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May 2016

Senior Sign-Off 

Molly Sowash '16

Graduation is rolling in at full speed and directing our minds to the future along with it. As seniors finish capstones and honors projects, order caps and gowns, and hear back from potential employers, it is both easy and necessary to focus on the coming year of unknowns...READ MORE
CUPSI 2016

Sarah Richman '16

Every year, teams of spoken word artists from colleges around the country come together to compete atCUPSI, the College Union Poetry Slam Invitational. This event, put on by the Association of College Unions International (ACUI), is an opportunity for these young poets to celebrate and practice the art of spoken word...READ MORE
'The Words' alumni: where are they now?

Josh Weiner  '16

The English Department doesn’t just offer top-notch instruction, mentorship from world-class faculty and staff, and amazing snacks. It also provides students the opportunity to write, edit, assemble, and distribute the monthly department newsletter, The Words...READ MORE
Lost in Translations

Kevin Xiong '16

I took Intro to Creative Writing with Svitlana Iukhymovych ‘16 during my first semester at Macalester. Four years later, we took one last class together: the Creative Writing capstone with Professor Wang Ping. While I bummed around with fiction, Svitlana ended up translating the Ukrainian poet Vasyl Stus into English...READ MORE
Bookstores of London  

Hank Hietala '17

I am currently studying abroad in Saint Andrews, Scotland. For spring break, I journeyed to London. As usual, the British trains were running on time, and I spent most of the trip buried in a book. After finishing E. L. Doctorow’s Ragtime, the unthinkable happened: I ran out of things to read! READ MORE

Molly Sowash '16

Nick Egersdorf '17 shares two poems with us for the last Wordplayof the year. A neuroscience major with philosophy and fine-arts (sculpture & creative writing) minors, he is currently taking Ping's capstone and working on his second manuscript, entitled "The Palace." READ MORE
New Literary Cultures: A Semester in French Publishing

Liz Hallgren '17

Three months ago I signed my study away program’s contract binding me to speak, think, and write solely in French for the semester. Since that time, I’ve experienced profound separation anxiety from my native tongue, but grown to appreciate it in a way I never would have without committing to a language immersion internship-based program in Paris...READ MORE
Real Talk: Senior Reflections

Aparna Mazumdar '16

This month, Real Talk talks to senior student workers at the English department about their time at Macalester. It's time to say goodbye...WATCH HERE
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