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Sticking Together, August 2016
POCAfest Reminder
Early bird pricing through August 31st. Where? Marin Headlands, CA When? September 23-25, 2016 More details on Skip's blog post and on the registration page.

POCA Tech Library Appreciation Award
The school has created a Library Appreciation Award to thank John Pirog for his extraordinary generosity – copies of Practical Application of Meridian Style Acupuncture and POCA Tech textbook - Dark Warrior Guide to Chinese Medicine donations.

Two New Clinics Join the POCA Family
Enso Clinic in Abu Gosh, Israel. Punk Ashley MacMillan 
Acupuncture Hive in San Francisco.  Punk Eva Larson
A Room Full of Love
James Lorr, aka "Jimmy Jabs," completed his POCA Passport retroactively. Elizabeth Ropp had a great chat over the phone with him about one of his favorite memories in traveling the POCAverse. He had a hard time narrowing it down to just one, but he did and painted a visual picture of an experience:

Clinics visited: Tucson Community Acupuncture, East Nashville Community Acupuncture, Manchester Acupuncture Studio, Sarana Community Acupuncture (Albany, CA) , Lincoln Square Acupuncture (Chicago), Springs Community Acupuncture (Colorado Springs), and Working Class Acupuncture in Portland, Oregon.  

Jimmy's favorite memory was from a visit to Tucson Community Acupuncture just at the beginning of POCAfest Tucson in the Spring of 2014.

"I got to the airport and ran into Hannah Beachy from Spring Community Acupuncture in Colorado. From the downtown hotel, we walked all the way to Tucson Community Acupuncture, which was further that we thought it would be on a hot day in the desert.

When we arrived at the clinic, it seemed like everyone we knew was there. My front desk receptionist had already arrived and was talking shop with the receptionist at Tucson. The atmosphere was so dream like.  Acu-punks from all over were  mixing in with the regular patients from the TCA community. Ultimately, the receptionist waved us all into the treatment room not being worried about checking us in or collecting payment. It didn't feel rushed; it felt joyful. The entire experience was seemless and personal. I was blissfully watching the room as I settled in. All of my friends also walked in and grabbed a chair. I was absorbed with watching and taking in how Keith and Larry run their clinic. Everything about being in the clinic felt similar to so many other well run clinics that I have been to, yet it embodied the personalities of Larry and Keith. A nice regular POCA clinic room full of love."

POCA Forums Screen Name
Unhappy with your Forum screen name? You can change it within your POCA Control Panel. Log into POCA, find your name in the screen's upper right and click on it. Find MENU, click on Username and Password.

Student Clinic rebuilding
We have a fundraiser for WCA Lents, which is also the POCA Tech student clinic. Here's how you can help.

Join The Passport Fun
Download your POCA Passport. Take it on your travels and get treated at a CA clinic.  When you get treated at SIX different clinics, send in your passport with a self addressed envelope for a token of appreciation. Email Gloria and the POCA passport office. List ALL of the clinics that you have visited and share a favorite memory – a paragraph or two. We'll print your story in a future newsletter. (Retroactive clinic visits are a-ok.)

POCA Tech update
16 students accepted and 5 pending applications. Looking to be a full class for Cohort 3!
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