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         VOLUME IV, ISSUE 5    March  2013

Each Hour Redeem:
Professor Daylanne English's Latest Work

By Rudy Henriquez '14

On March 8th, our very own Daylanne English will grace us with her second book, Each Hour Redeem: Time and Justice in African American Literature. The book will be released by the University of Minnesota Press, of whom English says, “I am very proud to have my work published by them, given their support for cutting edge work.” Each Hour Redeem expands on the conversation that English began in her first book, Unnatural Selections: Eugenics in American Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance, which centered on anti-lynching dramas, trauma, and Eugenics in African American literature of the 1920s. “When I finished the last chapter of my last book,” English says, “I just felt that there was more to say.”...READ MORE


Hip Hop Hopes: Student-Driven Stories

By Jamie Lucarelli '13

A dance party; a concert; a sketch show; a break battle; a spoken word performance; and a play.
Join Senior Editor Jamie Lucarelli '13 as she gives you a taste of the many surprises the show held.

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Interview with a Professor: Peter Bognanni

By Graham Sutherland'13

Go inside the mind of the the first Mac grad to receive a tenure-track position in the English department in 64 years!


Jack Kerouac

March 12, 1922
American writer, rebel, pioneer of the beat generation and named one of Newser's sexiest writers in history.


RealTalk with Kerry Alexander '12

By Rachel Rostad '15
 The Waverley introduces RealTalk; a video interview series with English Students, Alumni, Professors, writers, and interesting passersby. This month: Mac grad Kerry Alexander.

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