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ESCoP Related issues

ESCoP Archives

We have created a new section on the ESCoP History page – Archives. It is accessible after loggin in and it contains scans of ESCoP-related documents. There are emails between the ESCoP Founders, information sent to Advisory Board, Minutes from meetings and Journal documents. It is a real piece of history that shows how the Society developed. The lecture of the Founders' emails is especially exciting: you can see what problems they faced, what ideas they discussed and how much work they put into the making the ESCoP a powerful, international organization. Enjoy the ESCoP Museum visit!

The ESCoP Early Career Publication Award

The ESCoP Early Career Publication Award (1000 Euro) is offered to a member of ESCoP who was the first author of their best article accepted for publication in 2013. The article must have been accepted for publication while the applicant was a PhD student or within a year after the date on which the applicant received his or her PhD. The author should send a copy of the publication, the date of acceptance, and the date on which they got their PhD (if applicable) to the ESCoP Secretary, Michal Wierzchon. Applications should be sent before 1 May 2014. A jury of three members nominated by the ESCoP Committee will decide before July 31st 2014. Only one submission per person will be considered.
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ESCoP Related issues

Bertelson Award -
call for nominations

Beginning in 2001, the Paul Bertelson Award is granted every two years to an outstanding young scientist for making a significant contribution to European Cognitive Psychology. Candidates should normally have completed their doctoral thesis no more than 8 years before nomination, and be under 35 years of age. However, the committee does not wish to discriminate against researchers who have, for example, taken maternity leave or made career switches. The committee also recognizes that differences exist across Europe in research training procedures. Therefore, a case may be made to the jury if there are reasons why the criteria should be interpreted flexibly.
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Committee members - call for nominations 

At the end of this year, Valerie Camos and Stephen Monsell will end their terms and leave the Committee. Accordingly, two new committee members must be elected. At the same time Jonathan Grainger will become ESCoP President leaving the President-elect position vacant.     We invite all full members to nominate candidates for the Committee members and the President-elect position. Nominations for the Committee members and for the President-elect should be sent to the ESCoP Secretary, Michal Wierzchon (michal.wierzchon@ Please submit the nominations before 1 May 2014. Elections will be organized in June.
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Journal of Cognitive Psychology

Journal of Cognitive Psychology, Vol. 26, No. 3, 03 Apr 2014 contains the following articles:

Journal of Cognitive Psychology Best Paper Award 2013
Pages: 241-241
DOI: 10.1080/20445911.2014.898429

The role of componential analysis, categorical hypothesising, replicability and confirmation bias in testing for bilingual advantages in executive functioning
Kenneth R. Paap
Pages: 242-255
DOI: 10.1080/20445911.2014.891597

Access to talker-specific representations is dependent on word frequency
Sophie Dufour & Noël Nguyen
Pages: 256-262
DOI: 10.1080/20445911.2014.890204

How retellings shape younger and older adults' memories
Sarah J. Barber & Mara Mather
Pages: 263-279
DOI: 10.1080/20445911.2014.892494

Act-In: An integrated view of memory mechanisms
Rémy Versace, Guillaume T. Vallet, Benoit Riou, Mathieu Lesourd, Élodie Labeye & Lionel Brunel
Pages: 280-306
DOI: 10.1080/20445911.2014.892113

Age and gender effects in the cultural life script of Japanese adults
Steve M. J. Janssen, Ai Uemiya & Makiko Naka
Pages: 307-321
DOI: 10.1080/20445911.2014.892493

Conceptual knowledge of emotions includes somatosensory component: Evidence from modality-switch cost effect
Nikolay I. Dagaev & Yulia I. Terushkina
Pages: 322-332
DOI: 10.1080/20445911.2014.892111

The relationship between executive functions, episodic feeling-of-knowing and confidence judgements
Aysecan Boduroglu, Ali İ. Tekcan & Aycan Kapucu
Pages: 333-345
DOI: 10.1080/20445911.2014.891596

An electrophysiological study of attention capture by salience: Does rarity enable capture?
Birken Noesen, Mei-Ching Lien & Eric Ruthruff
Pages: 346-371
DOI: 10.1080/20445911.2014.892112

Other news

Conferences and workshops

Workshop on Perception in Brain and Machines
Ramat Gan, Israel
27 April 2014
We would like to invite you to a one-day meeting on the topic of perception in brain and machines at The Gonda Brain Research Center, Bar Ilan University. The meeting will host experts from leading industry research centers in Israel: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and IBM, who will discuss artificial systems they develop to solve hard perception problems. From academia, leading neuroscientists from the Gonda brain institute will discuss recent discoveries in vision, olfaction and auditory perception. There is no registration fee but those planning to attend are kindly requested to register on the website, or send an email to so that we can plan lunch arrangements.


Free-Will: Philosophy Meets Neuroscience
Ramat Gan, Israel
25-27 May 2014
The Leslie and Susan Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center, Bar Ilan University and Berlin School of Mind and Brain Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin invite you for a joint symposium on Free-Will: Philosophy Meets Neuroscience.


20th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping Hamburg, Germany
8-12 June 2014
The Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) is the primary international organization dedicated to neuroimaging research. The work presented at the conference typically employs brain scanning techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, SPECT or methods such as EEG, MEG or Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Since the human brain mapping field is cross-disciplinary, OHBM members and attendees range from neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists to physicists, engineers, and statisticians. Immense growth and dramatic new findings continue to characterize the organization.
Registration deadline: 16 May 2014


The UEA Workshop on Perception and Action
Norwich, UK
9 June 2014
The UEA Perception and Action workshop, hosted by the School of Psychology at University of East Anglia, will bring together leading scientists who have pioneered approaches in understanding the behavioural and neural correlates of information processing related to object recognition and visually-guided actions. The topics of the workshop will cover fundamental as well as clinical research, applying motion-tracking recordings, psychophysics, neuroimaging and neurophysiological methods.
Registration deadline: 9 May 2014


Cognitive Science Association for Interdisciplinary Learning
Oregon, USA
31 July – 4 August 2014
CSAIL is an annual conference held in beautiful Hood River Oregon, in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. While the focus is broadly on research in cognitive science, CSAIL is truely interdisciplinary and encourages submissions from researchers in various fields such as cognitive neuroscience, psychophysics, experimental psychology, animal behavior, neurophysiology, neuropsychology, comparative psychology, and clinical neuroscience. Abstracts may be submitted by scientists, faculty, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates.
Abstract submission deadline: 31 May 2014


Monte Verità CSF Conference "Hand, Brain and Technology"
Ascona, Switzerland
7-14 September 2014
The tight functional coupling between hand and brain has greatly shaped the evolution of language, culture and technology. This conference will bring together leading researchers from the multiple disciplines studying the unique dexterity and sensory abilities of the hand, its neuromechanical and physiological control, as well as its functional recovery and neuroprosthetic restoration following injury.
Abstract submission deadline: 30 April 2014


17th Meeting of the International Society for Comparative Psychology
Bogota, Colombia
10-12 September 2014
We are pleased to announce the 17th Biennial Meeting of the International Society for Comparative Psychology. The meeting will take place on September 2014 at TRYP Hotel in Bogotá, Colombia. Scientists interested in comparative psychology, animal behavior, animal cognition, behavioral ecology, evolution of behavior, neuroscience, behavior analysis, and related areas, are invited to present their research in a relaxed, academic setting.
Registration deadline: 31 May 2014


5th European Workshop on Visual Information Processing
Paris, France
10-12 December 2014
The focus of the EUVIP 2014 series of workshops is on visual information processing, modeling, and analysis methods inspired by the human and biological visual systems.
The technical program will comprise tutorials, plenary talks, oral presentations, and poster sessions. Topics of particular interest to EUVIP 2014 include, but are not limited to: Visual quality and quality of experience assessment; Computational vision models; Color image understanding & processing; Visual substitution for blind and visually impaired.
Submission deadline: 30 May 2014

Job offers

2 Postdoctoral positions in Bilingualism
Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language, Spain

The Basque Center on Cognition Brain and Language (San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain) offers 2 postdoctoral positions in Bilingualism to work on the collaborative research project AThEME – “Advancing the European Multilingual Experience” funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme that comprises 16 Research partners (universities, research centers and SMEs) located in 8 European countries. The positions have a term of appointment of 2 years with a possible renewal. We are looking for cognitive neuroscientists or experimental psychologists with a background in Psycholinguistics, Linguistics, Psychology, or Cognitive Neuroscience, an excellent command of English. Advanced skills in neuroimaging methods are desirable. Candidates should have a strong publication track record. 
The Fellows will join one of the AThEME partners, the BCBL and will focus his/her research in WP 4 and WP5. WP4 addresses the complex issues associated with multilingualism in acquired communicative disorders. In particular we will concentrate our efforts on the impact of bilingualism on the language learning performance of dyslexic children. WP5 will investigate several factors that contribute to what it means to “Be Bilingual” and the BCBL will focus on the bilingual population in the Basque Country. In particular we will investigate (1) language attrition, that is, the impact of a second reading system on the first reading system, (2) the putative advantages of bilinguals on the cognitive system and (3) the potential benefits of multilingualism on the decline of the cognitive system during aging. Application deadline: 30 June 2014.
More information 


Postdoctoral Research in Situated Natural Language Understanding
Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA
The Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Laboratory at Tufts University under the direction of Professor Matthias Scheutz is looking for a postdoctoral researcher in the area of "situated natural language understanding" for immediate start. The goal is to develop novel methods for integrating the different parts of the natural language processing chain (from speech recognition, to syntactic and semantic parsing, to pragmatic analysis and dialogue) in a way that fully utilizes the situatedness of robots. This includes making use of contextual information (such as perceptions, task and goal knowledge as well as mental models of interlocutors, in addition to discourse context) to constrain possible interpretations and overcome disfluencies and other infelicities of spontaneous speech.
The position is for two years, renewable for another three years with full benefits. The ideal candidate is a team player with demonstrated research and system building experience in natural language understanding and robotics (although the robotic background is much less critical) who will lead algorithm and software development in situated natural language understanding and disseminate research results in top-rate venues, and also help with the supervision of graduate students.
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Lecturer in Psychology
Lancaster University, UK
We are seeking to appoint four new posts to enhance and complement the existing strengths in the Department of Psychology. Two of these posts will be at a lectureship level.  Applicants should have a strong track record of research and teaching excellence, and applications are invited from across research areas that have been identified as complementing existing and planned research foci, particularly Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Neuroscience and Language Development.
Application deadline: 11 May 2014
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Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor of Psychology
The University of St. Francis, Illinois, USA
The University of St. Francis, a Catholic, Franciscan institution located southwest of Chicago in Joliet, Illinois, invites applications for a full-time, one-year visiting professor/instructor of psychology to begin August, 2014 (rank dependent upon credentials). This is a one-year assignment with a 24 credit-hour teaching load for the 2014-2015 academic year (August to May). Students are undergraduate-level and include both majors and non-majors. The hired visiting professor may apply for a full-time, tenure-track assistant professor position that will open starting August 2015, if able to meet the requirements of that position. Primary teaching responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following courses: General Psychology (multiple sections); Learning and Cognition; Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience; and other courses needed by the Psychology Department.
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Senior Faculty Position in Computer Science, Philosophy, and Psychology
Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA
The Departments of Computer Science, Philosophy, and Psychology will make an appointment at the level of Associate or Full Professor as part of the Cognitive Science Ph.D. Program. This interdisciplinary professorship is the first of its kind at Tufts, intended to bridge research and education across departments and schools. We are looking for applications from well-established scholars who could contribute to the ongoing research and teaching mission of the Cognitive Science Ph.D. Program, while expanding the intellectual output and visibility of at least two participating departments. Teaching and service obligations will be shared between the host departments most fitting to the successful candidate. The successful candidate will have achieved international stature in a subfield in cognitive science, and would ideally have an established track record of obtaining external funding and advising Ph.D. students. Any research area in cognitive science that combines some aspects of computer science, philosophy, linguistics, and psychology will be considered, for instance, cognitive or agent-based modeling and simulation, computational pragmatics, and situated embodied cognition.
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Doctoral programmes

4 PhD positions in psychology on Food perception and eating behavior
Université Libre de Bruxelles and the Université Catholique de Louvain
The ULB and UCL are inviting candidates for 4 PhD positions related to an interdisciplinary research project aimed at advancing our knowledge of social, cognitive and emotional factors involved in food perception and healthy and sustainable eating behaviour. The project will involve contributions from the fields of health psychology, emotion regulation, social and cognitive psychology, and preventive behaviour change. The PhD projects will be supervised by prof. Olivier Corneille, prof. Olivier Luminet and prof. Stephan Van den Broucke (Université catholique de Louvain), prof. Axel Cleeremans and prof. Olivier Klein (Université Libre de Bruxelles). This psychological research is part of the Food4Gut project (Innovative nutrition approaches of obesity: Biological, behavioural, and societal issues), a large interdisciplinary project financed by the Walloon region also involving Medical Sciences, Bioengineering, Sociology and Law. For the psychological component of the project 4 positions are opening in September 2014: Project 1: Emotional and cognitive issues; Project 2: The impact of health claims on behavioral representations and intentions towards food rich in colic nutriment; Project 3: Nudging and behavioural epidemiology; Project 4: How economic factors shape eating intentions and behaviours.
Application deadline: 15 May 2014
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Royal Society Publishing has just published “Understanding perceptual awareness and its neural basis”, compiled and edited by Antonino Raffone, Narayanan Srinivasan and Cees van Leeuwen. This content can be accessed or directly to the articles at