March 23, 2014
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Syrian Coalition: FSA Consecutive Gains Will Yield Important Results
Khalid Saleh, head of the Media Office, said that "the gains made by the opposition fighters in Latakia province, especially the capture of the Kassab border crossing and the 45th observatory, are a military victory that will have important results during the next stage." Regime forces use the 45th observatory to launch bombs into civilian areas in Mount Turkman." Saleh also said that "we carefully follow the news coming from Aleppo, where the FSA has been advancing on regime forces in the north and center of the city, in addition to the successive victories in Dara'a province. We renew our confidence in all the revolutionary forces that defend civilians and are committed to the principles of the revolution all across Syria, most notably the FSA battalions in al-Hasakah province for standing against the crimes committed by ISIS." Saleh concluded his remarks stressing that "FSA fighters continue to prove their unshakable resolve that they are able to achieve victories. They also demonstrate that they are determined to liberate Syria while staying true to the principals of the revolution by defending Syrian citizens against Assad’s crimes and crimes of extremist groups." (Source: Syrian Coalition)
Local News
Assad Regime Hinders Access of Medicines and Food to Trapped Civilians
The first U.N. convoy carrying aid from Turkey into Syria was halted on Friday, less than 24 hours after the long-awaited humanitarian mission began.  One aid official blamed "administrative hurdles" caused by the Assad regime. The convoy only became possible last month after the U.N. Security Council reached a rare moment of unity on Syria, calling on all sides to provide humanitarian access. Eight out of a total of 79 trucks carrying medicine, food and bedding to civilians in the Kurdish city of Qamishli were able to cross before the delay, as co-ordinators sought permission from the Assad regime to clear customs during the weekend, the United Nations said. "We have overall agreement from the Syrian government but it's the weekend and the Syrian part of the border is closed," U.N. regional humanitarian coordinator Nigel Fisher said. The blockage is a reminder of the difficulties reaching the estimated 9.3 million people in Syria in need of help. One western aid official accused the Syrian government of hampering efforts to deliver aid. "The regime will use hurdles to delay things. The Security Council resolution calls for free and unhindered access. With these administrative hurdles it is not free and unhindered," he said (Source: Al Arabiya)
On The Ground Development
Turkish Jet Downs Syrian Warplane near Border
Turkish fighter jets shot down a Syrian warplane Sunday after it violated the country's airspace, Turkey's Prime Minister said. Regime forces carried out barrel bomb attacks on the town of village of Sheikh Hassan near Observatory No.45 in rural Latakia. Opposition fighters fired Grad rockets on regime positions near the town of Ballouran, achieving direct hits. (Syrian Coalition + Reuters + LCC)
Barrel Bomb Attacks on Rural Damascus
Assad's warplanes carried out barrel bomb attacks on the towns of Zabadani, Daryya Bilalua and Hizrima in rural Damascus, while the towns of Zamalka and Nishabyya came under artillery shelling. Regime forces also open fire on civilian homes in Kudsyya, without reports of casualties. (Source: Syrian Coalition + LCC)
Aerial Shelling Kills a Child in Naema, Dara'a
Assad's warplanes carried out air strikes on the town of Naemeh in rural Dara'a, killing a child and wounding a number of civilians and causing massive material damage. Regime forces also carried out barrel bomb attacks on the towns of Naemeh Um Al Myazen and Sayda, causing civilian casualties and material damage.
Opposition Fighters Advance on Regime Positions in Aleppo
The FSA captured the northern entrance to Aleppo near the roundabout of Al Leramoun after violent clashes with regime forces, with reports of the death of 21 pro-regime soldiers. Fighters of the Islamic Brigades captured the police headquarters building near the Justice Palace in Old Aleppo. Regime forces carried out aerial shelling on the districts of Sukkary and Masaqen Hanano, killing and injuring dozens of civilians. Regime forces also carried out barrel bomb attacks on the towns of Kafr Hamra, Maarat Alertik, and Anadan, killing three children and injuring others. (Source: Syrian Coalition)
International & Arab Positions
  • Arab FMs discuss giving Syria's seat in the Arab League to the Syrian Coalition
  • Qatar: There are no differences with Saudi Arabia on Syria
  • Russian experts make suggestions for the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons next week
  • Assad's air force violates Lebanon's airspace to target Syrians
  • Leaked document reveals Iraq's PM absolute support for the Assad regime
  • Leaked document reveals Assad regime concealed the fate of 108 Lebanese detainees
  • Yemen: Syrian crisis must top the upcoming Arab summit
  • 300 Syrians have escaped from Al Husun to Wadi Khaled, Lebanon
  • International symposium condemns Assad torture of detainees