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Yuan Tze Ren Xue Newsletter #9
June 2015


Yuan Tze Centre website updates
A new feature on the Yuan Tze Centre website is 'Watch', where you can view Yuan Tze’s talks given at Ren Xue retreats.

The first two are ready for viewing:
You can also watch overviews of the four Yuan Gong methods.

You are welcome to share these with anyone from Youtube and you can also embed them in your own website.

The Ten Features of Yuan Tze Ren Xue have been revised.  Read the latest version here.

Yuan Tze’s message about Safety of Yuan Gong Practice
An important message for Yuan Gong practitioners, A must-read for Yuan Gong teachers

The Yuan Tze Ren Xue Facebook group is a forum to share experiences, information and news. Invite yourself here.



2015 Events

Ren Xue Healing Retreat
22 June – 3 July
11 - 12 July
Contact Norberto:
New Zealand
Ren Xue and Yuan Gong Teacher Training Retreat
7 - 20 November, 2015

"My experience with Ren Xue started when I received Yuan Tze’s book Wellbeing Begins with YOU on the 15th of March this year..."  In just 3 months Lorena has experienced remarkable her story.

One on One Dialogue with Yuan Tze is a new way of teaching and healing.   Orna took part in this at the USA retreat and felt that 'all of our Qi and information was being worked on..."  Read her experience here.  The recording of this dialogue with Orna will be available on the Yuan Tze Centre website soon. 

Three Poems


The Next Newsletter
We welcome all contributions - articles, stories, photos, poems etc - for the next newsletter. Please send us your contribution by 1st September 2015


"This method really amazes me..." Sylvie shares her love for Ren Yuan

Practitioners with experience of other Qigong systems find that Yuan Gong not only stands out, but most importantly delivers.  Find out more

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