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Sticking Together, July 2014
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Update From A POCA Micro Loan Recipient
by Renee Klorman
Grass Valley Community Acupuncture is 8 months old. Last month I passed the 1000 treatment mark, which is surreal, considering at this time last year I was polishing the final draft of the POCA micro loan application.
I’ve recently had a couple of patients write Google reviews and mention that we’ve been working together for 5-6 months. Acupuncture school does not prepare us to sustain relationships like this with patients in the student clinic. I attended schools whose definition of professionalism is to remain distant from the people you treat and not get personal. Bedside manner comes naturally to me, but sustaining a long-term relationship that is professional and intimate is an art form. 
Community acupuncture is an alternate/utopic universe to the idea of cool professionalism. Not only that, but living in a small town and owning a public business, constantly blurs the boundary between personal and professional. For me, it adds so much meaning to my work. After two decades of living in dense urban environments, I never had to think about running into a co-worker, client, or peer. I could maintain multiple interests and rarely, if ever, have them intersect.
In a small town that type of anonymity is impossible. More than ever in my life, integrity has a weight and is this tangible item I carry because I live in such close proximity with the people that I treat in the clinic. Before, “living with integrity” was an idea to aspire too but was not required. To my surprise, living with this intention is not a burden, but a relief. It is a relief to not feel compelled to act the part of the all-knowing practitioner. I’m learning that the art of remaining professional and intimate is not about remaining distant, but staying present.
The other day, I was the patient and happened to run into someone who comes to the GVCA. I was in the emergency room (I’m fine) and she saw me from across the room. “Renee!” she said with concern, “Are you okay?” She then looked at the doctor and nurses and said, “That’s my acupuncturist. You better take good care of her.” I felt really well cared for that night, and not concerned at all that one of ‘my’ patients was seeing me scared and uncomfortable.
I could have never achieved this level of comfort alone. Members of POCA have been a huge inspiration on this front. Thank you POCA for helping me see that Chinese medicine is a skill to hone as a craft, and not a precious identity to covet and cover with a veil of mystique. My Ming vase is well worn, and I would not have it any other way.
Goodwill Drive

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