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Tempered Magazine: Connecting the post-Mac Community

Rudy Henriquez '14

What happens when Macalester students leave the inspirational environment of campus? Most get jobs or go to grad school in cities across the United States, but they never lose the insatiable urge to be creative. For the founders of the new literary magazine Tempered Magazine, this urge manifests itself in the desire to keep their alumni community connected through the art of the literature...READ MORE

Behind the Scenes of I/Macalester

Juliet Wilhelmi '14

After her original show I/Macalester closed, Alana Horton ('14) noted: "We served 165 cups of tea, went through 20lbs of ice, walked back and forth to Wallace 36 times, told 48 stories, packed and unpacked suitcases 72 times, made 198 costume changes, had 8 sold-out shows and previews and moved a gigantic TV to Old Main twice." READ MORE

Matt Burgess on the Novel Writing Process

Clark Jacobson '14

Matt Burgess is a Visiting Creative Writing Professor from Jackson Heights, Queens, who recently published his novel Dogfight, A Love Story. He is currently in the process of finishing his second novel. Editor Clark Jacobson (‘14) sat down with him to ask a few questions about the publishing experience...READ MORE

An English Major at the International Roundtable

Jolena Zabel '16

As an English major, the International Roundtable had plenty to offer me as both an attendee and as a presenter. Many of the plenary speakers were critically-acclaimed authors, like Sonia Shah, an investigative journalist and prize-winning author, and Sue Williamson, who is a visual artist, writer, and activist living in Cape Town, South Africa...READ MORE

Jon Lurie's Native American Literature Course: Bdote

Erin Schulz '14

Like a gift that comes at just the right moment, Native American literature showed up on the class schedule just in time for my senior year. As an exemplary Macalester class, it incorporates class trips and visitors, and forces us to confront questions we do not always like to face. Yet Professor Jon Lurie’s class offers something no other class I have encountered does....READ MORE

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