Secular Coalition in Action: President Obama Includes Nonbelievers on Religious Freedom Day
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Secular Coalition in Action: President Obama Includes Nonbelievers on Religious Freedom Day

Today President Obama issued a proclamation on Religious Freedom Day--and for the first time in years he expressly included nonbelievers. "Today, America embraces people of all faiths and of no faith. We are Christians and Jews, Muslims and Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs, atheists and agnostics. [...] What makes us American is our adherence to shared ideals -- freedom, equality, justice, and our right as a people to set our own course," the proclamation read in part. 

But those words didn't just happen on their own--they were included by the president in large part due to a strengthened relationship between the White House and the Secular Coalition for America. 

On Monday the Secular Coalition met with White House staff to brief them on our recently released Model Secular Policy Guide, which covers dozens of topics important to the nontheistic community. With the State of the Union address fast approaching on January 28, we have also been working with White House staff to encourage the recognition of nonbelievers and an accurate portrayal of religious liberty in the president’s speech. 

The input the Secular Coalition provided also covered issues of contraception coverage, the false use of the term “religious liberty,” the necessity of teaching evolution and fighting back against attempts to insert creationism in the classroom, and recognizing the important role nonbelievers play in a religiously diverse country.

We are your voice at the White House and on Capitol Hill. If there's one thing today's proclamation showed us, is that you are being heard!

Despite that our work with the White House is already paying off, there are still many more exciting things to come. But, we can't do it without you.  Will you help us continue to educate lawmakers and fight for the issues important to you and nontheistic Americans across the country? Continue to stand with us and contribute now



Edwina Rogers
Executive Director
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