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Yuan Tze Ren Xue Newsletter #1
December 2012

創刊賀詞  Message from Yuan Tze
After ten years of preparation, we have entered a new stage – a stage of more consistent effort to bring Yuan Tze Ren Xue to more people.  Read Yuan Tze's message...

Celebrating 10 years of Ren Xue and Beyond - by Yuan Tze
It has been ten years since I started teaching Ren Xue. Ten years! So much has happened. As I now look back my heart is bursting with gratitude that is completely beyond words. As you have learned in Ren Xue, gratitude has always been given a very special place because nothing should be taken for granted. At this particular moment, when I try to review my own life over the last ten years, I can see so much strength has been directed my way to make what I have done possible and all I can feel is gratitude. Nothing can be more real than what I feel now!

Change of Fees for 8-level DVD Teacher Training
In order for more people to have access to this training so that it can be more widely used for self-development and developing the ability to help other people, we have decided to reduce the fee for each level of training.  Read the details...

Teacher's Professional Development Training DVDs
The two-week course held in August 2012 is now on DVD.  Read more...

Five Fundamental Principles of Ren Xue
One Mission

Zi Du, Du Ren: Uplift Ourself and Help Others

Two Aspects of Cultivation
Xing and MIng

Three Guidelines
Internal -
Be calm;  Be relaxed;  Be natural
External -
Teach with Authentic Understanding
Touch People with Virtue
Earn Trust with True Abilities

Four Pillars
Theories, Methods, Abilities, Virtues

Five elements with which to learn
Openness, Respect, Harmony, Joy, Seeking Truth

Yuan Tze's Events 2013

 Ren Xue Healing Retreat, California, USA
14-27 April, 2013, Details will be available soon on 
Free Healing Event:
Tues, 11 June, 2013
Weekend Workshop:
15-16 June, 2013
Contact: Vera Van Schaik:
Free Healing Event:
Tues, 18 June, 2013
Weekend Workshop:
22-23 June, 2013
Contact: Vladan Vidovic:
Ren Xue Healing Retreat, Stockholm, Sweden
25 June - 6 July, 2013; Details:
Contact: Arne Nordgren:
Teachers Professional Development Training Retreat, Kaiapoi, New Zealand

26 October - 8 November, 2013
Contact: Melissa Kung:

Other events
Golden Bay retreat, NZ at New Year Contact Manfred:

Motueka Valley retreat, NZ March 22-24 2013.  Contact:

Ren Xue

  wen nuan - warmth
Read Yuan Tze's teaching on warmth and love from the April retreat at Wonder Valley, USA.

Working on patterns Ren Xue, Relationships and Forgiveness
Well before I started using the principles of Ren Xue on my life, and for some time into the process, I could have provided you with many reasons and a very, very long story as to why my relationship wasn't so good.  But, I kept coming back to myself and looking for the patterns...find out Jeanette's discovery

Healing the mind
When I began to deepen my qigong practice, really going inwards and listening to what was going on, I began to hear that voice in my head that said terrible, negative things to myself...see how Trina intervened.

Our stories.

Understanding, power, energy!
Before meeting Yuan Tze and his teachings I had explored, during my entire life, what to do to bring the inner light (that flame I saw in my heart) out through the thick walls of its Ellen U's story.

Transformation - be inspired by Fred's amazing experience.

I learn to let go and trust more and Natalie's reflection.

I try to use Ren Xue in my life every Marie's experience

The Dao of Ducks

The day I returned home from the 2012 Teachers Retreat at Kaiapoi was the same day our two white ducks decided to leap up on the fence and fly off.  Read more...


Ren Xue discussion classes
Read Vlado's positive experience...

Qigong with troubled youth
Out of the blue I got a phone call from a social about Vanessa's challenge

Distance Group Healing
The consciousness is not limited by space...

Three Centres Merge
"Three Centres Merge" is one of the key exercises in Zhineng Qigong.  Read Arne's comments on the practice...

NZ retreat, November 2012

50 lucky participants, 20 teachers working in complete harmony and 8 days of pure delight at the first national teachers'-led Qigong/Ren Xue retreat in Kaiapoi.  Read what they say...
See more photos...

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