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FRIDAY 10.9.15

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Mammoth found in MI!


You may have heard about the Michigan farmer who lived everyone’s childhood dream by casually finding a centuries-old mammoth skeleton while he was just, ya know, plowing his fields last week. Well, Dan Fisher, director of the U-M Museum of Paleontology and professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, explains the origins of our mammoth friend, who has since been donated to the University. (And spoiler alert: He’s not as woolly as you might think.)


According to data collected by Money magazine, the first daughter’s college tour shouldn’t only include the Ivies. In fact, Money suggests that U-M should be at the top of Malia's list—to which I say, duh.

Volkswagon vs. An LSA Education


= no contest. We all know that Volkswagen messed up big time—but did you know that physics alumnus John German (yes, German, lolz) was instrumental in exposing VW’s deception? I didn’t think so. Find out how it all went down here.

Hot to not get stressed about email


Whether you're working your first job or furthering your education in graduate school, you are young and you are #professional. At least, you want to be...but sometimes the constant flood of emails in your inbox just gets you down, amiright?! Word of advice: Don't let your inbox stress you out, my friend—you're better than that.


Fantastic turn of events, people: Thanks to funding from the Gatof Family Foundation, U-M Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) will now offer wider access to mental health support for students through after-hour call centers. Because no one’s mental health needs follow an 8-7 schedule.

random tidbits from across the interwebs

“Social media” says humanity is still alright, and the online dating world stands by the notion that good grammar is indeed ~sexy~. Also, am I dreaming, or did I really just read that caffeinated peanut butter is a thing?

The Friday Bluebook

Which U-M Professor received the National Medal of Arts? (Click answer below.)


George Shirley


Susan Gelman


Sarah Veatch

The results are in from last week! And, no surprise: 60% of you said you best study in coffee shops (teach me how), compared to 40% who prefer to study in their rooms (WHAT) and 0% (ZERO!) who like to study at the library. Thanks for playing!

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