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Introducing: Weekly Beats

On January 1, I posted a thought in 17 beats to my blog. And then  I did it again the next day. And the next. Here I am 130 days later. Still finger tapping through the rhythms of my life. And in that evolution.....this. A weekly "newsletter" of sorts.

Besides the 17 Beats Project, I'm posting regularly to my blog, but I'm not keen to regularly push it out on social media or hook it into feedstreams right now. I just want to look out the window. To think. And write. I figure people who are interested in following along and engaging with me on this journey can check into my website as they think of it, or sign up for this newsletter to get a weekly reminder.

I'm still figuring out the shape of this thing and it'll be a work in progress, but hey! my local writer friend, my sister, and my already know that. Thanks for coming along this journey with me. Welcome to my Weekly Beats newsletter. 

Icebreaker: talk about the weather

We’ve had a gloomy stretch of days here. Wednesday was a record breaking day - officially recording .56 inches of rain in Anchorage. On average, Anchorage only sees this much rain six times per year.

But it’s an interesting experience to live in a place with 17 hours of daylight in early May. Rainy in the morning, sunny in the evening = two full weather days for the price of one

Beyond the weather

Despite being a Willamette Valley Oregonian, born with webs between my toes, I am not a fan of rain. But I understand that it makes beautiful things! When I go out walking these days, I can practically see beauty unfolding in real time and the details are a wonder to me. 

But yesterday, as I stood in the puddles on the side of the road, talking to my neighbor about breast cancer and the decisions she has ahead of her....the clouds hung heavy. 

We are very fragile in front of the future, says Jean Vanier in The Wisdom of Tenderness, his 2007 interview with Krista Tippet (which I listened to again after his death this week).

and weeping, we pray.

What I am learning

It turns out that capturing a thought in 17 Beats each day has been excellent practice for me to learn how to hold a moment. To be present right now. And I'm particularly lucky because my walking partner (and frequent subject for my sentences) does this naturally so well.

to illustrate....
Ginger loves carrots. She always has. The boys give them to her as treats. David gives her the peels when he makes his lunch. I toss her the ends as I chop for a pot of soup. She’s notorious for snuffling them in the garden and rooting them out for herself.

One day this week Ryan went out to the backyard and planted a carrot garden just for Ginger. The next day the two of them went out to work again. He tended his many plantings around the yard and she trailed along, following her nose to all kinds of doggy interest. Eventually I went out to check on progress and while Ryan and I were talking we turned to see that yellow dog of ours plop herself down right smack on top of the newly planted seed rows of her garden. Totally content.

Maybe carrots will grow in that spot for her someday. Maybe not. No matter. In that moment, she was hanging out in the backyard with her people. And it was good.



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