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Sticking Together, December 2015

POCA In The News
Working Class Acupuncture and Sacramento Acupuncture Project both got some amazing mainstream press recently. Read Lisa’s blog and the WCA and SAP articles.

Graphic Artist(s) needed
Have graphic skills you’d like to put to use for your co-op? Skip is looking for someone to create visuals for a CA "transit map."  Elizabeth would like help with a POCA Passport project.

Got an Opinion on Dry Needling?
POCA has been asked about its official position. Read Lisa’s blog post and share your thoughts. Deadline is Thursday, 12/17.

Weigh in on Sensible Acu-Regulations
D.C. is reviewing new professional regulations. The comment period is until December 26th. More info here.

In the Student Clinic by Lauren Lockhart
I believe I can speak for all of the POCATech punklings when I say that the beginning of the new student clinic is a big deal. Like, a really big deal. It is a milestone that is not confined to the experience of one day, one week or even one year, but is the crossing of a threshold into a world that we wish to be a part of, help create, and probably never ever leave.

In my experience, the time between not knowing a single acupuncture point location and treating patients in clinic went lightning fast. So fast that it was difficult to come to terms with how ready (or not) I felt to treat real live patients in a real live clinic. Sometimes, or a lot of times in life, it is time to go, time to change, time to start—when we feel everything but ready. The world asks us to jump in and give it all we’ve got even if we haven’t a clue what we’ve got to give or if it’s good enough.

The first thing my patients in the clinic have taught me is that I don’t need to know everything or feel like I have all my ducks in a row to be present with them and offer them relief. That’s a real relief as an aspiring punk. We jumped in, my fellow punklings and I, and so far it seems that we do know how to swim – maybe it lacks a bit of grace, but maybe it doesn’t. The one sure thing is that the people who were in the water before us, the ones yelling at us, “Come on! Get in! The water is fine!” were right; it is more than fine, and we owe them a thousand units of gratitude for cheering us on.

The second thing my patients have taught me is that people are brave. People are brave to live with the suffering they carry. They are brave to take the steps they can towards relieving their pain, and they are brave to step into an acupuncture clinic run by students and offer their trust in our ability to care for them. The bravery I’m talking about is entirely fueled by love. Everyone in the clinic, from student to patient to supervisor, is bringing their bravery to the table and that is a beautiful thing. The student clinic is beautiful, everyone!

And lastly, a word about the Lents fire and the new temporary student clinic—there’s not a whole lot that can keep us from swimming now that we’ve jumped in. The temporary student clinic is now open Thursday mornings from 9am to 1pm at Saint Charles church in Northeast Portland.
Want to Attend POCA Tech?
Applications will be accepted beginning January 15th. We use a rolling admissions process; each applicant is evaluated on their own merit in order of application.

New Clinic correction
Wailuku Community Acupuncture in Wailuku, HI, on the island of Maui (not Lahaina).

Love your Co-op?
POCA Tech is happily accepting year end charitable donations to POCA Tech.
POCA Tech Sustainers
When you receive a credit card with a new expiration date, please let Carmen know. Otherwise your donation will not go through that month.

WCA Lents Fire
As some of you might know, WCA Lents had a catastrophic fire in late November. WCA and the PTI Student Clinic are closed until further notice, but will reopen. Stay tuned.

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