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June 4, 2013
July 15 is only six weeks away. That means the release date for The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra, the inaugural title from New Vessel Press, is fast approaching. This fast-paced and absorbing Argentine novel about familial mysteries and the obsessive power of art will be sold at all major ecommerce sites, including Kobobooks, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but you can prerdorder it today at newvesselpress.com and receive a 20% discount when you enter the code NVPN2, if you order by June 15.*

Our catalogue is now available for download on our website. New Vessel Press is very proud of the lineup of authors and titles we've got coming up in the next few months, and our thanks go to designer Liana Finck for making what we do such a spectacular visual feast.

New Vessel Press introduced another of our titles last week at Book Expo America, the annual trade show for the U.S. book business. At a special program with the Russian Institute of Translation, Ross Ufberg read an excerpt from his translation of The Good Life Elsewhere. Vladimir Lorchenkov's tragic, grotesque tale is a rollicking good time, and will be available in November. It too is available for preorder, with the code NVPN2.

We're poised to bring you great books and broaden the range of literature on offer to English-speaking readers and it's gratifying to see others taking note of New Vessel Press's mission. Many thanks to Chad Post at Three Percent for his kind words about us: we're excited, too, about the vast possibilities looming on the horizon. The world is going to get brighter for lovers of literature.

And we're also pleased to announce that Cocaine, the arch and dazzling novel by Italian author Pitigrilli (mention his name to Italians and you're likely to get a sly smirk) will be accompanied by an Afterword from Alexander Stille, an astute observer of Italy's past and present, and the author of the acclaimed new memoir The Force of Things: A Marriage in War and Peace. Cocaine will be released in September. Preorder, type in code NVPN2 at checkout, and you'll receive a 20% discount.

Do have a look at our site, check out the excerpts and the free short stories, and read your way around the world with New Vessel Press.


*We are making improvements to our website, but current construction allows customers to only purchase one book at a time. If you'd like to purchase several of our titles, please simply check out with one title, then begin again with the next. This will soon change; thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. All discount offers are good until June 15.
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