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Larry firing up the crowd at Reason Rally 2016. See link below for a video of the entire speech.

Last weekend the Secular Coalition had its most successful and largest event ever! We brought more than 250 nontheistic Americans to meet with two thirds of Congressional offices to ask them to support the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act, which would mandate science-based and LGBT inclusive sex education, in the House and Senate. Then on Saturday secular Americans flooded the National Mall for the Reason Rally. While these events have made a difference, our work is not done.

We have watched our politicians cave into the demands of the religious right even though the nonreligious outnumber them. We have watched them give away and compromise our civil rights. Well I’m tired of the attacks on civil liberties and the nonreligious, aren’t you?

We we will no longer be talked down to or be ignored by politicians and by pundits. We will no longer play defense. We will no longer hope that our Constitutional rights will be there for our children and grandchildren. We can’t do it alone any longer, and we need you to help us keep religion out of our governments.

We are in the final days of the Stiefel Matching Grant, so help us by making a gift online today or by mailing in your gift by June 30th. Your gift—and your impact—will be immediately doubled. PLEASE HELP US STAND UP FOR SECULAR VALUES WITH A GIFT TODAY!

Your support will ensure that we can continue to fight for a secular America and for true religious freedom. The religious right says they are fighting for religious freedom. They are not. They are fighting to have their religious beliefs exempt from the law and their prejudice elevated above the law. They are doing this at the expense of your rights and my rights.

Freedom, Equality, Inclusion, and Knowledge—OUR VALUES—are everything the religious right stands against, but it's everything we stand for. Secular values are American values, and I hope you will join us in fighting for them with a gift today.

Larry T. Decker
Executive Director
Click here to watch Larry's speech on the Reason Rally stage on Saturday
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