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POCA e-Circular, September 2014

We have collectively raised over $83,000 to open POCA Tech. We’re open with about $40K in our savings account. 15 students are in the 1st Cohort. They are from 8 states: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Colorado, New York, Rhode Island & Maine.

<Cue the applause>

Launching an ACAOM-compliant acupuncture school for $43,000 has got to be one of the bootstrapping achievements of the ages.

<Group back-patting>

Even our critics have to admit that we are scrappy, resourceful, and determined as hell.

<Take a bow>

Sustainers Campaign
Lisa blogged about this in detail, but here's the big picture: ACAOM accreditation requires financial stability. We asked ACAOM what that means, exactly. ACAOM said to ask our CPA. We did. We need 6 months of operating expenses in the bank. So over the next three years POCA Tech will have to accumulate $150K in reserves: money that we never plan to touch except in a dire emergency. Here's how we plan to do it: Become a sustainer for as little as $5 a month.

Other ways to raise money for POCA Tech
Register your Fred Meyer Rewards Card. Use code 82597 or search for POCA Technical Institute. You receive the same rewards points, fuel points and rebates as usual.

Shop on and a percentage of total sales get donated to POCA Tech. Sign up for Amazon's Smile program and they give us even more money. We're listed as " POCA Technical Institute".

Library update
39 boxes of books moved to St. Charles.
Over 600 books donated!

We're accepting donations and are especially looking for:
  • Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion
  • Tung & Tan books
  • John Pirog's " Practical Application of Meridian Style Acupuncture"
  • Miriam Lee's "Insights of a Senior Acupuncturist"
  • Anything by Giovanni Maciocia
Save money. Ship Media Mail. Donation receipt here.
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