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Art of Sustainability


Thank you for reading my launch Art of Sustainability newsletter! I hope you will enjoy the review of my recent piece, The Forest Within, and my reflections on reclaiming sustainability through art.

Please also consider my art pieces - paintings and sculptures - and my book, A Little Farm Story as holiday gifts for loved ones. Looking toward 2014, I also encourage you or your school, organization, or business to invite me to lead a workshop with your group. These focus on expressive mask making, reconnecting to naturestilt walking, and A Little Farm Story, as well as multiple Art of Sustainability workshops.


Jay Mead

Tree Artist: A Tribute

I am pleased to share these written reflections on The Forest Within by friend and author Peter Heller. I installed the piece over the summer at SculptureFest in Woodstock, Vermont.
The Forest Within
Jay Mead, 2013

Paintings for Sale

Ice Setting is a memorial to ice as it retreats in the face of climate change. Acrylic on canvas. 40”x54”

Contact me at jay [at] jaymead [dot] net to purchase this or other paintings.

Reclaiming Sustainability

The sustainability movement is in urgent need of re-invigoration. For too long, we have relied on a problem-focused, doom and gloom approach that engenders fear. I believe that people need to connect to sustainability through their hearts, cultivating an approach that emphasizes creativity, connection, and hope. Read more about my "Art of Sustainability" approach and related workshop offerings

Sculptures for Sale

Wind Form is carved from laminated mahogany. It is 24"x23"x6" in size.

Contact me at jay [at] jaymead [dot] net to purchase this or other sculptures.

A Little Farm Story

Based on a series of paintings I originally made for local farm festivals, my book, A Little Farm Story, celebrates the hard work that goes into small family farms. In vibrant, full-page paintings, it is an intergenerational guide through the seasons of a year.

Much of my inspiration for both the paintings and the story came from work at Cedar Mountain Farm, a core part of the Cobb Hill ecovillage experiment in sustainable living, where I have lived with my family for over a decade.

Learn more, view the book, and purchase a copy.
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