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Today I'd like to introduce you to my friend and colleague Geno. If you're looking for someone to help you run your affiliate program and recruit influencers, he's one of the best in the business.

We'll introduce him along with his company in a moment. Also in this newsletter:
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  • And two LeadDyno podcast mentions!
Every online marketer and business owner wants a successful affiliate program. But time is always an issue - especially with small business.

I can appreciate that because
LeadDyno is also a small, growing business. And when I find a marketing resource that I would use myself, you need to be looped in.

Two weeks ago, I sat down for my first session at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. The speaker was fantastic - he knew his stuff when it came to affiliate management and recruitment. So I checked out his website on my phone - and rushed the stage to meet him afterwards!

Long story short, Geno is absolutely worth connecting with if you need a hand managing (or even launching) or affiliate program. And he was kind enough to agree to an interview with me. So without further adieu...

Brett: What's your advice to someone who wants to launch an affiliate program, but - as is often the case with startups and small businesses - doesn't have the time or resources to dedicate to it currently?
Geno: Every successful entrepreneur will agree that the answer to this question fits
affiliate marketing consultantinto one word: “outsource”. There is no way that one can be an expert at everything. Those businesses that rely on the expertise and experience of others (especially when it comes to various facets of marketing) do so with an understanding that, when structured correctly, this only complements their own strengths. It makes all the sense in the world to leverage others for the talent that you may simply not have internally. Partnering with an outsourced affiliate management agency is a great solution in the absence of internal resources for affiliate program management.
B: Affiliate management is your wheelhouse - so there's an obvious benefit to someone who engages you versus trying to create a program from scratch for the first time. How do you work with marketers who may be new to the affiliate / influencer business?
We handle everything from start to finish: from a pre-setup competitive intelligence analysis to creating a competitive structure (payouts, cookie life, tiers, bonuses, etc) for the new affiliate program, and once the program goes live we pour our hearts into seven specific areas: affiliate prospecting, outreach, onboarding, activation, compliance policing, communication, and ongoing program optimization (based both on the successes noted within the affiliate program we manage, as well as those discovered through previous experience and ongoing competitive intelligence). We also do comprehensive affiliate program audits, consultations, and trainings.
Affiliate (and influencer) recruitment is critical of course. Can you describe some of your tool and strategies for recruiting high-quality affiliates and influencers?
Affiliate recruitment is such a crucial element of affiliate program management that at AM Navigator account managers spend 75%-80% of their time specifically on onboarding-related efforts. It is an energy-consuming full-time job, on this reason, every client gets a dedicated account manager on our end.
As for the exact strategies utilized, I covered over 90 of them in a conference presentation the
 slides for which are freely available here. Among most efficient affiliate-geared ones I would highlight (i) leveraging our extensive rolodex of contacts with active affiliates in an array of verticals, (ii) finding those affiliates who make your direct competitors successful and reaching out to them, as well as (iii) giving the good ole linkbuilding tools a new life and using them to find top-ranked online properties that may be turned into your affiliates. As for influencer onboarding, an underutilized, though an extremely effective method, is discovering, nurturing, and empowering brand advocates.
What's the minimum budget a merchant or marketer should have in mind when looking to engage a firm like yours?
Much depends on the type of relationship the merchant is looking for. Fees on fully outsourced management solutions start from a couple of thousand dollars a month, while in co-management scenarios (where there is a strong internal support of the program and some of the management-related tasks are handled in-house), we are open to working with smaller budgets.
And how about time commitment. If I wanted to hand off my affiliate marketing efforts to you, how much time should I still plan on dedicating? In other words, how much responsibility can I outsource to you, and automate via products like LeadDyno?
In full outsourced management context, the advertiser’s time commitment may be as brief as 1-2 hours a week, and likely not even every week. In co-management cases, several hours a week.
For readers interested in possibly taking the next step towards outsourcing their affiliate program management, what step(s) can they take next?

Take a look at the services that we offer, and then request your quote, providing as much detail as possible. I personally respond to every quote request within 12 hours of its submission.

Need Content Marketing Help? Ask Meryl
Moving along through the LeadDyno rolodex, let me introduce you to one of the talented content writers we use.

Meryl K. Evans ( is a content marketing pro with tech skills who helps clients achieve results with high quality content. Contact her at to find out how she can help you connect with your target audience.
Podcast Recs: Relaunching a Product, and Using a Rep Program for a Million Dollar Business
A big thanks to customer and entrepreneur-extraordinaire Russell Saks of Campus Protein for mentioning us in his interview on the Shopify Masters podcast

It's well worth a listen, as you'll learn how Russell built out a rep program that spread nationwide and helped him build a multi-million dollar business. He shared how to find and guide your first salesperson, and how to continue building, managing AND motivating a nationwide rep program.
campus protein affiliate program
Next, dial up $100 MBA's podcast on how to re-launch a product. You know, after your MVP (minimally viable product) is out there gathering that valuable feedback you need - how do you circle the wagons and get that next gen release? (Hint: It's now time to launch an affiliate program!)

minimally viable product affiliate program
15 Hot Affiliate Programs (via
Finally let's give a shout out some of the most popular affiliate programs that were featured by our E-Commerce Affiliate Network in January! is the only affiliate network dedicated to e-commerce products. Our founding LeadDyno team launched “ECA” in 2016 to provide intros between high quality e-commerce merchants and top affiliates and influencers.
We have one-click integrations between ECA, Shopify and (of course) LeadDyno. If you're not yet in our network, sign up today so that we can get you scheduled for an upcoming feature.


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