlines pilot be fired and having that chorus carried by the mainstream news media is a "sickness" that is plaguing our society. That sickness is hypocrisy and double standards.
The mainstream news media hypocrisy is the worst. Many of them are not journalists anymore but are instead activists who cloak themselves in faux journalism and champion Leftwing political causes while attacking Rightwing causes.
Mainstream news media hypocrisy is a cancer in our society that is fueling "Cancel Culture," the movement to erase anything that has to do with White Europeans while accusing them of being the "racists." It's behind the tearing down of 33 statues of Christopher Columbus, and many of former President Thomas Jefferson.
This week in my Southwest News Newspaper Group column, to be published on Wednesday, I write about how TV has imposed a Cancel Culture filter on old TV programs like the beloved "Bonanza" series.


Before every episode of Bonanza, the TV networks have put a new disclaimer as a result of "Cancel Culture" pressure that reads:
"This program contains outdated cultural depictions. Viewer discretion is advised."

Cancel Culture, reverse racism and political bias are being fueled by the mainstream news media. The term "Let's Go Brandon" is a milder way to criticize Biden. And those who dislike Biden can also use swearwords to criticize him and his policies.
Again, that's called "Free Speech."
The mainstream news media champions a limited form of free speech. Free when it is them. Violence when it is you. A Constitutional Right of criticism when it is them. A vulgar display of hatred when it is you.
Instead of cancelling culture, we should cancel the mainstream news media. They should be held accountable. And we should be fighting to impose one measure of right and wrong on everyone regardless of political views, a measure clearly defined by the U.S. Constitution. We have the right to protest, non-violently. Hold all violent protestors accountable, not just some.
America should be about freedom, not about mainstream news media political bullying and hypocrisy.


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