Copy offers sliding scale needles
POCA e-Circular, June 2014

This is Jean-Paul from Stillpoint CA and now from AcupunctureNeedles.CA as well. We sell needles, and want to both support POCATech and POCA members.  The needles we sell are in all ways similar in quality and packaging to DBC Spring 10s, or Acuzones. The only difference is that they come 500 to a box, not 1,000. 

Initially, we plan to only sell 4 sizes, with an eye at expanding once things get rolling:
.18*25mm (38ga 1")

.18*13mm (38ga .5")

.20*25mm (36ga 1")

.20*13mm (36ga .5")

Because we do not have the initial capital for a large purchase of needles (we're thinking 1,000 boxes), we would like to offer two options:

The "I need them FASTER" option:  Needles cost between $8.50 - $10/box of 500. This does not include shipping to your location, but would arrive within 2 weeks to 1 month for this initial order. Shipped airmail to us, and air or surface to you.

The "I need them CHEAPER" option: Needles cost between $7.50-$10/box of 500.  This does not include shipping from our location to yours. Shipment would be 2-3 months for this initial order. Shipped surface to us, and air or surface to you.

Yes, what you're seeing is SLIDING SCALE needles. How exciting is that? You decide what you want to pay, within the scale, no questions asked. Also, because they'll be shipped from Canada, you will not be charged any State sales tax.

The low end of the scale represents a razor thin profit margin for us ($1/box).  Anything over that profit we will be donating directly to POCA Tech. The profit we keep will be rolled back into ordering more needles, so that the lag time between ordering and supplying will drop as time goes on. Thus, AcupunctureNeedles.Ca will be run as a social enterprise as it relates to any POCA members.

Deadline for this first order is June 15, 2014.

We will need a sizeable communal order for this to work, so please consider your clinic's long term needs. 

We need you to pre-order and pre-pay for your needles, so that we can make the purchase.

Please email your order to:

Thank you for your support!

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