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So...what do you plan on doing with an English Major?

Allison Dobscha '15

Throughout my four years at Macalester, I have been asked this question too many times to count. For four years, I have struggled to respond—not because I’m paralyzed by the lack of options, but because I’m overwhelmed by the scope of my answer. With graduation just around the corner, I’m finally able to put my reflections into words (and The Words)...READ MORE

A Farewell to Professor Krier

Amanda Zimmerman '16

“The wiser, the waywarder,” says Rosalind in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. For Professor Theresa Krier, these are words to live by. The Words checks in with Professor Krier who is retiring from teaching at the end of this semester...READ MORE

Zoya Haroon '15

This month’s issue of Wordplay features two poems by Aarohi Narain '18, “Forensic Anthropologist” and “Untitled”...READ MORE
Dr. J's Graduation:
Fond Memories and a Bright Future

Kevin Xiong '16

Two years ago, I took a First-Year Course called Art and Violence with Professor Casey Jarrin. As she leaves Macalester following this semester, Dr. J’s teachings won't be forgotten. Her deep and ethical questions have helped us transition from young thinkers to adults...READ MORE
Honor Society Wrap-Up

Josh Weiner '16

The Honor Society finished another great year by gearing up for the next. On April 28th, the Society elected its new class of officers. Liz Hallgren ‘17 will serve as Chair of the Society next year. The three other officers chosen were Sveta Iukhymovych ‘16, Rachel Wilson ‘17, and Jolena Zabel ‘16...READ MORE
Real Talk: It's time to say goodbye to our seniors!

Aparna Mazumdar '16

This month we followed some graduating seniors to their favorite spots on campus!...WATCH HERE
My Journey to AWP 

Noah Mondschein '18

The Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) had their annual conference in Minneapolis this year...READ MORE
Congratulations Professor Marlon James!

On April 18, 2015, Professor Marlon James won his s
econd Minnesota Book Award for his recently published novel A Brief History of Seven Killings.
English Department Honors Projects
Congratulations to the following seniors for completing their honors projects!

Alex Morrall
Lily Tschudi-Campbell
Cassidy Foust
Rachel Rostad
Zoya Haroon


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