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President Biden needs to stop pandering to extremists in both parties and forge a centrist coalition to bring relief to the American people
Monday, Oct. 18, 2021

In this special Column, I look at how President Joe Biden seems more focused on the politics of being president rather than on his responsibility to the American people. As Biden focuses on the political fight within his own party and with the Republicans to get adoption of his Infrastructure and budget proposals, his missing the real challenges hurting Americans.

What are those "real challenges"?
  • The growing Supply Chain crisis with containers stuck on ships in American ports.
  • Price gouging by nearly every major American company and petroleum company
  • The rising influence of China on our economy and the support China gets from the business robber barons who profit from our business ties to China.
  • Bring the COVID-19 pandemic crisis to an end. He promised we would overcome it in July but that hasn't happened.
  • Find a way to bring moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans to work together, and stop fighting with the extreme right while pandering to the extreme left
In my column this week in the Southwest News Newspaper group, which will be available online soon at, I write about my visit with former Chicago Tribune Columnist John Kass who was pushed out of the Chicago Tribune when his Far Left colleagues complained about a column he wrote criticizing George Soros. Kass left the Tribune, a modern day newspaper Titanic careening into a huge iceberg of its own making, and now publishes his own news site online at I joined Kass' podcast, "The Chicago Way" to talk about my column defending Christopher Columbus.

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Ray Hanania

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Monday, Oct. 18, 2021

Biden needs to refocus on the needs of the American people, not on politics

  • Biden slow to address US Supply Chain issues. A huge backlog of container ships are moored in many American ports and products are not being unloaded.

  • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is not offering solutions just rhetoric, and he is using the problem to help promote Biden's political agenda.

  • Biden needs to stop focusing on politics and refocus on the needs of the American people.


By Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania

Although the COVID-19 Pandemic is slowly subsiding, the damage it has caused to America continues to grow.
Prices for food and other retail items have skyrocketed. Remember at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic when officials warned businesses against "price gouging?" Nothing was really done to stop it. Prices are being gouged excessively.
Another problem complicating our economic burdens is the thousands of container ships carrying products from overseas manufacturers that are stuck in America's ports and harbors.

This "supply chain" backlog is being used as the excuse to drive up prices on everything from food to clothing to new cars, furniture and holiday gifts.
The ports claim they don't have enough workers to unload the huge containers from the moored cargo ships that are sitting in the waters off  of American shores.
They also point to problems in the trucking industry. Trucking companies are not operating at full capacity. They don't have enough drivers to deliver the products, much of it coming from China where little children, women and old people are paid pennies each day to manufacture the products under horrid conditions.
China is slowly mortgaging America, and strengthening their control over our economy.
I traveled recently with my family to Punta Cana, a COVID-escape vacation with tight adherence to social distancing and the wearing of face masks. We were vigilant and did not get exposed to coronavirus, returning from a badly needed 10 day rest. But while there, as I looked to purchase a few souvenirs to bring back for friends, I noticed that nearly every Dominican Republic cultural item being sold was "Made in China."
It was appalling.
China has us by the Economic short hairs. And President Joe Biden is doing nothing about it. If you were to ask him about it at one of his rare, carefully managed press conferences where reporters are selected to ask specific questions ahead of time, he probably would respond by saying that his wife deals with the China in his dining room, not him!
During the most recent podcast that I do with former Congressman Bill Lipinski, called
"Two Guys on Politics," Lipinski addressed the supply chain crisis. That was a week before it suddenly became news when the media was forced to explain why the parents of "Little Johnny" won't be able to buy his favorite toy for Christmas.
I am sure that "favorite toy" is something that is "Made in China." The price will be twice what it might have been before COVID became an excuse for corporate greed. None of the price tag increases will go to the little children, women and old people Chinese businesses enslave to manufacture the "Made in China" junk.
Lipinski had a brilliant idea that only someone focused on the real challenges facing Americans might consider. If he were president, he said, he would order the U.S. Military, which recently abandoned Afghanistan to the Taliban terrorists, not only to unload all the container ships, but he would also have our military drive the trucks that are not being driven because the trucking companies don't have the manpower.
"I would take the United States Army and I would move them in there. Every member of the Army or the Marine Corp can drive a truck," Lipinski said during the podcast.
"I would employ the US army to get that done out there so we can get the containers off and onto the ground, put some of these U.S. army personnel into the trucks and let's distribute it throughout the country. It could be done. Who would object to something like that?"
Lipinski noted, "They are on active duty. It wouldn't cost us any money to move them to the coast. They are trained and on top of what they do. So they would be very successful in doing it."
He added the National Guard would not be up to the task and focus mainly on local and regional issues.


The news media is protecting President Biden by not putting a focus on the container ship unloading crisis sooner than they did, months after the fact.
By not focusing on real issues challenging America, like the container ship backlog, the media has allowed Biden to "drift" to politics, which is why Biden finds himself between a rock and a hard place. He is fighting with the Republicans, and he is overseeing a divided Democratic Party.
Lipinski said Biden has the experience to lead but "the only way he is going to have a successful presidency is if he moves back to the center."
Listen to the full 26 minute discussion and podcast by visiting the website
No better than Biden's failure to act is the response from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. When asked about the backlog, Buttigieg argued that the supply chain problems demand that the Congress pass Biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill which is mired in political backbiting and endless debate. In other words, Buttigieg's answer to the supply chain crisis is politics, not solutions!
Remarkably, Buttigieg said Biden is "seriously" considering lifting the tariffs imposed on China by former President Donald Trump.
China, however, is the problem. As I mentioned, China has mortgaged America. A huge percentage of imports come from China and are cheaply made and yet sold at exorbitant prices. Why? Because big business, the corporate robber barons profit from business with China. The wealthiest people -- you know the ones Biden, Buttigieg and others claim to be slamming -- are making even more money from doing business with China.

Here's some published data: Apple generates 17% of its revenue from China. Boeing, Caterpillar, General Motors, Starbucks, Nike, and Ford are some other US companies with a strong presence in the country. But none of them get more than 25% of their revenue from China.
But companies like Wynn Resorts generates 75.2 percent of its revenue from its China Macau resort. Qualcomm is close behind with 66.6%.
What President Biden needs to do, is turn his focus away from politics and instead focus on "good government." In other words, Biden needs to stop pandering to his political ego and instead start addressing the real issues harming the American people.
As the late Mayor Richard J. Daley once said, "Good government is good politics."

What it means is this: if you focus on addressing the needs of the American people by presenting "good government," you won't have to worry about your politics or getting re-elected. But if you focus more on politics than on good government services, your politics will actually suffer.

That's Biden's big problem today. And, as Americans, it is our problem. What we need is someone who is a "centrist," a "Reagan Democrat" to lead this country back to greatness.


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CHICAGO MAYOR Lori Lightfoot spent her first two years in office bashing the Chicago Police and now that she is rounding the corner to her re-election tried to come to terms with them. But the truth is she is very anti-Police and her recent actions threatening to fire police officers who don't get vaccinated are making it worse. She should work with the police not fight with them to address the real problem, the rising gun violence in Chicago. Lightfoot is doing nothing to protect residents. Worse, when she celebrated the Illinois Sky's WNBA victory, she was surrounded by fans who were wearing face masks but she wasn't. How can she tell the Police to get vaccinated when she doesn't even follow her own advice? Hypocrisy is the worst crime in politics ... If Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President John Catanzara runs for mayor against Lightfoot, he could win. What Chicago needs is a former Chicago Police Officer to lead the city's war on street gang violence. To defeat the gangs you need to be tougher than the gangs and have the backing of a tough mayor willing to do tough things, something Chicago now lacks.

THE JOINT CIVIC COMMITEE of Italian Americans filed a lawsuit on July 21, 2021 against the Chicago Park District and Mayor Lightfoot after Lightfoot ordered the removal of the Christopher Columbus statue that was at Grant Park. Lightfoot's act to remove the Columbus statue violated an existing contract with the JCCIA which is the organizing body representing the history of the placement of the Columbus statue in 1966. This fight is not over. Even though Columbus Day has passed, I will be writing more about the statue controversy and the Chicago Park District's and Lightfoot's illegal actions. Thank you to everyone who emailed me their thoughts on my column on Columbus.

MANY OF YOU MAY KNOW Naheda Jablonski who worked at the Southwest News Herald for many years. Naheda has a disabled young daughter. They were recently in an accident and the special handicapped accessible van was totaled. Not working because of COVID, she needs a new van for her daughter. If you want to help you can go to her GoFund me page by clicking this link. ... on another sad note, former Southwest News-Herald Newspaper publisher, Jim Vondrak passed away this week. Vondrak succeeded his father Edward Vondrak who established the Southwest News-Herald in 1946 after he purchased and merged the Gage Park Herald (which he renamed the Southwest Herald) and the Southwest News. 

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