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October 28, 2015

Alberta Budget 2015: What does it mean for the AFA?


In the October Budget 2015 announcement, the Government of Alberta deferred new funding for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts until 2016. This means that our original $26.6 million budget remains in effect for the remainder of the 2015-16 fiscal year. This represents a 5% decrease from 2014-15. Even at this level, Alberta continues to be among the leaders in provincial per capita funding for the arts.  

Earlier in the year, the AFA Board made its 2015-16 funding decisions based on the $26.6 million figure working to maintain existing commitments and minimizing the impact to artists and arts organizations.

The AFA looks forward to using the recently announced $5 million investment in the arts in 2016-17, to better fund, develop and support Alberta’s vibrant arts community. “Support for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts will increase as Budget 2015 delivers on the commitment to provide additional support for the Foundation, with $5 million added in 2016-17 and $10 million in 2017-18.”  From Budget 2015 Fiscal Plan (PDF page 20)

The AFA will continue to communicate with artists and arts organizations, and use their feedback to balance support for programming across its three lines of business as described in the AFA 2015-2018 Strategic Plan.

Click here to see Budget 2015 fiscal estimates for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (PDF page 12 [66])


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