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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Attached is an early peek into this week's column on the hypocrisies of Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker. While Pritzker attacks Darren Bailey for his innocuous but wrong Holocaust comparison to abortion, Pritzker didn't think twice about calling Muslims "terrorists" when he ran for congress in a predominantly Jewish American congressional District in 1998, an election that he lost to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, a far better congressional choice.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Subscriber Only Column: Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker's hypocrisies make him unsuitable for re-election



By Ray Hanania

Gov. J.B. Pritzker is behind the advertising blitz which criticizes Republican rival Darren Bailey for comparing the Holocaust, many years ago, to the loss of fetuses to abortion.

The comparison was really innocuous and Bailey wasn't denying the Holocaust, which is one of the greatest atrocities in human history. The Holocaust should not be used by anyone to justify anything and should be recognized for the NAZI evil that it was. My father and Uncle proudly fought against the NAZIs during World War II, even though they opposed the creation of Israel which undermined Christian, and Muslim, rights in Palestine where my parents are from.

But unlike Bailey, Pritzker wasn't making an innocuous political argument in order to score points. He was tapping into a vicious libel in order to paint Bailey, who is a decent human being, to destroy him. Calling Bailey anti-Semitic is a horrible tactic that undermines the fight against hate of any kind, especially anti-Semitism, or against Holocaust denial.

The Holocaust happened. It can't be denied. But just as no one should use it in political comparison as Bailey did, it shouldn't be used in a political war either or grab for power.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker is no angel. He knows the power of demonization and mixing politics and hate.

In his 1998 failed run for Congress in the 9th District, hoping to succeed longtime Jewish American Congressman Sydney Yates, Pritzker turned to weaponizing hatred as a political tool to undermine his two rivals, both Jewish Americans, Jan Schakowsky and Howard Carroll.


Pritzker dipped into his family wealth, as he always does believing that buying an election is easier than trying to win one, dumping $500,000 into a campaign media buy to promote his candidacy.

But I wasn't enough. So Pritzker had to demonize Carroll and paint Schakowsky in a way that would turn off the district's influential Jewish American vote.

Pritzker accused Carroll of taking money from "terrorists," referring to a donation he received from the growing Muslim American community on Chicagoland's North side and suburbs. Pritzker called the Muslim group "terrorists" because he disagreed with one of the organization's board members who was critical of Israel's government.

I always find that I have to remind many readers that Israel is a "Foreign Country." Why do they get a pass? We criticize foreign governments all the time without being punished. But in Illinois, if you oppose Israel's illegal settlements in the Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, you can be punished by state law.

Americans criticize governments all the time without being demonized or libeled. And you can criticize the Government of Israel for its policies without being unfairly and wrongly demonized as anti-Semitic. Defenders of Israel's government actions often use the attack label "anti-Semitism" to silence critics rather than to address the facts.

And that's what Pritzker did. He knowingly demonized Muslims in the hopes of undermining votes for Carroll and for Schakowsky and giving himself a boost in the polls.

When Pritzker digs back years to cite Bailey's mistake, it makes it just a sfair to dig back and cite Pritzker's racism, too. What about Pritzker's hatred and demonization? Why is that not an issue?

During Pritzker's purchase of the Governor's office in 2018 -- I won't call it an election because he spent so much money voters were bought and paid for by an ugly and twisted campaign message -- I and other Arab Americans (I am Christian, by the way), demanded that Pritzker publicly apologize for criticizing Muslims as terrorists.

The Arab American Democratic Club, (AADC) which hosted more than 50 candidates and elected officials during its Candidate's Brunch and Forum last May, demanded that Pritzker apologize. He refused. Pritzker was invited to attend the Forum but Pritzker refused that, too, knowing the issue would surface.

But as the issue gained momentum, Pritzker met privately, in a secret meeting, with a small handful of Arab and Muslim insiders who were already sucking up to him for their own personal clout. Supposedly, Pritzker apologized. His press spokesperson Jordan Abudayyeh, a former Springfield TV reporter who became his campaign spokesperson, told that to CapitolFax. But nowhere did the Pritzker campaign release the text of the so-called apology."

By refusing to meet with the Muslim community, or addressing the issue publicly, Pritzker was hoping to make it all go away. But his secret apology only underscores the fact that what he did was wrong and he was finding a way to wiggle out of the scandal without harming his gubernatorial candidacy.

In other words, Pritzker really doesn't care about Muslims, doesn't care about using hate as a political tool to attract votes, and he doesn't care about demonizing a minority group that can easily be demonized in today's hate-driven world that Pritzker empowers.

The bottom line is that if Pritzker can attack Bailey for comparing the Holocaust to abortion, then Pritzker is even more guilty as a hypocrite calling Muslims "terrorists."

Jay Robert "Bob" Pritzker is really a coward who uses the initials "JB" rather than his real initials "JR." Why? Because the initials "JR" would remind people too much of the evil, sinister Dallas TV character "JR Ewing," one of the most hated TV characters of all time. Even as a young teenager growing up under JR's negative aura, Pritzker was already thinking about how to exploit the world's fears using his unlimited billions.


What Illinois should do is set a limit on how much candidates for office can spend on any election, forcing them to put their money into important message Ads rather than inundating an election in mud. But of course, we all know that the driving force cheering Pritzker is the mainstream news media, which profits from all those hundreds of millions that Pritzker is spending to buy himself another election term.

This column isn't about Israel, Palestine, or even terrorism. It's about a politician who understands negative perceptions and who doesn't hesitate to use them to demonize others when he thinks the billions he has isn't enough to achieve his goals or buy his way into office.

In this race, Darren Bailey is clearly the better and most honorable person, even if you don't agree with everything he believes.

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