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Happy Mother's Day from Why Weight Ireland
Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful & amazing Mothers out there. I hope you all have a fantastic day.
Special Mother's Day gift 10% Discount off all online memberships. Just add the word MOTHERS (all caps) to the coupon box. Discount ends Sunday 10th March.

Easter Eggs
Don't forget to check the back of the Easter Egg box for the calories and remember your calorie allowance and your child's allowance.
If you are worried about your child's weight make sure you check our children's chart

Happy St. Patrick
Getting through a long period of time when there is so much temptation around is hard. Make sure you are ready for what ever comes your way. Try planning Mother's Day, St Patrick's Day and Easter well in advance so you know what is happening and there are no surprises. Make sure your family and friends know that you are on a healthy eating plan and they respect your wishes and help you get through the month. Be strong and confident and you will get through it :)
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Have Your Say with Why Weight Ireland
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A Tempting Month

March is going to be another one of those testing and tempting months! With Mother's Day coming on the 10th March this will probably entail a meal out, chocolates (or both if you are lucky lol), then we have St. Patrick's Day on the 17th March which we all know is a great excuse to have a glass or two of alcohol and then to top it all off we have Easter at the end of the month! Now as most of you who know me I LOVE my share of chocolate but it can be a weekend of over indulgence and regret! With Summer not too far away (if it even arrives this year) March really is the month you have to get past. If you can control yourself this March then the rest of the months will be no bother to you. Make sure you tell your family and don't be afraid to ask for their help and to keep temptations away, where possible. Instead of chocolate and alcohol, why not save your money and go shopping or treat yourself to a nice spa treatment.  It's time to start changing the way we think of 'treats' - it doesn't have to be food related!

Click here to continue reading my tips & advice on how to get by this tempting month.

I hope you all have a fantastic month and continue on your way to completing your goals.

Hannah x

Surviving Easter

Easter Eggs Eaten
Don't let ONE day ruin all your hard work

Click to check out our list of Easter Eggs & Chocolate Treats and their calories

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Ultimate Fat attack!
1) Train your Heart: Cardiovascular exercise is a great way to shed the pounds. This includes brisk walking, running, cycling swimming etc. Get that heartrate up and going for more than 20 minutes for best results!
2) Train your muscles: Using weights/own body weight to improve your muscle tone. Those with more muscular bodies will burn more calories at rest which makes it easier to lose and maintain your weight!
3) Healthy Eating: If you make little or no changes to your calorie intake - then there will be very little change in your body weight with exercise alone. For best results combine both healthy eating AND exercise - so get planning, and soon you will be flying on the road to success! 

If you have any queries you can drop me an email any time to
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Important Notice - Please Read
Due to the increase in production costs and the continued development of our online services, from Monday 11th March we will unfortunately be increasing our online membership charges. Over the past year we have not been charging any member for VAT and have been paying this charge for you but from Monday March 11th the cost of the membership will now have the VAT added and included in the membership fee. This increase will add €3 to the 30 Day Membership which will now stand at €33, €6 increase on 3 Months which will now be €66 and €9 increase to the 6 Months memberships which will be €109.
We will always try and charge the minimum amount for our services and even with this very small increase we are still by far the cheapest weight loss and fitness business in Ireland.
I hope you can understand the need for this small increase and our promise is to continue developing our services so you receive the best service available.

As mentioned above, there is a special 10% discount off all online memberships this week until Sunday 10th March, before the price increase on Monday 11th. All you need to do is add the word MOTHERS (all caps) to the coupon box when signing up.
Why Weight Ireland Local Logo
Since opening our Why Weight Ireland LOCAL studio in Tinahely, we have seen a remarkable increase in people trying to 'beat the bulge' once and for all and it is such a wonderful privilege being part of their journey.  In the studio we have a 'Wall of Success' where those who have succeeded in their goals are invited to add their hand prints to the Wall. Also those who have reached the half stone weight loss and a stone weight loss are invited to add a lovely sparkly star to the Wall to mark their wonderful achievement. 
Visit for directions and information regarding class schedules and prices.  
Why Weight Ireland Food Diary Top Tips
Do you need encouragement from others to get you through your weigh-ins? Do you need the motivation and words of thanks from people? At Why Weight Ireland we are always looking at improving our members experiences and with our New Live Online Weigh-in you now have the chance to replicate the typical slimming club weigh-ins without leaving the house. Make sure you check our new weigh-in section.
Live Online Weigh-In

If you have any queries, compliments, complaints, ideas or would like to see certain things added or removed from the Why Weight Ireland plan please feel free in dropping us an email at
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