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Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx refuses to prosecute suspects in wild gunfight
Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2021

In this special Column, I look at how Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx has once again shirked her duty to protect the public by refusing to prosecute several suspects who were involved in a gunfight at a Chicago home. She defended her refusal to prosecute describing the violence as involving "mutual combatants." When challenged by community leaders, Foxx adjusted her ridiculous assertion and now claims there is not enough evidence to prosecute once again blaming the Chicago Police, one of her favorite whipping boys.

In my column this week in the Southwest News Newspaper group, which is available online at, I also write in defense of Columbus Day. We need to take a stand against the Cancel Culture sickness that is destroying our society. I see Christopher Columbus as a hero and believe he is a hero we should celebrate. Click here to read that column published in this week's newspaper group.

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Columnist Ray Hanania guests at UBAM meeting Wed Oct 13, 2021 8:30 AM

Former Chicago City Hall reporter and columnist Ray Hanania will be the guest speaker on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at a breakfast gathering of the United Business Association of Midway (UMAB).

The breakfast meeting will be held at Marquette Bank, 7747 W. 63rd Street in Summit, Illinois.

UBAM hosts monthly meetings to address politics, government and community issues. 

Hanania said he will focus on the failures of the administrations of former Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx in confronting rising crime, and he'll also speak about the importance of Columbus Day.

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Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2021

Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx refuses to prosecute suspects in wild gunfight



  • Once again Cook County States Attorney has put her personal political agenda of race ahead of the needs of the law abiding citizens of the county she was elected to defend. 

  • Foxx blames the Chicago Police for her decision to not prosecute suspects in a wild gunfight this past week on Chicago's West Side, but in reality, the responsibility rests on her racist shoulders along with the troubling political manipulations of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.


By Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania

When will the criminal threat to our lives end? Chicago is racked by violence that each week sets new records in gun-related killings. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has undermined the Chicago Police by siding with the criminals in a twisted form of racial political bias.

Lightfoot's failure to lead has empowered Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx to also put race politics high above the safety of the taxpayers of all races, African Americans, Hispanics, Arabs, Asians and Whites. Lightfoot and Foxx are actually more concerned about the political rivalries that divide them as they both round the corner to re-election campaigns, than with crime.

To them, the crime wave isn't about the violent impact on innocent civilians. It's on the politics of empowering themselves. Both Foxx and Lightfoot, holding dueling press conferences to blame someone other than themselves for the failed gunfight prosecutions, all point fingers of blame at the Chicago Police, and at each other.

Cook County is under siege, more so in Chicago than in the suburbs, but eventually the violent crime wave destroying Chicago, coupled with Foxx's failure to act, will eventually bring the violence to even the safest of suburban communities.

This week, police responded to a call of a wild gunfight at a home on Chicago's West Side, an area where street gangbangers touting guns and using children as cover to avoid felony charges rule the streets. Residents there cower in fear in their homes. And even int heir homes, their children are killed by "stray" gangbanger bullets.

More than 70 rounds of shells were recovered from the scene. One person was killed and five suspects were arrested. At first, Foxx excused her failure to prosecute claiming there was an issue of "mutual combatants." In other words, she said she couldn't figure out who initiated the shootings and who was defending themselves. Later, she changed that argument to one of a lack of evidence.

Any excuse will do to not prosecute criminals in Cook County.

The majority of the victims are African Americans, and yet Foxx and Lightfoot seem to defend the suspects when they are African American to avoid undermining their political voter base. They have many residents believing that the real cause of violence in Chicago is the uncaring of the rich White, Hispanics and even Blacks who live in the suburbs. They want the suburbs to pay for their needs in order to solidify their voting base in the city.

Anyone who challenges or questions their policies is attacked as a racist, a term that has lost context because of the way it has been watered down into a political bludgeon rather than a moral imperative.

The Chicago Police have been constricted in their ability to fight crime by this politicization of Chicago's record crime wave. By throwing out assertions of racism, Lightfoot and Foxx can blur the issues for many Chicago residents, including those in their constituency base and point false fingers of blame at the police.

Worse is that Lightfoot and Foxx are now in a political battle as they both round the corner to re-elections campaigns. Lightfoot took office in May 2019 and will face the re-election campaign season in the summer of 2022 (the election is in February 2023.)  Foxx was incredulously elected in 2016 to her first term in office and re-elected to the office in 2020. Her re-election is scheduled for March 2024, a year after Lightfoot.

And that is the rub. That's the issue that has Lightfoot, who has dropped the ball on fighting crime in Chicago, now attacking Foxx. Foxx is supported by African American officials who control Cook County and who challenged Lightfoot in 2019. Lightfoot knows that Foxx will use her office to support a challenger to Lightfoot in February 2023.

Don't think for a moment that Lightfoot is fighting Foxx because she believes Foxx is not tough enough on the criminals. That's not the issue at all. The issue is pure politics. Selfish politics. Neither wants to be tough on the criminals.

Meanwhile, as Lightfoot and Foxx fail to confront the violent crime wave, defending the suspects and altering laws in Cook County and Chicago to benefit the criminals, more and more people are dying, most ironically and tragically, African American.

They want to stand firm with the politics of "Black Lives Matter" -- and yes, Black lives DO matter. But clearly they don't matter to Foxx or Lightfoot.

But the movement of "Black Lives Matter" is one of pro-violence and racism against people of color and non-color. The violence of 2020 saw hundreds of businesses vandalized with very few suspects prosecuted. The police were ordered by Lightfoot to ease up and step back from the looters and arsonists who destroyed stores -- most of the store owners impacted were not Black. And Foxx also threw her political hat into the mix refusing to prosecute many of the few who were arrested and charged by police.

Today, hundreds of business owners have seen their establishments recked and their lives destroyed as the criminals have been able to walk away with all that stolen loot. I have interviewed several store owners whose properties were destroyed during the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020.

This bastardization of politics has held American politics hostage for far too long and empowered a reverse racism of cancel culture that is focused against mainstream African Americans, Hispanics, and Whites.

We can't fight this politics of racism by resorting to the old politics of partisanship, Republicans versus Democrats. We need to set aside the political labels and embrace justice as a priority. Fighting crime is the most important path to economic revival, the salvation of our society.

We need leaders who see crime as the real threat to our society, not racism as a strategy for political gain.

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