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         VOLUME V, ISSUE 1    OCTOBER  2013

The Literary Bible

By Juliet Wilhelmi '14

“The Bible is about the humble people of the world,” explained Professor Krier on the first day of her new course. This, she said, is precisely what draws her to the Judeo-Christian scriptures: their attention to ordinary families, their honesty about human suffering, and their bizarre accounts of the divine. Krier hopes that her students will find endearing characters and surprising plots between the covers of the Bible, as they would in any great literary work. Krier formed the idea for her new course, The Literary Bible, while.....READ MORE

New Visiting Professsors

By Jolena Zabel '16
Learn more about the friendly new Professors you keep hearing about.

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An English Major Goes to London

By Clark Jacobson '14
Read about Senior Maddy Stone's abroad experience in London.

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We decided to do something radical: Change our name!

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