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ESCoP Related Issues

The 20th ESCoP Meeting

We kindly inform you that the details of the 20th ESCoP Meeting have been announced. The conference will take place in Potsdam, Germany, from Sunday 3 September to Wednesday 6 September 2017. The head of the local committee is Prof. Martin Fischer.
Potsdam is the capital of the state of Brandenburg, beautifully situated between lakes and rivers and within easy reach of Berlin, the German capital. With its historical heritage it is a major international tourist attraction that includes Park Sanssouci, Cecilienhof Castle, and many other world heritage sites. The University of Potsdam is the largest university of Brandenburg. Its research focus is on the Cognitive Sciences, which has been the its recognised area of excellence over recent years.
More details will available soon on the website.

Journal of Cognitive Psychology

Journal of Cognitive Psychology, Volume 27, Issue 8 contains the following articles:

Auditory sensory gating and performance on the Delis–Kaplan Executive Function System
M. Truelove-Hill & C. A. Yadon
Pages: 909-920

Rapid makes risky: Time pressure increases risk seeking in decisions from experience
Christopher R. Madan, Marcia L. Spetch & Elliot A. Ludvig
Pages: 921-928

A metacognitive regulation approach for judgment of satiation
Mehmet Akif Guzel
Pages: 929-943

Predicting stress patterns in an unpredictable stress language: The use of non-lexical sources of evidence for stress assignment in Russian
Olessia Jouravlev & Stephen J. Lupker
Pages: 944-966
DOI: 10.1080/20445911.2015.1058267

Factors and processes in children's transitive deductions
Barlow C. Wright & Jennifer Smailes
Pages: 967-978

Strategies for written additions in adults
Jasinta D. M. Dewi, Caroline Castel, Dirk Kerzel, Andrès Posada & Catherine Thevenot Pages: 979-991

Voluntary language switching in English–Spanish bilingual children
Megan Gross & Margarita Kaushanskaya
Pages: 992-1013

Other news

Conferences and workshops

The 3rd International Conference on Cognition, Brain and Computation
Gandhinagar, India
5-7 December 2015
The conference aims to bring forward an interdisciplinary dialogue between neuroscience and computational approaches in study of Cognition. Through this conference we hope to generate passionate discussions and collaborations around the conference theme that cut across disciplines and methodologies. The conference will be accompanied with the following events: Preconference Workshop covering Eye Tracking methodology followed by special sessions focused on Academia and Industry; Demonstration of EEG acquisition and data Analysis; Industry CONNECT; Post Conference Symposium on Cognitive disorders.
Registration is now open.

The 29th Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems
Montreal, Canada
7-12 December 2015
NIPS is a single-track machine learning and computational neuroscience conference that brings together researchers in all aspects of neural and statistical information processing and computation and associated applications. The conference is a highly selective, single track meeting that includes oral and poster presentations of refereed papers as well as invited talks. One day of tutorials will precede the main conference, and two days of workshops will follow the conference at the same location.
Registration is now open.

European Workshop on Cognitive Neuropsychology
Bressanone, Italy
24-29 January 2016
The EWCN includes lectures, symposia and small-group discussions. This year’s special event concerns Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis. The list of symposia includes: Where to go now with the What & Where pathway model; Neuropsychology of developmental dyslexia; How the brain tells time; Single-case cognitive neuropsychology in the 21st century.
Registration is now open.

The 29th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing
Gainesville, Florida, USA
3-5 March2016
CUNY 2016 is hosted by the Department of Linguistics. The theme of the Special Session is Language Variation Within and Across Speakers. The conference will be preceded by workshop Events in Language and Cognition.
Registration is now open.

The 8th International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications: COGNITIVE 2016
Rome, Italy
20-24 March 2016
The COGNITIVE 2016 event, The Eighth International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications, targets advanced concepts, solutions and applications of artificial intelligence, knowledge processing, agents (as key-players), and autonomy (as a manifestation of self-organised entities and systems). We solicit academic, research and industrial contributions. We welcome technical papers presenting research and practical results, position papers addressing the pros and cons of specific proposals, such as those being discussed in the standard fora or in industry consortia, survey papers addressing the key problems and solutions on any of the above topics, short papers on work in progress, and panel proposals.
Full paper submission deadline: 28 November 2015

The 23rd International Conference On Comparative Cognition
Melbourne, Florida, USA
13-16 April 2016
The conference is organised by the Comparative Cognition Society, a scientific society dedicated to gaining a broad scientific understanding of the nature and evolution of cognition in human and nonhuman animals. The conference concern animal cognition, broadly conceived to include all research on animal learning, memory, and perception. The 2016 Master Lecture will be presented by Professor Karen Hollis (Mount Holyoke College).
Symposium proposal deadline: 1 December 2015
Presentation submission deadline: 15 December 2015

The 5th Implicit Learning Seminar
Lancaster, UK
23-25 June 2016
The study of implicit and explicit learning plays a central role in the cognitive sciences. The 2016 Implicit Learning Seminar will bring together leading researchers from a variety of backgrounds (cognitive psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, computer science). We invite abstracts on any topic related to implicit-statistical learning (e.g. role of attention and awareness, incidental vs. intentional exposure, cross-modal learning, individual differences), employing one or more of a variety of methods (artificial grammar learning, sequence learning, cross-situational learning, etc.). We would particularly like to encourage submissions that focus on the role of implicit-statistical learning in language.
Abstract submission deadline: 1 March 2016

The 2nd Conference of the International Association for Cognitive Semiotics
Lublin, Poland
20-22 June 2016
The International Association for Cognitive Semiotics (IACS) aims at the establishment of Cognitive Semiotics as the trans-disciplinary study of meaning. One of the goals of the IACS conference series is to bring together scholars and scientists in semiotics, linguistics, philosophy, cognitive science, psychology and related fields, who wish to share their research on meaning and contribute the interdisciplinary dialogue. We invite abstract submissions for theme sessions, oral presentations and posters.
Theme submission deadline: 30 November 2015
Abstract submission deadline: 10 January 2016

International Conference on Cognitive Modelling
University Park, Pennsylvania, USA
4-6 August 2016
ICCM is the premier conference for research on computational models and computation-based theories of human behaviour. ICCM is a forum for presenting, discussing, and evaluating the complete spectrum of cognitive modelling approaches, including connectionism, symbolic modelling, dynamical systems, Bayesian modelling, and cognitive architectures. ICCM includes basic and applied research across a wide variety of domains, ranging from low-level perception and attention to higher-level problem-solving and learning. Finally, we also welcome contributions that use computational models to better understand neuro-imaging data.
Paper, poster, symposium, and tutorial submission deadline: 8 April 2016


Job offers

Assistant Professor in Perception
University of California, San Diego, California, USA
The Psychology Department within the Division of Social Sciences at UC, San Diego invites applications for a tenure track Assistant Professor position in areas related to Perception, broadly understood to include all aspects of orientation to the environment. Candidates must have a Ph.D. and a record of publishable research in any area of perception. Candidates with a strong computational background and a track record of interdisciplinary and collaborative work will be given preference. We are especially interested in candidates who can demonstrably contribute to diversity, inclusion, and equity within an academic setting. Review of applications will begin November 1, 2015 and will continue until the position is filled.
More information

Assistant Professor in Cognition and Perception
New York University, New York, USA
The Psychology Department in the Faculty of Arts and Science at New York University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor position in decision-making, neuroeconomics, and/or reinforcement learning. The appointment is expected to begin September 1, 2016, pending budgetary and administrative approval. We seek applicants with an outstanding record of research in the cognitive, economic, neural, and/or social aspects of human decision-making or closely related areas. Preference will be given to applicants with research that integrates multiple methodologies (e.g., behaviour, fMRI, computational modelling). The ideal candidate will have the opportunity to build a collaborative research and teaching program within the Psychology Department and the Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of Decision Making. Review of applications will begin December 31st, 2015, and will continue until the position is filled.
More information

Postdoctoral Position in Developmental Psychology and Neuroscience
Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany
The Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Department of Social Neuroscience led by Prof. Tania Singer invites applications for postdoctoral position. The successful candidate will be primarily involved in the conductance and analyses of behavioural and MRI data with children and adolescents regarding the question of plasticity of the social brain and behaviour. The position will focus on performing intervention programs in schools and in the lab to investigate trainability of social emotions, social cognition, and social decision-making in children and adolescents. The research will be inspired by contemplative approaches and the ongoing ReSource Project performed in adults at the Department of Social Neuroscience and use a multi-method approach including a variation of behavioural, hormonal, MRI, and autonomic measures.
More information

Postdoctoral Fellow in Neurocognitive Aging
National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Aging, Baltimore, USA
The Neurocognitive Aging Section (NAS) of the Laboratory of Behavioural Neuroscience is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow for an annually renewable appointment of up to 5 years. NAS focuses on systems neuroscience in preclinical animal models in efforts to understand the basis of impaired and successful cognitive outcomes in aging. Ongoing projects span from molecular biology and quantitative neuroanatomy to in vivo brain imaging. Outstanding, highly motivated candidates in any of these areas will be considered, but we are particularly interested in pursuing neural network approaches to cognitive aging and intervention, including studies using functional magnetic resonance imaging. Successful candidates will have a solid background in cognitive neuroscience, the neurobiology of memory, or related area, and strong writing skills. An interest in in vivo brain imaging or non-invasive brain stimulation is desirable. Applicants must have a PhD and/or MD at the time of appointment and less than 5 years of research experience since receiving their terminal degree.
More information

Assistant academic staff, Ghent University, Belgium
The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences is looking for a full-time post-doctoral assistant within the department Experimental Psychology. We offer you a three-year appointment, which will not be renewed. The requirements include: a doctoral degree or an equivalent degree; experience in conducting research within the field of experimental psychology and/or neuroscientific research on language processing; motivation for coaching students in the Bachelor’s, Master’s and/or Advanced Master’s programmes; relevant scientific publication in international scientific journals; participation in conferences relevant for the research topic; experience with neuroimaging (fMRI or ERP), eye movement recording, or advanced statistical methods (R, LME), this is considered to be an advantage. The duties include research in the field of psycholinguistics, assisting in teaching activities at the Bachelor’s or Master’s level; counseling doctoral and Master’s students.Appointment will start by 1/02/2016 at the earliest. Application deadline is 13 December 2015.
More information

Doctoral programmes

Doctoral program in Berlin School of Mind and Brain

The Berlin School of Mind and Brain is an international and interdisciplinary graduate research school that offers a three-year doctoral degree program in English. It is the Berlin School of Mind and Brain’s mission to train outstanding young scientists to become experts in one of the relevant fields, and to give them the ability, and the opportunity, to cooperate with researchers from other disciplines. Doctoral candidates are admitted by a four-step process that identifies the 10–15 best applicants. They are selected in a highly competitive and internationally open admission procedure. Research within the School concentrates on six paradigmatic topics each of which connects brain- and mind-related research: perception, attention, and consciousness; decision-making; language; brain plasticity and lifespan ontogeny; brain disorders and mental dysfunction; human sociality and the brain. Research is strongly embedded in the basic and clinical research conducted within the region allowing for synergistic research initiatives and opportunities. General application deadline for all students is 15 January 2016.
More information

Call for papers

i-Perception is a new, peer-reviewed open-access sister journal to Perception. i-Perception covers the same academic areas, but while Perception will continue as a free-to-publish, pay-to-read journal of the traditional sort, i-Perception is a pay-to-publish, free-to-read journal, thereby disseminating refereed accounts of research as widely as possible. Although the two journals will be treated separately bibliographically and as regards indexing and other listings, they share a common editorial board, refereeing standards and have similar submission procedures.
More information