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Friday, July 22 2022

Attached is my exclusive subscriber-only column which addresses the continued political exploitation by a biased Democratic Controlled Congressional Hearing on the violence that marred a legal and justified protest at Congress on January 6, 2021. Most reprehensible is the political and biased rhetoric of two Republicans, Adam Kinzinger (who withdrew from re-election) and Liz Cheney (who hopefully will be removed from office by voters August 16).

The Kangaroo Court Special Jan. 6 Hearing relied on a video fo Trump trying to record a message urging the protestors to stop and not use violence. But the mainstream media political spin ignores the facts and exaggerates the committee's lie that former President Donald Trump directed an "insurrection" and did not care about the violence during his constitutional right to challenge what he and many believe was voter fraud during the presidential election.

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Friday, July 22, 2022

Subscriber Only Column: Politicizing the Jan. 6 violence to protect Democrats (and on Republican) in the upcoming election



By Ray Hanania

The Special House Committee investigating the so-called Jan. 6 "insurrection" recessed Thursday night after the biased committee members and two "Republicans" Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney asserted (falsely) they have proven that former President Trump directed the violence that took place on that date.

Cheney, who could better spend her time investigating the war crimes, lies and perjury when her father Dick Cheney falsely claimed that there were "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Iraq in order to justify the American invasion of Iraq which took the lives of several thousand American soldiers
(Secret US documents released by Wikileaks reported 109,032 deaths broken down into "Civilian" (66,081 deaths), "Host Nation" (15,196 deaths),"Enemy" (23,984 deaths), and "Friendly" (3,771 deaths).) Cheney's father also profited from the war because his company, Halliburton, was the primary contractor for weapons and support.

Now Dick Cheney's lie is a real lie that should be investigated and prosecuted.

But the Jan. 6 Kangaroo Court is not about a real investigation or real evidence for a prosecution. It's all abut self-serving election politics.

Cheney is seeking to save her career, hoping to get re-elected in the Aug. 16 Republican Primary election in Wyoming. It's not working. The other Democrats are concerned they will lose control of the House in the MidTerm elections on Nov. 8.

The Jan. 6 Kangaroo Court has relied on rumors, innuendo, and hearsay to attempt to indict former President Tump for crimes. But while they can do it in the court of public opinion, where they dominate the biased mainstream news and entertainment media which is constantly hammering the public with the false messages that Trump directed the violence, and that the violence (900 people convicted out of more than 25,000 maybe 50,000 protestors) was a planned "insurrection," they can't do it in a real court.

Under Liz Cheney's leadership, and with backing from the worst lowlifes of the Democratic Congress, the hearing has twisted, distorted and made false claims as if their word is the Rule of Law.

It is not.

Here is one example of this distortion and spin.

During the preparation of a video message by Trump to the public, that the so-called "Hearing" twisted and distorted, Trump clearly didn't want to say the phrase "this election is over." Cheney and Kinzinger and the Kangaroo Court insist that is "evidence" of a crime. It is not.

So what? A lot of people agreed, the election wasn't over and should be challenged. But Trump urged the protestors to stop.

Before the protest, he urged them to be "peaceful." Afterwards, he urged them to stop the violence.

But the unAmerican members of the Kangaroo Court Special Congressional hearing focused on one thing: Trump refused to say the election was over.

In fact, the media headlines drove home this statement: "Former President Donald Trump refused to say the election was over." According to the unAmerican hearing members (including Kinzinger and Cheney), this is the evidence of the  crime. It is not!

Here are the outtakes without listening to Kinzinger's or Cheney's prejudicial self-serving assertions:
"I urge all of my supporters to do exactly what 99% of them have already been doing — express their passions and opinions PEACEFULLY. My supporters have a right to make their voices heard, but make no mistake — NO ONE should be using violence or threats of violence to express themselves. Especially at the U.S. Capitol. Let’s respect our institutions. Let’s all do better. I am asking you to leave the Capitol Hill region NOW and go home in a peaceful way."

And then he says in another video message taping:

“For those of you who broke the law, you do not represent our movement. You do not represent out country. You will pay. And if you broke the law…” Trump stops, shakes his head, and says, “Can’t say that. I’m not gonna…I already said, ‘You will pay.”

Later, Trump reads reads from the teleprompter and improvises to get the statement exactly the way he wanted:

“This election is now over. Congress has certified the results.” Again, Trump stops and says, “I don’t want to say, ‘The election is over.’ I’ll just say, ‘Congress has certified the results’ without saying, ‘The election is over.’ “

What we are really witnessing is how some members of Congress are using taxpayer money to fabricate an election issue they hope will save their do-nothing jobs. Every member of that committee is an idiot loser who doesn't care about America or the truth. They only care about getting re-elected, and about pandering to the biased mainstream news media to gain "prestige" and "honor."

But it is fake prestige and fake honor. None of the Jan. 6 Hearing committee members are honorable.

In fact, the two smarmy fronts for this political election lie, Kinzinger and Cheney, recessed the committee until September so they can ensure that it can be spun, twisted, distorted and create inaccurate headlines that will be conveyed by the biased news media closer to the November 8 election. For Cheney, it is intended to save her sinking political career.

This hearing isn't about justice or truth. It is about politics and how politicians like Kinzinger and Cheney will do anything including lie and exploit a tragic violent event for their own personal political benefits.

Realizing that his selfish ruse would be seen by his voters, Kinzinger decided he wouldn't run for re-election this year. Kinzinger would have been trounced.

Hopefully, Cheney, the daughter of a war criminal, will be ousted in Wyoming's Republican Primary election on August 16. (That's why Liz Cheney recessed the committee, too. She wants to go out there and save her do-nothing job.) A survey by thee Casper Wyoming Tribune this week has Cheney trailing her Republican rival Harriet Hageman by 22 points. Click here to read.

The entire hearing was intended to fortify the Cheney Lie that Trump directed the violence -- which he did not. But she wants anything from the hearing that she can use to confuse Wyoming voters. And Cheney is hopeful that she can present herself as a "Joan of Arc" character who sacrificed her life by chairing this Kangaroo Court hearing.

The ego of the Cheney family is incredibly preposterous and astonishing! The lies of the Special Hearing are so brazen.

Cheney hopes that these Kangaroo Court hearings will save her job on August 16.

They won't. Maybe someone might file war crime charges against her father, and civil lawsuits against her.

But according to the far Left and people like Kinzinger and Cheney, those actions would probably be illegal, too.

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