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Bognanni's Adventure: A Professor Studies Abroad

Clark Jacobson '14

There is an Italian writer and award-winner in our midst – or, rather, across the pond – and his name is Bognanni. Last spring, Peter Bognanni won the prestigious Rome Prize, awarded to a select group of only thirty artists and scholars by the American Academy in Rome...READ MORE

The New Woman: Fictions of Feminism in the 1890s

Rudy Henriquez '14

Lesley Goodman is a new Visiting Professor at Macalester College. Originally from Maryland (raised outside of Washington, D.C.) Professor Goodman earned her B.A. in English from Swarthmore College and then later attended Harvard University. Her academic focus is in 19th Century British Literature. Her new course "The New Woman: Fictions of Feminism in the 1890s” (ENGL 294-02) will be taught in the Spring of 2014. Senior Editor of The Words, Rudy Henriquez ‘14, recently asked Professor Goodman some details about the new course... READ MORE
Ecopoetry at Mac: Brenda Hillman's Poetry Reading

Juliet Wilhelmi '14

After the first poem of her reading, Brenda Hillman said, “I believe in the spirit world, by which I mean the presence of the invisible." In celebration of her new book Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire, poet Brenda Hillman read to an audience of Macalester students, faculty, and community on Sunday, Nov.10 in the Weyerhaeuser Board Room. The reading was presented by Rain Taxi and co-sponsored by The Macalester English Department...READ MORE
Macalester Presents: The Government Inspector

Jolena Zabel '16

What do you get when you mix satire, theater, and Tsarist Russia? Nikolai Gogol’s famous production The Government Inspector, of course! Thirteen students performed in the show, including English majors Cassidy Faust (‘14), Rob Gelberg (‘14) and former office worker John Bennett (‘14)...READ MORE

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