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FRIDAY 8.21.15

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Salads UP Restaurant Women Farmers


I have a new salad obsession, and it’s because of Robby Mayer. Find out how this 2013 grad saw a need in the community, and used his LSA degree to launch a [so-good-I-inhaled-it-but-don’t-worry-it’s-healthy-okay] business.

speaking of which

Word on the street is that more and more of the farming industry is made up of women—including alumna Stefanie Stauffer (B.G.S. ’02). Plus, a look into why Millennials love food so much. (Um, isn’t it obvious?)

meet the new west quad

West Quad Renovation

West Quad is back and ready for the 21st century. However, fact: Realizing WQuad no longer has a burrito bar is almost as sad as finding out you may have done college wrong.


And I don’t mean appetizers (tbh this food theme wasn’t even intentional). Yahoo recently released Livetext, a video chat app that, obviously, is exactly what we were all missing in our lives. Read what communications Professor Scott Campbell had to say about the growing world of messaging apps on NPR this month. In other news, do time-management apps even work—or have I just been lying to myself?


This is not a TSwift song, people; it’s the incredibly important tale of an LGBTQ commune hidden in the mountains of Tennessee. I also bet you didn’t know that this Ann Arbor forest even existed, so you’re welcome.

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