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FRIDAY 11.20.15

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LSA Profs on Twitter LSA BlueCorps Advisor


Some of your favorite LSA professors have discovered the wonders of Twitter… and are actually pretty good at it, thank you very much.

hey, want a job?!

Your fellow recent grad, Jeremy Jones, works here in Ann Arbor as an LSA ISS BlueCorps Advisor. Here’s why you should proooobably want his job.

NELP Viewpoint

I love spiders!!!

... Said absolutely no one ever lolll. But maybe what all the spider haters out there (🙋 🙋) really needed was a summer in the LSA New England Literature Program. According to current student Eva Roos, NELP changes the way you look at the world—spiders included.


This article on “efauxji” (because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯); this piece on the most epic (slash terrifying) bike lane of all time (thank you, Denmark); and Malcolm Gladwell’s book recommendations that include a title written by one of our very own. Oh, and by the way: Yelp tells researchers just how real gentrification is in Brooklyn.


Despite the fact this 2014 study came from Notre Dame, you might want to read up on how giving does indeed make you happier.

and on that note

Live in one of the cities below? Then join your fellow young alumni on Giving Blueday (12/1) to watch the basketball game against North Carolina, and, of course, to celebrate a day of giving back to the place we know and love.

DC DYAC Event Chicago DYAC Event Ann Arbor DYAC Event

6:00 p.m. @ RFD

The LSA DYAC partners with the Alumni Association for a young alumni happy hour at RFD. Learn more (and invite your friends!) here.

6:00 p.m. @ Diag Bar

How could you not want to hang out at a bar called the Diag? Learn more (and invite your friends!) here.

6:30 p.m. @ Pizza House

I’m sorry, did someone say feta bread?? Good cause + feta bread = the best way to spend a Tuesday. Learn more here.

The Friday Bluebook

How much $$$ does it take to run the University each year? (Click answer below.)







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