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October 15, 2013
"A surreal story of twisted fates, with food in Israel saturating every page. Compelling and haunting, there is an addictive bitterness to Shemi Zarhin's writing."
- Joan Nathan, author of Foods of Israel Today
New Vessel Press is pleased to announce the publication of Some Day, the debut novel by internationally acclaimed Israeli author and filmmaker Shemi Zarhin. Some Day is one of the most exciting novels from Israel in years - and what else would you expect from Shemi Zarhin, the movie director who brought us such classics as Aviva My Love, Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi, and The World is Funny? We're also thrilled that Zarhin will be in the United States on a week-long book tour, so take a look at the bottom of this email for information about when you can catch him in your city.

Some Day is a gripping family saga, a sensual and emotional feast that plays out over decades. At the center of the novel is the city of Tiberias itself, a place where love, sexual longing and heartbreak are in the air. Robert and Ruchama, parents of seven-year-old Shlomi and his younger brother Hilik, are engaged in a great romance that endures and changes with the years. Their children inherit their tumultuous lives and their gigantic hearts. In the wild, selfish but magical grown-up world that swirls around the children, a mother with a poet's soul mourns the deaths of literary giants while her handsome, wayward husband cheats on her at home and abroad. The family owns a catering business, and Shlomi proves himself to be a genius in the kitchen: a blessing and a curse, a choice and a destiny. This is a novel very much about repetition, with children caught repeating the mistakes of their parents in love and life "like rhymes in a poem, cursed with history." As one critic wrote:

"I laughed out loud. I cried. Some Day is so engrossing, so funny, and so expertly-plotted that I only put it down when absolutely necessary ... The question at the heart of Some Day [is]: As flawed human beings with our own problems and our own lousy childhoods, how do we become responsible, selfless parents and ensure our children turn out better than we have?"

Some Day is a wild, magical roller coaster of a book. But you don't have to take our word for it. You can read an excerpt on our site and another at JewishFiction.net. And if you want to know what it was like for Yardenne Greenspan, the translator of Some Day, to render this remarkable novel into English, you can read her essay about it at Necessary Fiction, by following this link: http://necessaryfiction.com/blog/TranslationNotesSomeDay.

We hope you enjoy reading Some Day, by Shemi Zarhin, which is now available for purchase at independent bookstores around the country and on the New Vessel Press website in paperback and all available electronic formats. You won't be disappointed with this novel in which Zarhin delivers a painfully delicious vision of individual lives behind Israel's national story.

Shemi Zarhin Book Tour Information

Shemi Zarhin will make stops in New York City, Philadelphia, Miami and Chicago to give readings from his novel Some Day and to participate in discussions about his new book and his movies. Stop by and don't miss your chance to meet one of the most innovative, exciting, and compelling storytellers in contemporary Israeli culture. Click on the links below for more detailed information.

New York: October 22 & 23 @ The JCC in Manhattan, at 6, 7pm

Philadelphia: October 21 @ University of Pennsylvania at 5pm

Miami: October 24 @ the Miami Jewish Book Festival at the Alper JCC at 7pm

Chicago: October 25 @ The Seminary Co-Operative Bookstore at 3pm

See you soon at newvesselpress.com.
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