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Sticking Together, February 2014 erratum
The Conflict Resolution Circle Needs Your Input!
In order to help us best serve you, the conflict resolution circle created a brief 5 question survey to prioritize and understand the needs of the POCA community at large. The CR circle mission is to create and provide tools to help POCA members resolve conflicts. Your participation is greatly appreciated and will take less than 5 minutes of your time. Please go to this link to fill out the survey.

Why the funny title?
An erratum or corrigendum (plurals: errata, corrigenda) (comes from Latin: errata corrige) is a correction of a book or article. An erratum is most commonly issued shortly after its original text is published. As a general rule, publishers issue an erratum for a production error (i.e., an error introduced during the publishing process) and a corrigendum for an author's error.  Thanks go to Wikipedia.

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