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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Attached is my exclusive subscriber-only column which addresses the recent and tragic mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois. What's equally disturbing is how the Left uses Mass Shootings to argue for more gun control and avoid how they avoid addressing factors that contribute to the killings, failed parenting of young people and the lack of parental accountability for the actions of their children. It's easier to blame the guns rather than their voters.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Special Column: The mass shooting in Highland Park and how it is being used by the Left to protect their voting base


By Ray Hanania
On the day that American's celebrated the birth of their nation, its Democracy and its freedoms, a suspect killed at six civilians and injured 16 others in a shooting rampage during the start of a 4th of July parade in one of Illinois' wealthiest suburbs, Highland Park.
Immediately, the violence became the focus of a national debate over the issues of the weapon used to commit the killings rather than on the motivations that pushed the suspect.
Democrats are demanding tougher gun control laws while Republicans insist that controlling guns is not the answer. Gun laws prevent law-abiding citizens from owning guns, but the killers are using the guns are not law-abiding at all, Republicans argue.
The debate gets edgy when the race of the shooter is discussed and most try to avoid pointing a finger at issues of poverty and race anger as causes of the violence.

There is violence in both Democrat and Republican areas of the country, But, how those acts of violence are treated is what's different. Most minorities live in urban areas dominated by Democrats, not in areas dominated by Republicans. Violence in Republican-controlled areas generally involve poverty.
Those are difficult issues to address and anyone who raises them are often denounced as "racist." So, the focus instead shifts to the easier to argue battle over "gun control."
The debate over gun control merely a distraction to prevent a discussion of more uncomfortable issues such as poverty, race and even ideology. Chicago's population is 66 percent minority Black and Hispanic, many living in poverty, but even a hint at that discussion can raise the ire of racism from the Left.

The majority of Americans are being bullied into silence.
Americans say they don't want to stereotype in addressing violence in America. But they don't have a problem stereotyping when the violence is in foreign countries where they insist the violence is the consequence of extremist political or religious ideology. They easily stereotype Muslims and Arabs when violence occurs in the Middle East, for example.
Stereotyping of foreigners is common among Americans, who condemn those who stereotype themselves.
The violence in Highland Park, and a dozen other locations including the city of Uvalde in Texas where a teenage gunman shot and killed 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school, involved individuals who clearly had psychological problems.
The issues of what factors in their own lives and homes influenced their criminal behavior is brushed aside, and the focus is on gun ownership.
What about the responsibility that parents have for their children? Didn't the parents of the Ulvalde shooter recognize the factors that pushed their children to commit these horrendous crimes? And what is their responsibility for the actions of their child.
Had Ulvade been in any other foreign location, and not Texas, the issue would have been all about the religious upbringing of the shooter, his (or her) ideology and the environment in which they lived. These are issues pushed aside in the American "gun control" debate.

The advocates for "Gun Control" don't want to address these other factors like the failure of the home, the failure of parents to be parents, and the walking on rice paper when it comes to addressing the race and poverty aspects of violence.
Uvalde was not unusual as school killings go in America, unfortunately. There have been 26 other mass shootings at schools this past year across America. And it was one of 212 mass shootings in cities across America.
In Chicago, the homicide rate continues to climb. For Chicago, the year 2021 ended as the deadliest year for mass shootings in more than a decade with 791 homicides, 25 more than in 2020 and 229 more than in 2019.
There were 3,561 shooting incidents in 2021, 300 more than the previous year and 1,415 more than in 2019.

This past weekend, nine people were shot and killed on Chicago's streets and the Police are being bullied by politicians to be restrained when dealing with criminals. 

They would rather have the crime go unpunished than to deal with the criminals because killing a young gangbanger whose parents have failed to be parents, is an issue they don't want to address.

Chicago's Mayor Lori Lightfoot insists the problem is the need for greater "gun control," although Chicago has the fourth toughest gun ownership laws in the country, behind New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, all Democrat Party controlled municipalities.
In one case, 13-year-old Adam Toledo, an Hispanic child, was with a known street gang member on Chicago's West Side at 2:30 in the morning when Police chased and then shot him. The debate focused on did the 13-year-old have the gun in his hand when the police shot, as police claimed, or had he dropped the gun as anti-police activists insist.
No one is asking why a 13-year-old was out of his home in the middle of the night long after curfew, or what responsibility for the child's death should fall on the shoulders of the boy's parents. Instead, they focus only on the role of the police who were chasing, regardless of Toledo's age, an armed gangbanger.

The mass murderer in Uvalde was a high school student who had just turned 18. Don't mention that Salvador Ramos is Hispanic. The Left and the biased news media that supports it focus on the fact that Ramos went out and purchased guns and ammunition for his birthday before murdering the 19 young children and their two teachers.

But what about the parents? Did Ramos suddenly become a criminal or did he have problems the parents didn't want to address? Why should they address the child's problems because society doesn't pressure that kind of accountability so it's easy for parents to do nothing.
In the Toledo case, it is not unusual that children under the age of 16 have been shot and killed while engaging in gun-related violence after curfew. Toledo was associated with street gangs, something his parents should have known and taken action to stop. But as long as the child isn't injured, why do anything? If the child is killed, you can always blame it on the police, rather than yourself, and hit the Chicago Homicide Jackpot filing a lawsuit against the police this past Spring.
Whatever happens in Highland Park, the issue won't be about the killer because the killer is not Middle Eastern. Highland Park police described the suspect as "a male white, 18 to 20 years old."
The real tragedy of America is that it is not a "war on crime" that is being waged but rather an exploitation of crime.

Criminals are being given the benefit-of-the-doubt and are even being released without being jailed, and many commit more crimes.

Law-abiding citizens are being told that they need more laws to prevent crimes, and law abiding citizens follow the laws. But it's the criminals who don't follow the laws, the non-law-abiding citizens, who are committing the crimes.

And nothing is being done about them.

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