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Sticking Together, June 2013
POCAfest Update
There is a folder of presenters’ materials and handouts in the forums. Pictures from POCAfest are on Facebook and Flickr. And you can watch Lisa's Keynote speech on the blog.

Help Wanted
Some specific POCA projects could use some volunteer help:
  • Clinic Success’ Welcome Wagon needs a few people to connect directly with new members, both by phone and on forums. Time commitment is about 1 hour per week.  Email
  • Clinic Success is creating the next phase of the Jobs wiki – the part for employers (how to present solid jobs and clear job descriptions) and could use some help. Email
  • Clinic Success could use 1-2 people to coordinate with Regional Nodes and Events, to directly manage the flow of info back and forth. Email
  • Publications is looking for someone with PR experience to consult on a PR campaign around the publication of “Fractal.” Email
In the News
The Post Growth Institute has an article on CA - Community Acupuncture: A Non-Consumptive Healthcare Model.

Is it time to renew?
From humble origins
Many create POCA’s coop.
Are you one of them?
View from a recliner
John Vella has been a punk at WCA for six years, and previously worked on an organic farm in Washington and was a Teachers Assistant in a grade school.  His other experience in a Co-op was at People’s Food Cooperative in Portland.  He started as a volunteer cashier, and worked up as staff, did Human Resources and eventually became the General Manager.  In this position, he realized not only the value of volunteers, but the need to keep volunteers included in the process and have meaningful level of participation.
In addition to his acupuncture career, John volunteered at the inception of POCA, working on the original Steering Committee to help design the structure of the co-op.  He currently works on the Membership Circle and General Circle.  He finds working collectively reflects his values and to be very fulfilling, as opposed to working in a top-down, profit-centered environment. 
John feels POCA needs volunteers who are willing to bring in their visions.  POCA is open to influence regarding what can be done or prioritized.  Being a volunteer run organization, everyone involved is self motivated to pursue the larger political and social vision of a value system that focuses on people and community over profit. POCA could use more people getting involved to bring up projects, develop them, and carry them though.  Since POCA is almost all volunteer run, volunteers are in a good position to bring their agendas to the group and get supported in their interests, visions and goals.
For John, at the heart of being a punk is his relationship with the patients.  They are his primary teachers and provide the daily fuel that inspires him to support POCA with volunteer time.  And in turn, working for POCA brings a larger contextual meaning to his day to day work by being a part of an evolving community with a long term shared vision.
Buy stuff
We have a new and improved store selling Fractal, Calmest Revolution and Noodles (single and bulk orders), the new edition of Why Did You Put that Needle There?, T-shirts, tote bag, and POCA’s 2013 calendar. A link will take you to the Zazzle store which sells  mugs, stickers and more.
The results are in
177 clinics filled out the survey!!! A spreadsheet can be downloaded in the forums. Analysis has begun, with Skip starting a conversation about how many treatments-max-a punk can expect to do in a year and Steve looking at how many of the clinics reported an average of 100 tx/wk or more over the past 10 years.

Step 1 of POCA Tech’s application to the OR Dep’t of Ed has been accepted. Yeah! There's a folder in the forums with updates.

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