The Vice President outlines a disturbing new policy.
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America the Pushy

Will our new export be Godlessness?

Dear Partner,
Not long ago, Vice President Joe Biden spoke before a crowd of about one hundred U. S. Diplomats. And what was the vitally important international interest he was there to discuss? Not global security. Not the war on terror or the protection of Americans abroad. Instead, he stressed that President Obama wanted them to increase the promotion of gay rights and civil protections globally. This is the administration’s notion of how to improve American foreign policy. During the meeting, Biden stressed that, “The protection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender citizens across the globe is an essential mark of any ‘civilized’ country.”

You might wonder where the administration’s reverence for cultural differences may have gone. Apparently, cultural and religious diversity must take a back seat to the homosexual agenda. As Biden told the assembled crowd, as far as he and the President were concerned, “Gay rights take precedence over culture—prejudice is prejudice.” He constantly urged the diplomats to apply ‘pressure’ to foreign countries that did not embrace the homosexual agenda.

“Pressure” in the parlance of diplomats is a code word for threatening a reduction or termination of aid to countries that won’t bend to the political dictates of their benefactors. The threat of withholding aid is a powerful tool for any government to use, especially the United States. Putting aside the question of how appropriate the US foreign aid program might be, it is undeniable that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are affected by it. And we are now using America’s political might to strong arm other nations into accepting the homosexual lifestyle.  With all the problems that face our country, with AIDS in Africa and poverty and disease around the world, it is shocking to see that the President has chosen to push these immoral policies both at home and abroad. Who would have thought that this administration would go so far as to try to globalize homosexuality?

These efforts to coerce other countries (and even our own states) into embracing the homosexual agenda is a complete contradiction to God’s law. They’re even a contradiction to the respect for diversity and individual thought that the President plays lip service to—but clearly does not respect. To use the power of the presidency in order to bend the knee of other nation is what is truly the shame and affront to civilized society.

I know that some of you have supported this Presidency, and I understand the hope with which you saw it begin. However, despite that initial promise, it is impossible to continue to turn a blind eye to the wrongs being perpetrated against God, faith, and family.

Even the novice observer, with little understanding of His ways and truth must worry about the inevitable reckoning for our nation’s wrongs.

This administration has continually put the agenda and interests of the LGBT community above our shared, traditional values. They have made it their business to advance those interests, both in America and around the world. The situation has become so dire that we must wonder whether they have any care at all for protecting the interests of us ordinary citizens.  

God shed his grace on thee

Politics has always been a dirty business, and American politics is no exception. We have grown accustomed to half-kept promises and now understand that it is up to us alone to save marriage, defend life, and protect our most cherished values. It is a sad state of affairs, but it is clear that many in Washington neither acknowledge God, nor even know Him. And without that knowledge, how can there be justice?

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God mend thine every flaw

The D.C. scandals, the economy, joblessness, division within our government, escalating terrorist threats, rumors of wars across the Middle East … we are beset on all sides by threats to our nation. And how can we join together to overcome them when we have lost our moral center. For this, we must blame the slow growth of apathy and secularism, fostered by a political class that is actively trying to subvert our values.

America has forgotten God; His laws, statutes, commandments, and His ways. The Bible is clear in warning of the consequences for nations who choose to forget God.  Speaking for the President, Vice-President Biden has made it clear that they believe that ‘gay rights’ take precedence over culture, but what they are really saying is ‘gay rights’ take precedence over culture and God. 

Not only are they deceiving themselves by believing that God is no longer concerned or involved in the affairs of men, but they are also leading our brothers and sisters astray. They will continue to pass laws and support policies that pursue an anti-family, anti-faith agenda. And they will continue to ignore the Truth and drag us further and further from our place as one nation under God. We must stand together to oppose this effort to separate our country from God’s law, or we will surely fall apart.

As the proud parents of two children, Deborah and I understand what is at stake. It is up to us to ensure that the America we hand down to our children and grandchildren remains a nation with a deep respect for faith, family, and justice. I hope you will join us in this fight for the soul of our country.

For faith and family,

Bill and Deborah Owens

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